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03-03-2011, 02:15 AM
ok i think i screwed up something on my guy not sure what, on the server i come from and faction i have no one to turn to for advice cause it seems i am the one that does all the research and peeps go to, tad annoying but have never minded helping others out if i could.

ok i first started to think this after guild run on the Ascendant Council this past night i noticed me and another warrior were the wrost dps there.. basically we were bout half of what the rest were doing,, i know the fight is not a melee friendly one, but i know ishould be putting out way higher dps then i am with gear and stats..

ok so i am coming here because like i afore mentioned have no one to inquire this from on server or guild.. i think i might have something wrong with my stats for rotation seems to be what you fine intelligent people have stated in other forums same with my talents..

i am on the server us-ysondre alliance faction Vlädïslaus is my character,,
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/ysondre/vl%c3%a4d%c3%afslaus/simple here is my armory link
in game stats differ some of course i have 3% more hit and like 300 more AP but other than that it is the same..

Any insight to what i can change to improve my dps would be much appreciated, for on most fights i can not seem to break the 14k average,, yes on things like Magmaw i can do higher utilizing cd's on the head phase, and on Halfus giving the drakes i can hit up to 18k but that is still low from the stats i am looking at on WoL and other sites

my main attacks are BT and yes HS, i nail RB on proc and use my CS every 15secs when cd is refreshed only use slam on proc as well but find that it and RB proc at same time so use RB instead, i keep battleshout and berserker rage up most of the time for rage generation, so i maintain abou 35-75 rage during fights on average,, i still see quite a bit of white misses even with the 14+% hit of course specails do not miss.. standard hit is around 8k, white crits range from 12-36k yellow hits average 12k with their crits being 20-45k, this is excluding fights where you get damage bonuses

03-03-2011, 02:39 AM

I think you're overvaluing hit. You've got a lot of it, almost 15%, right? Spend time on a target dummy not hitting Heroic Strike at all. It's a rage dump now, using HS over other abilities is a DPS loss and stacking hit over crit/mastery is a DPS loss.

Gems - Blue, replace +40 hit with +20 str/+20 hit.


1. Make sure you keep hit above 8%
2. Make sure you keep exp at 26
3. Reforge to Crit, then to mastery, then to hit.

So blanket statement - reforge to crit. If you can't reforge to mastery. You're reforging a lot of mastery to hit or haste to hit when it could be to mastery instead and that's going to drop your output.

Enchant Crit on wrists instead of precision.

Don't forget your chimera's eye. At this point, 3 JC dailies for your eyes should be easy to do, you shouldn't absolutely need more patterns?

Pure Str gems in your pants. The socket bonus of haste isn't worth gemming for.

You have a PvP meta. You should have the + 54 Crit/+3% crit damage or the +Str/+3% crit damage meta. You're giving up a good chunk here.


Okay - rotation. Read TGM's guide, where you originally posted.

CS on CD, then BT -> RB -> BT -> Slam proc, rinse and repeat. HS is NOT a core part of your rotation, giving up any other attack for a HS is a DPS loss.

If you can, avoid using Beserker Rage for rage, but rather for the enrage proc to keep RB available. If you don't have a slam proc, that's a good time for Battle shout.

Are you stacking your CDs? E.g. Reckless + Trinket (youth) + Deathwish -> CS -> Rotation to maxmize DPS?

I haven't seen anything posted that puts beserking above hurricane. I know it's be asked around, but especially if you're swapping all the hit you reforged/gemmed for into crit/mastery, the extra haste there will be nice.

That should be a good start. Others may be able to better fine tune suggestions.

03-03-2011, 02:40 AM
appologizing for my spelling mind and fingers are never in sync,, i tell them what to do and they ignore me

yeah i know i should have picked up the chimiara cuts already,, have not for getting cuts the rest of guild needs/ed,, bad of me i know

thank you for the input,, i was not sure on a lot of it,, esp, since the last guide i think i saw for a warrior was just as cata was released well last up to date guide, and it was showing massive hit,, lets me know that i was closer to that i thought was right before i started all my reforging

and on my Cd's i typically hit i think it is recklessness(has the longest cd) then trinket when that wears off then deathwish after that,, try to give the longest run of buff increases

also on me and my paterns,,hehe i the fail type that spent hours upon hours grinding rep in bc during wotlk to learn the jc and bs stuff from there,, not sure why,, always want to be able to say i have them all

03-03-2011, 03:11 AM
you should pop DW and reckless ness at the same time then CS so that u take full advantage of the bypass armor effect of CS while u have maximum buffs, by stringing them out you are probably loosing dps

