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02-25-2011, 08:46 PM
My wife and I both play wow, my main is an enhancement shaman and her's is a frost dw deathknight. I think my dps is fairly good, i can usually pull around 8-10k in regular dungeons and i just recently hit 85. My wife however needs some help with her dps. We've tried a few different options, and everyone keeps telling us to look here or there and never explains anything. We could really use some help, her dk is her favorite toon and she barely wants to play it because she is having so much trouble with her dps. Any help would be greatly appreciated. here is her armory http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/turalyon/saphysta/advanced

02-25-2011, 10:54 PM
The tank and pvp gear aren't very helpful for dps. A better way to drum up some help would be to post her dps, rotation, etc and/or a parse for people to look at.

02-26-2011, 09:23 AM
Her dps rotation is just whatever we've found online, i try to have her follow this one we found on elitistjerks.com. as far as dps goes, she will generally pull about 6-10k in regular dungeons and can't usually get higher then 5-7k in heroics
Diseases > Ob if both Frost/Unholy pairs and/or both Death runes are up, or if KM is procced >
BS if both Blood Runes are up > FS if RP capped > Rime > Ob > BS > FS > HoW.

02-26-2011, 09:56 AM
But what does she actually hit? The priority is not a rotation, just what she uses above all else. For instance, it goes on to say

Diseases come first, as always, with Frost Fever being applied by Howling Blast and Blood Plague being applied by Outbreak/Plague Strike.
So we know she should be hitting those two but we need to know what she is actually hitting in order to fix her rotation if it is because of that. Is she starting with that or with Outbreak? How is she managing procs and runic empowerment? There is a lot that goes into her dps.

She has her hit to 8%, so that is good, but she needs to up her expertise to 26.

She has two tanking trinkets, so those don't help at all.

Thats all I have for now.

EDIT: I think I had read dual Fallen Crusader back when DW unholy was an option - I think it actually worked then. But also wanted to point out that the hit percentage in the tooltip doesn't change with talents (might as a draenei, but can't test that very well at the moment). She probably has the hit she needs from talents, but I would just drop it to 8% and leave it there, spell hit for whatever reason works out the same way.

02-26-2011, 11:10 AM
As far as I know it's still Fallen Crusader and the ice one (can't remember it off the top of my head). Unless something has changed, dual Fallen Crusader doesn't stack so there's no benefit from the 2nd one.

Definitely make it a priority to get DPS based trinkets. Leaden Despair is so useless that it may as well just be taken off (except don't, heh).

The hit %... I think we're seeing a hit % from gear?

You get 3% hit from talents and 1% hit from being a draenei (if I'm remembering everything correctly; I haven't been playing much). You only need 4% hit from gear so if the IN GAME amount is actually 12%.. you can afford to lose a lot of hit.

I bet it's a combination of things that's affecting her DPS so we can't say "fix this one thing" and it'll magically jump. I'm in 346 gear with a smattering of 333's and I can pull 12k+ on a heroic boss.

Here's my recommendation...

1) Grind specific instances for DPS trinkets.

2) Check the actual in game hit %. It doesn't NEED to be any higher than 8%. In fact, it doesn't NEED to be 8% (so don't turn down a piece of really good gear because it drops you below the hit cap). Start doing some re-forging. If you are over the hit cap.. start reforging the hit into expertise.

Here's the stat preferences for DW: strength, hit/expertise*, mastery, haste, crit

I say reforge into hit/expertise and don't actually spend effort trying to get it on gear. Don't pass it up if it's a good piece, but if I had the choice between +100 mastery and +100 hit/expertise, I'd take the mastery gear. Once you start getting into higher tiers of content.. THEN you can start worrying about hit/expertise caps.

The "rotation" just takes practice. I recommend getting an addon called Magic Runes and setting it so that it only displays the blood runes and your runic power. I also have it display frost fever and blood plague on mine, but I usually look for the debuffs on the creature I'm attacking. It's a way to make displaying that information faster. I know immediately if I have any 'blood' runes active that I need to convert. I also know immediately if I'm at the runic cap or not.

If you're AoE'ing.. it's all about Howling Blast and Blood Boil.

If you're single target DPS'ing.. you want to keep frost fever and blood plague on your target and obliterate when you can. Keep your runic power below 100 (or you're wasting it). Use rime procs asap (howling blast is the best choice unless you need single target DPS to avoid breaking CC). Killing machine is best reserved for obliterate (or frost strike if obliterate can't be used). There's no set rotation. It's all situational.

I don't think the minor glyphs that reset death grip or buff the "risen ally" are worth taking. The death grip one I took for PvP and sometimes it works.. but more often than not it ends up just being humorous spam'ing it on someone who's immune so it looks like force lightning >_>

..and finally..

Keybind your keyboard. Keybinds > Mouse Clicking. This process takes a good while, and a lot of tweaking, to really get into a good setup. Again we go back to that "practice" bit. You just have to grind dungeons and over time you'll get better.