03-03-2011, 04:27 AM
I agree with the above posters. There have been some changes since the last patch and you need to reforge,re-enchant, and re-gem certain things. Here is what I have learned about hit...8%(including precision) is all that is needed but more hit is better for non pro's who overuse HS. Your weapons are sub par, I'm sure you are looking to replace them but in the mean time get the enchant hurricane on them. Like the poster above said get the special JC gems and use the strength cut. Here is a list a priority to guide you with gems/enchants....26 expertise>8% hit>Str>crit>mastery>8%-12% hit>haste. You can reforge a ton of items on your current gear to get more crit so do it. The gems you should use are the following....str in red slots or in slots where the bonus sucks (like haste), str/hit in blue slots where the bonus is str or crit, str/crit in yellow slots where the bonus is str or crit. The biggest change for you which is lowering your hit is that you will need some way of knowing that you have +80 rage. I use power auras and I think its great. When you have +80 rage is when you use HS or you will get rage starved...so practice on a dummy and best of luck.

03-03-2011, 05:48 AM
yes i did a lot of reforging and regemming,, will get the jc only str cut tomorrow hehe need some tokens,, got stats now 27/27 expertise, 8.6% hit, increased str by like 160 to get AP increased to bout 9k , mastery is around 15.5, and crit is close to 19.46% now was doing dry runs on dummies sustaining 11k on dummies using just self cast(battleshout) and my cd's,, keeping around a constant 60-70 rage,, got to work on not using my HS,, got in habit of it back in wotlk on single target of course back then i rarely went below 90rage

so figuring stats with buffs in raid i should be hitting a constant 15k which will be nice, possibly higher,, getting a guildy to make the 54str/+3% crit chance meta for me,, for the time being i put the old school chaotic skyflare in was actually able to dump all the solid blue gems entirely they were in prismatic sockets so they became 40str's

ok here is a question would it be good to get the gloves from the ascendants to use for the time being (if they drop) while i am saving VP for the tier gloves and legs,, so wish blizz made the shoulder and helm vp's instead of chest and legs or gloves

also on the stacking of my cd's, is the burst dps that stacking them gives me better , or is it better to stagger the cd's for though yes not the burst amount but a higher sustained duration

03-03-2011, 05:53 AM
that still seems low to be honest ive been hitting 13-14k on dummies an i have worse gear than you (although better weapons)

are u using berserker rage effectivly to increase the up time of raging blow as much as possible
an also try an pop CS just before a raging blow ETC so u get maximum damage out of it

i think others would agree 11k on dummy is still low??
silly question did u stand behind the dummy lol ive forgot about this a fair few times

03-03-2011, 08:28 AM
The dummy is a bad way to test things unfortunately. It's not always a good measure of your actual raid dps. The dummy is very useful for practicing your rotation and not using HS until 80 rage. I do think the weapons make the biggest difference in DPS..It's easier to gear for SMF btw. To answer your question about stacking CD's I tend to think it's on a fight by fight basis. On a longer fight you can usually pop all of your cd's on your first or 2nd CS cycle, use blood thirst 1 or 2 more times during the fight, and still have time later during a blood lust to use recklessness again. I recommend always popping Cd's based on your CS usage. Your HS usage is everything. You don't want to miss out on incite procs regardless of if your rage is 80+, but outside of that getting rage starved is really bad for your dps.

03-03-2011, 08:44 AM
I just looked at your gear again...you can improve be reforging in other ways....here is what I came up with:

1. Reforge license to slay from hit---->crit
2. Reforge Impatience of Youth from Mastery----->crit
3. Unforge the hit on your shoulders and belt to make up for the hit lost
4. Reforge Helm haste----->mastery (or more hit if needed)
5. Reforge Gloves haste---->mastery

Overall this will net much more crit. Always keep in mind for reforging purposes haste blows. expertise 6.5% >hit 8%>Crit>mastery>haste

So if you can get more crit out of your gear..DO IT. sacrifice any other stat cause Crit is KING

03-03-2011, 09:07 AM
that still seems low to be honest ive been hitting 13-14k on dummies an i have worse gear than you (although better weapons)

Better than 346 means you have 359s. Even in Wrath this was a huge DPS increase as base DPS and top-end damage are two of the best stats for Fury. Don't underestimate how big an impact weapons have in Fury DPS. They are not equal to any other slot, even chest/legs. They are the single most important item slots.

03-03-2011, 05:12 PM
Rotation, rotation, rotation.

As TGM said in his video, "something is better than nothing".
Nail the rotation, plug that free global, stack cd's, know when the raid is using Hero/lust, come prepared.

Good luck

03-03-2011, 11:03 PM
yeah been working on rotation, think that is my biggest fail atm,, using one of my boss mod addons not sure which it gives me and effective dps per boss fight, on the dummy i am seeing recount show on average 2k more than my effective and i am getting my effective dps up to 12k now,, so vie recount/skada tried both ,, i am sustaining 14-15k big increase still need more practice on rotation,, probably should have clarified that i base my dps off the effective number not the recount

also with the weapons, what would yall suggest other than the sword off Nef, or from troll archeaology,, espsince they are making up the big part of my expertise,,

also curious as why reforge Youth into crit then reforge gloves and helm to mastery,, with current stats sitting at 8.6%hit,, i tried reforging the License into crit and lost 1.15% hit,, and was not able to regain enough from gloves or helm to make the difference, will look at reforging my helm's haste into crit,, though on the gloves i am looking at upgrading them soon which is why i have not touched them

oh and on a note,, came in second in raid behind another warrior tonight in BH, with that warrior being in full epics was only 100dps less so i guess i am getting better

03-04-2011, 06:25 AM
ok yeah i had brainfart on the helm and gloves and stuff,,

still curious as to what would be a better weapon with current stats,, axe from tot is no good due to massive loss of expertise, axe from DM is agi, mace from DM would give to much expertise and way to much hit, mace from GB i would have to reforge a stat in expertise, same with sword from SC,, not sure where else there are weapons other than those in raids, and yes i know those are massive upgrades,, unless i went SMF then i have to find some with stats like the OH sword bought with JP's cause the massive loss of expertise,,, unless i went trhough and regemmed and reforged a lot of stuff

03-04-2011, 06:37 AM
grab a holy pala and 2 set piece of PVP gear an go 2vs2 for couple of weeks an get the 359 pvp epics thats what i did.

i personally wouldnt go out of my way to find other 346 weapons the overall differance isnt going to be alot. the Tol barad 3.8 weapon speed one has the highest damage thus helping all ur wep based damage attacks but thats about it

03-04-2011, 08:12 AM
I think the great thing about reforging is that no matter what you get there are ways of making up certain stats...Also item level makes it fairly simple when deciding what is an upgrade...In terms of weapons here is what to look for from raids including some ideas in case you decide you want to try Single Minded Fury.

Titan's Grip

Single Minded Fury (I only linked heroic versions so you would be getting non-heroic most likely)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=65047 x2 if you don't want to buy the boe

The single biggest change to practice in your rotation will be your Heroic Strike usage. Use it only when you have 80+rage unless you have an incite proc. Also try and get 2 Heroic Strikes in right after using Colossus Smash if you can....practice makes perfect

03-04-2011, 08:24 AM
BH and magmaw are just about perfect for melee dps. Naturally on fights with lots of movement warriors tend to have lower dps.

03-04-2011, 01:51 PM
yeah i found i love magmaw,, well partly for the dps and cause i can say i got head,, sorry if offends the censors,, yeah been thinking bou going SMF with those weapons, you listed my guild is not at teh herioc raiding stage unfortunately yet, but we have seen SoulBlade drop 4 times and Lavaspine drop 5,, so chance of getting would be good,, then it just be saving up for the crystals,, which are still selling for like 3k minimum on my server

yeah Bh Magmaw, Halfus, Maloriak, i was in top 3 in guild runs ODS, ToTFWs, and Ascendants bottom of dps, V&T somehow was in the top as well

have noticed if it is a kiting fight i tend to do well, it when i have to run all over i lose a lot of rage and dps

also curious as to how the Sword from TB is a higher dps i was think stats were the same,, or am i missing something

03-04-2011, 01:59 PM
Sword from TB? this one? http://www.wowhead.com/item=62454

It's no different than any other 346 item level. I went SMF because there is very little competition for the single handed weapons.

03-30-2011, 10:06 PM
ok i got another question for the all knowing here in warrior land,, the Claws from BWD,, are they good for a SMF warrior,, also the Dragon Bone Warhelm from Maloriak is that a viable dps helm,, i know the socket bonus is Stam, but was curious because of the equip stats expertise and mastery,,, also curious if someone would be kind enough to look over my armory and see if there is something i am screwed up on http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...afslaus/simple (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/ysondre/vl%c3%a4d%c3%afslaus/simple),, dps has went way up,, pulled around 35k on Halfus, and typically average around 14k on fights i have to run around on like ODS

03-30-2011, 10:54 PM
have another Querry for you bright young minds, is Landslide Stacking,, i am not noticing my hurricane stacking which is why i am asking,, if it is not then is it better to get Landslide on your MH and Hurricane on your OH

03-31-2011, 01:27 AM
oh yeah just thought about it here is my wow-heroes link might have logged in tank gear,,, also went ahead and used the helm for tank set,,

03-31-2011, 04:10 AM
Landslide does stack. Get it on both. Just noticed your tank gear. Parry gems? really? Probably should go stam or mastery for the JC gems.

03-31-2011, 06:19 AM
hurricane behaves differently than landslide. landslide works just like berserking did where each weapon can proc it's own version, giving you a max of two instances of the buff at a given point in time. Hurricane does that, but self healing/DoT damage can proc a completely seperate instance of the buff, meaning with 2 hurricane enchants you could have 3 instances of the buff at a given time, or with just 1 hurricane enchant you could have 2 instances of the buff.

03-31-2011, 01:29 PM
yeah i know parry gems,, hehe,, going to actually take the bonuses for my tank gear not sure why,, have always done it,, was a MS Prot warrior from days of end vanilla wow up to toc,, when i switched to MS fury OS prot, guild had two main warrior tanks 3 main pally tanks 2 bear tanks and like 2 dk tanks when i joined so i switched to give a more active and viable role in guild,, getting the JC mastery cut tomorrow or today i always forget to buy stuff with the emblems,, and my yellow and prismatic sockets will be mastery,, where as reds will probably be parry/mastery and blues stam/mastery, with current tank stats i am at a Mit percentage of close to 75%,, and with the other buffs i.e. food and miscellaneous raid/party buffs typically hold 82-84% mitigation, then when i add my cooldowns, i am normally sitting at 90-99%,,,
but i will digress from the topic of the forum no more,, hehe

04-04-2011, 11:33 PM
ok by now i say y'all think i must be completely fail i know my gear could use some work but wondering what else i am missing i seem to only be able to peak at 12k on most fights, Halfus Magmaw Chimareon seem to be my exceptions, i know i have a problem from the threat level stand point, i do better dps with our primary raid team compared to our secondary, and that is due to maintaining threat levels, it is easy for me to push beyond the 110% threat level,, i noticed with the primary raid group i normally do about 2-3k more dps and i am in the top 2-3 in the run if i am passed it is by either a rogue or boomy that we have,, but with our secondary group i am normally one of the bottom dps from me holding back cause of threat level..

so i guess my question is. IS there something i am doing wrong that is causing me to generate such high threat,, i typically intercept about 4 seconds after pull and wait another 4-5 seconds before hitting any CD's, i typically hit Deathwish and trinket to start with, then after 40-50 secs i hit my Recklessness and maybe a Str Pot (Golemsblood Potion), doing that i normally hit 100% threat, and other times i am at 80-85%,, it seems that unless we have two tanks on a target i am at second getting ready to pass 1st on the threat meters, even in the primary group i am in the top three for threat no matter the target. so i am always thinking i should hold back some to keep from ripping aggro, which i have done and caused a couple of wipes accidently..

i know i am the one of the highest if not the highest plate dps in my guild but the constant watching my threat is causing me to do less, so what should i do??

also curious if there is something i could change in my talents and/or glyphs that might be good,, i pick the ones that seemed the best and made the most sense,, i know with my dps talents alot of people will say why i am not using Heroic Fury, and i did for a while just found that alot of the times if i was CC'ed it did nothing to break the CC and with the way i use Berserker rage and my Human racial i can get out of most that raid bosses cause, for i tend to not use my Berserker rage for the RB proc since it procs alot as is still allowing me to follow the rotation i saw on TGMe's post..

the other question i have is ,, about how much time do you all spend per week playing and raiding ,, for i know with me due to work raising my niece and nephews and self medical probs i spend a lot less time than i like to to be better with my Main toon.. and with my guild being a lot of working professionals in medical and law enforcement fields we tend to be limited on the time we are all on to get to raid, typically just 2-3 nights a week for 3 hours each, we are a casual guild but we want to raid with the best of them

04-05-2011, 12:32 AM
Vlad, it looks like your tanks can use some improvement in their rotation. What type of tanks do you run with, Warriors, Pallies, Bears, DKs? Holding threat over a fight against 12k DPS shouldn't be too difficult even in 346s. Maybe they might want to stop by ;-)

That being said - popping a CD 8 seconds into the fight is too early, especially if your tanks have threat generation problems. Also, by staggering your CDs you're minimzing the benefit they offer. DPS is responsible for watching their own threat far more more than in WotLK. As someone quote Lore, sometimes you just don't hit buttons.

Stack your CDs/Pots for maxium effectiveness. On Use Trinkets + Golemsblood + DW + Recklessness + full Rage + CS + pewpewpew. Maybe TGM or others will offer better insight, but typically I'll only use, at most, my trinkets early in the fight if I know the tanks are going to have threat issues, otherwise I wait utnil the tanks have a 300k-500k threat lead (depending on the tank - I know some can hold threat without issue, others not so much) and then pop everything unless there's a burn phase in the fight.

The reason being... for simplicities sake, say DW = 30% damage increase and Reckelssness = 50% damage increase. If you do just recklessness you get 150%, just DW, 130%. But if you stack them, you get 1 * 1.3 * 1.5 = 1.95, or 195% damage increase because the abililities because essentially your 30% stronger hits (DW) are now 50% more likely to crit (recklessness). Now there's a lot that goes into the calculations, but stacking CDs = Max DPS.


What else can be done? Hunter MD to tanks, rogues TotT. Tanks can pre-pot with Golem's Blood for a little extra AP on the pull. Pallys can hand of salvation you when you get high to reduce your threat a little.


As for Heroic Fury - the value of it isn't in breaking CC as much as it is for maintaining uptime in movement/target switching phases. An example is Grim Botal, the guy that summons the lava elemental. Intercept the elemental when it comes out, heroic fury, when it's down, intercept the boss back. Minimal downtime and you save Heroic Leap for if you have to get away from an elemental or breath in a hurry. So it isn't a direct DPS talent, it's a maintain your DPS talent.

04-05-2011, 09:29 PM
our main group typically has a pally and dk tank or 2 dk's ,, i have subbed on trash for them by going to my OS when one is in the bathroom or has an situation with a kid that needs taking care of.. with our second group it is normally two warriors,, here lately i have been one,, found i like to solo tank the trash zerg style just marking a kill order and chargin in headfirst,, only lost aggro when another tank was there and he kept tad targetting and taunting anything i was focuses on

i will hold a little bit loner than i i have been on hitting my Cd's

05-20-2011, 01:36 PM
Ok all knowing masters here in warriorland,, i got a question on stats,, i know crit is a priority, and str definitely is the foremost,, but my question is with the change in 4.1 reducing our base mastery, and looking to the future,, what is the appropiate level mastery hit and haste should be,,

i am asking because i noticed several warriors now stacking haste and hit,, once they hit the 20% crit mark, to the point they are actually reforging mastery into haste and hit

05-20-2011, 01:46 PM
Actually, I doubt they are going to 20% crit and then reforging away (if they are.... they are doing it wrong). Bascially, raid gear has crap itemization this tier. Crit is only one 1 of the 5 possible tier pieces. I actually when from 22% crit to 19% crit as I 'geared up' into all 359s from 346s.

Read TGM's Fury guide (stickied at the top of this forum), for more, but in the thread he's basically said that crit retains it's value until 40-50% crit because it's still 2x double, regardless of Flurry uptime.

Right now it looks like for SMF it's Hit to 8% > Exp to 26% > Str > Crit > Hit to 27% > Haste > Mastery.

For TG I haven't seen anything different, though maybe haste and mastery swap?

But hit > mastery for TG has been true since like day 3 of 4.0.6 (hotfix) when they again threw monkey wrenches into TG because of PvP balancing. (No other legimate reason for the RB stealth nerf but to try to contain Fury burst).

05-24-2011, 12:47 AM
curious if ye wise ones could look over my gear and see if there are some changes i could make,, i noticed a bit of an improvement in dps already,, was running the semi new zandalari heroics today with a friend and he was having trouble holding aggro with me just mainly auto attacking and pulling 25k single target course i think i had flurry, enrage both trinkets and weapon chants all procced at the same time


05-24-2011, 03:51 AM
As many times as I've replied to you I don't think you understand how to reforge. Are you paying attention to things like "8% > Exp to 26% > Str > Crit > Hit to 27% > Haste > Mastery" that people are taking time out of there day to let you know? Are you trying to stack haste on your gear? Reforge haste into hit if the gear has crit/haste. Follow the priority that I just quoted. You have 6 pieces of gear that can be reforged to give you more crit or "hit to 27%". Can you figure it out?

05-24-2011, 11:55 AM
yes i have been paying attention,, and making changes in my gear (reforging chanting and gemming),, i know i could reforge my gun but i use it for tanking as well,, so i need the mastery there,, with my bracers, i was unsure,, i know more hit is better, i am around 11.3% atm,, and was using the increased haste for rage generation,, i am not seeing many misses,, crits give me close to 45% of my total damage done,, i am still seeing times where i am waiting on rage,,, that is the reason i have not reforged my helm chest neck or bracers,, the frist three are crit and haste and last is haste and hit, i will reforge the pieces,, figured though it might be good to let you know why i did not so you would not think that i am ignoring you or that i am a complete idiot,,

05-25-2011, 01:54 AM
Hit > Haste for rage generation imo. Haste, if it does lead to more crits, has the potential to generate more rage due to a greater flurry uptime, but the rage will be spikey. Hit smooths out rage generation, reducing the length of rage starvation (either from bad miss strings or over-use of HS). This is because hit means fewer misses, thus smoother rage. Prioritizing hit > haste will mean fewer bad miss strings, especially with your MH weapon which is where the majority of your rage will come from.

So if rage-starve points is a problem, hit is better than haste for you as it will reduce one cause of this (bad miss strings) and increase the probablity of attacks during rage starvation landing, ending the starvation. Haste gives more opportunities, but when I worked the math out (and thread I posted a summary) - haste was consistnetly behind hit on a point-by-point basis.

It does have the potential for more rage - but this rage is as likely to come when you're at 100 rage as when you're at 0. Hit makes reaching 0 rage less likely if ability usage is correct (which is my problem - I hit HS too often).

05-25-2011, 02:06 AM
random question (sry didnt want to start new thread :o )

hit cap is 8%, is it 8% on boss or overall cap? ._.

05-25-2011, 07:20 AM
I'm trying to be as nice about this as I can...I'm not saying you are an idiot. What I meant to say is that the top warriors all reforge a certain way atm and what they all agree is that hit is better than haste. The above stat priority isn't just my opinion, it's what is known to be the very best thing you can do with the current patch to increase your dps. You are more than welcome to have your own opinion on it and do what you want. The special hit cap is 8% but more hit will increase your dps more than any other stat except strength and crit. That is why when you reforge you should always strive to get crit on your gear first and hit if the gear already has crit on it (not ignoring the expertise soft cap of course).

05-25-2011, 09:44 AM
i reforged the few items i had left except for my ranged,, would like to but again haivingt o use for tanking as well, and when having to switch specs during raids sometimesi'd rather wait till another ranged weapon drops that will be just as sufficient for either my dps or tank spec,, now holding 13%hit with crit close to 20%

expertise is 26/26,, but i noticed not sure if it was a glitch or something but on both magmaw and chimareon i was getting parried,, with me standing behind the boss (well as much as posible) on chimareon during fued when we alll stacked and was infront i had no parries but when i moved back to spot i did,, not sure if that was something on my end or not,, i also noticed some parries on atramedes when i was standing under his tail,, i tend to think it might be a glitch for i get a message sometimes saying "target not infront" on my special attacks but my base melee are landing

05-25-2011, 09:49 AM
random question (sry didnt want to start new thread :o )

hit cap is 8%, is it 8% on boss or overall cap? ._.


If you are wielding a single weapon, 8% is special (yellow) hit cap and melee (white) hit cap.

If you are wielding 2 weapons (whether 2 1-handers or 2 2-handers) the special (yellow) hit cap is still 8%, the melee (white) hit cap is 27% before any racials/talents/tree bonuses.

05-25-2011, 09:57 AM
Minor stuff:
1. Put a +40 str gem in boots
2. Get +50 str on bracers
3. Put landslide on offhand
4. Replace Glyph of Heroic throw with glyph of Cleave

Basically the last few things you can actually change without getting new gear that will increase your dps. Reforging looks perfect btw!

In early April you said you were doing around 12k damage..aren't you doing way better now?

05-25-2011, 10:21 AM
"Need more input"

Anyone else think of Johnny Number 5?

05-25-2011, 09:08 PM
to Babum why i worded it like that,,

on the 50str on bracers i have not done that cause no one in guild has it and have yet to find one on server that will do it reasonably,, was planning to change boots gemm not sure why i have not yet,, i have a 40 str gem cut and sitting in bank just keep forgetting what it was for,,

got a question on the glyph change,, i know cleave is better for mobs,, but what about on bosses,, what i am more concerned with,, esp since i am currently the only warrior in the raid group (going as fury), so i get put on sunder duty, and the HT glyph makes a costless way to apply it that is seperate form my other attacks,, not trying to discredit just curious ,, i used to have the cleave glyph, but i tend to dislike the attack even on mobs for i tend to pull 17k single target on them now,, and with the mage lock and boomy we have hitting 45-50k on the mobs i try to focus on interrupts and silences,, unless there is something i am missing on the effect for ST fights

and yes my dps has gone way up,, last run at halfus i was hitting 50k, magmaw think was 24k course tank sort of died from a healer dc then i got aggro while he was being rezzed and got ate while he was regaining aggro, ODS i did 19k , Maloriak 18k, chimareon not so great only 14k was getting the target not infront of and parry crap,, atramedes 16k i tend to running around and shoot boss while air phase,, umm V&T i did around 16k got dc'ed came back was dead so rezzed and missing most of my buffs

hoping to get another akrius mace or shalugdum ( i know spelling is crap) why i have hesitated in the landslide on the 353 mace,, i try to use best enchants for highest ilvl pieces,, but will probably get the chant tomorrow,, missing a couple of MC's but they down to 500g

05-26-2011, 04:18 PM
Sunder duty only comes into play if there is a pally tank or DK tank. Sunders are not needed when you have a druid tank. HT isn't costless and it has it's uses vut cleave glyph will benefit you way more. You already have the CS glyph which helps with sunders. Put 2 sunders up before you hit your first CS and it puts up the 3rd one for you. HT is handy if the sunder stacks are falling off and you can't get to the boss(atremedes type fight). You will be cleaving quite a bit on heroic Maloriak, Halfus, and some other boss fights. Although on single targets the glyph does nothing for you but imo it's way better.

05-26-2011, 07:16 PM
thank you for that did not know,, also the group i am raiding with the tanks are a pally and DK,, only have two bear tanks in guild but one is a boomy's OS the other is the alt of our main shaman healer but will look at changing the glyph today,, will probably also change my BS glyph to the SA one,, to reduce its rage cost

08-19-2011, 12:03 PM
Ok you all knowing wisened sages of rage and destruction,, i got a curiousity question for you,,

it has been a bit since i posted on here,, and i check the site periodically reading up on what y'all post on my favorite class, and there was one thing that i have either failed at seeing or i just completely became a bumklaut and missed, it is dealing with in-combat macros. i have one i use to burn all my CD's at one time saves me a couple of seconds,, but as far as actually ability commands i am lacking any, and curious if there were any,, i do not stance dance much if at all, and with my action bar setup (bartender with about 8 action bars) i can change my stance by pressing on key,,, oh and yes i should state i am one of those fail clickers,, not sure why but it is easier for me, probably from years of playing NWN, BG, and other old RPGs on the pc.. i can still move via mouse when i need to but i do most of my movement via keys, i got nine keys bound strictly for my movement...

my other querry is on Beth'tillac,, i am incharge of taunting the spinners down and dpsing them,, well to taunt them down i am spending a lot of time in my prot stance for my taunt, so it is cutting my dps down,, i was wondering if there was a better way to go about it,, in prot stance with my dps gear i think last fight i was doing about 12k till the burn phase,,where i got a nice spike in it,, i guess this also goes with ryolith i am on the legs steering him so for 3/4's of the fight my dps is crap,, i am only getting like 6k yellow attacks till armor has like 3 stacks left,, but when the armor breaks my dps rockets up,, think i was averaging 48k during the burn phase so i was curious if on these two fights is there a way for me to do higher sustained dps

i also wanted to say that i have always appreciated the insight and thoughts of you all on this forum and all the other ones i have read

08-19-2011, 01:44 PM
I have found that my Shield Wall macro saves my behind constantly. I click it 3 times and it changes to shield, pops CD, and changes me back.

For Beth, a taunt macro may help. You could probably write one similar to the one i use for Shield Wall. That way you could dps in zerker stance during taunts CD. I'm not sure in practice since I don't taunt spinners anymore. I burn spiderlings followed by spinners/drone.

As for Rhyolith, I wouldn't worry too much about your dps while steering unless steering is an issue. The primary damage taken until the armor is down will come from volcanoes.

08-25-2011, 03:46 AM
Stance dancing isn't really necessary anymore. For PVE purposes it can be useful in certain situations like the above poster mentioned. You still need to equip a shield in order to cast shield wall but you don't need to change stances so something like this works ......

/equipslot 16 (name of any one hander)
/equipslot 17 (name of any shield)
/cast Shield wall
/stop casting
/equipslot 16 (name of dps weapon)
/eqipslot 17 (name of offhand dps weapon)

Hit this macro once and it equips shield and casts shield wall. Hit it a 2nd time to get your dps weapons back in your hands. You can just hit this macro twice quickly because shield wall can persist after you have no shield equipped anymore. This macro is useful when you know as a melee you are going to get hammered. It saves your healers mana as well. Enraged regeneration and rally cry are also very useful.

08-25-2011, 09:30 AM
my other querry is on Beth'tillac,, i am incharge of taunting the spinners down and dpsing them,, well to taunt them down i am spending a lot of time in my prot stance for my taunt, so it is cutting my dps down,, i was wondering if there was a better way to go about it,, in prot stance with my dps gear i think last fight i was doing about 12k till the burn phase,,where i got a nice spike in it,, i guess this also goes with ryolith i am on the legs steering him so for 3/4's of the fight my dps is crap,, i am only getting like 6k yellow attacks till armor has like 3 stacks left,, but when the armor breaks my dps rockets up,, think i was averaging 48k during the burn phase so i was curious if on these two fights is there a way for me to do higher sustained dps

10m or 25m? In 25m Go prot and vig a tank for taunt-spam or have range take them down. If it's 10m, wouldn't a macro like:

/cast defensive stance
/cast taunt
/cast berserker stance

Work? Something like this would limit the down time, you'd just have to manually keep track of your taunt CD timer. And I'm sure that's not right as far as the macro, more of a guess given the incredibly small amount I actually know about macros.

08-26-2011, 01:26 PM
Honestly it's kind of dumb to have one person only taunting the spinners. We have every class help because it's so important to get them down and kill them....If you really wanted to macro it I don't think you need as many stopcasting lines. Since as fury spec you don't really need a defensive stance set up. Why not just click on the defensive stance icon and have taunt on your hot bar?

08-27-2011, 06:45 AM
Landslide does stack.

08-27-2011, 10:59 AM
hmm should have stated that better i am in my fury dps tree just in defensive stance,, we do have multiple peopl on killing the spinners it is just i am the only one with a viable taunt that seems to work the ground tank normally taunts one while he his going to corner picking up the drone, the web tank taunts one to ride up at the start of fight after that it is me the locks taunt like ability does not hold their aggro or bring them down, only healer with a taunt is the pally and he rides up the web of the one i taunt down first, the hunter in our group has tried to use buth his and his pets taunt but again the spinners do not drop, only other one we have is a boomkin who is on the hatchlings for his magic shrooms and aoe,, it is on 10m,, my guild does not have enough heals on at same time to do a 25,, we tried but with work schedules makes it so we might have a max of 4 viable heals online at one time,, not saying we do not have more on,, just that are actually capable and ready to raid ....

i will look at incorporating the stance change macro.. and yes Loganisis i am not all that good with macros either why i was asking bout them,, now if it is a macro for me emoting telling someone they have a purdy mouth i am good with it

08-27-2011, 11:04 AM
Honestly it's kind of dumb to have one person only taunting the spinners. We have every class help because it's so important to get them down and kill them....If you really wanted to macro it I don't think you need as many stopcasting lines. Since as fury spec you don't really need a defensive stance set up. Why not just click on the defensive stance icon and have taunt on your hot bar?

I was thinking it would be one button to cycle the process... but I'm probably wrong in how it works.

08-27-2011, 04:13 PM
you shouldn't actually need any stop casting lines, since precious few fury abilities have cast times (Slam which you dont't hard cast, and shattering throw. you could probably use something like this:

#showtooltip Taunt
/cast [nostance:2] Defensive Stance
/castsequence [stance:2] Taunt, Berserker stance

08-27-2011, 10:25 PM
Landslide doe stack

09-28-2011, 10:25 PM
got a curiousity question,, i have noticed by checking logs the main difference between me and other warriors is the amount of crits,, i am curious as to what your raid groups make-up is?,, from talking with another fury-war on server he is getting like 50-55% of all attacks as crits where i am doing good to get 30% of all attacks,, guess the reason i am asking is cause compared to other guy my gear is a lot more solid even on stats,,

so i guess my question is two part,, what is the overal percentage of you alls attacks that are crits and what is your raid make-up?

my raid team
tanks = Pally MT, DK OT
Heals= Pally, Shaman, Priest
Dps= Demo-Lock, Marks-Hunter, Balance-Druid, Assass-Rogue, and me fury-war

09-29-2011, 09:08 AM
If you could get your crit up some it would help quite a bit with flurry uptime. Apparatus and essence are not ideal trinkets. You can't reforge any of your expertise (and you have an expertise gem) because you really need to get Heroic HOR. Once you have that trinket (which is better than apparatus) you can reforge lots of expertise on on your gear and get your crit up 1-2% higher

10-13-2011, 01:51 PM
ok got a nother slight querry,, Is the Vessel of Acceleration better than the Coren's Chilled Chorium Coaster

one has 406 str with a stacking static 82crit per stack, the other has 340crit with on attack chance of 4000AP

and sorry i have not gotten the H-HoR yet,, hard to find peeps that want to run t11 content with guild working on H-FL now

the only expertise i have on gear now is on legs, back ring and trinket,, before i had on neck piece also,, legs and old neck were both exp/crit, ring and back are exp/haste,,, new neck is the 391 from shannox hit/crit so i restored the reforge on my legs since it was to hit

10-13-2011, 07:52 PM
Vessel is definitely better, and I wouldn't worry about being exactly 26/26 exp. 25/25 is fine.