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02-25-2011, 10:25 AM
Hello all

This is my first time posting on these forums, although I am a frequent visitor. I am writing to ask for some assistance in gearing/speccing for heroics and entry level raids. I would like to preface this with saying that "back in the day", I was a very decent tank and completed all content up to AQ40. I left WoW after that and just came back a few months ago. What a difference a few years makes...

In any event, I am concerned that I may not be set up ideally for tanking and would like advice on gemming/speccing to achieve maximum threat and avoidence. Up to this point, I have primarily been focusing on avoidence and less on hit. However, I feel like I may need to add hit, because if I miss a devastate or shield slam at a crucial point, it may result in a wipe.

Any suggestions or critisicm is greatly appreciated.

Also, it is worth stating that this community seems to be much more "adult" than the official WoW forums. I am excited to hear your input!

Thanks all


02-25-2011, 01:42 PM
A few things jumped out at me from a quick survey - no enchants on 3 pieces of your kit and you don't have a belt buckle.

Also, you've got what many raid leaders would consider to be low health pool for raiding and you're still sporting a number of green items. You'd find your time well spent to grind some heroics for gear and rep. Raid leaders will smile upon you with beneficence when they see you wearing all 346/rep epics. Not to mention the enhanced tanking experience that you'll bring to the table.

Also, 1 green quality gem should be replaced and I'm pretty sure you've got the wrong meta. Unless things have changed (and they might have) the stam/armor meta is a better choice.

You also might want to consider dropping victory rush and picking up 2/2 field dressing instead of 1/2. An additional 3% healing is a substantial buff.

02-25-2011, 01:49 PM
I've heard some chatter about the Stam - block meta being a pretty good choice these days also.

02-25-2011, 02:22 PM
How are your reputations looking? You can snag quite a few pieces of decent tank gear but I think you need to be at least Honored/Revered with most of them some of them Exalted for the Epics which will serve you well before raids. Earthen Ring and Ramkahen are the ones I worked on first and I grinded Ramkahen to exalted first because they only have 1 daily for you to do =/ Earthen Ring you can grind to revered and leave it there since Exalted gives warriors nothing to use.

As for the metagem its decent if you find that you are taking spell dmg more than melee, the other meta gems are the block value one or the 2% armor.

As for Threat issues yes it does suck when your abilities miss but I find that threat is more from rotation than it is from gear but there is a noticeable difference in TPS when I'm hit/exp capped however its not needed in raids due to Vengeance. The rotation I normally use is Dev - SS - Rev - TCx3 - Shockwave

As for spec I focused more on survival so 2/2 Field Dressing, 3 Blood Craze and the rest into prot. Impending victory isn't really recommended but I have used it before where my healer died in heroics, if you want to maximize the talent you'd have to get the Victory Rush glyph.

As for glyphs they look fine and its pretty much a playstyle preference I personally use Cleave, TC and Shockwave as my setup.

Gems it seems like most tanks are going for parry/mastery, mastery/stam, pure mastery in sockets (prismatic too). I completely avoided stam as it seems that my healers complained that it was a waste of mana to keep me at full. I think for pre-raid the unbuffed HP you should have should be 150k or something and about 170k raid buffed (or at least close to it).

02-25-2011, 02:28 PM
Thanks for the input! At the moment, I am exalted with Hyjal and Therazane, but I am working torward the faction in Uldum. This will net me some nice legging (I believe) and a valuable enchant. I am not having too much difficultly tanking heroics, but I am noticing that my threat level isn't quite what I feel it should be. Also, thank you for the advice on the gems. Since I have never used them in the past, I just went with what i felt was the most obvious choice. I will definitely look into the +stam/block gem though. Is it the Eternal Shadowspirit Diamond? If so, I will go ahead and splurge on this, as I figure that it would not be replaced until a drop in BWD or BoT.

I will hop on tonight and re-gem and enchant as necesarry. I have a set of DPS gear for heroics, as well. They are 333 ilvl and have dps-specific enchants and gems. Do you prefer fury over arms when playing as DPS in dungeons? I generally only see fury warriors spanking with two weapons, but I have not tried it myself. Depending on the encounter and the buffs, my DPS is 8.5k-11k. Do you think I could see higher numbers as Fury. I am at 7% hit and 7.5% crit.

Thanks again!

02-25-2011, 02:44 PM
I almost never dps in dungeons because I have a tendency to pull aggro off the tank and I usually tank my own heroics (15% buff makes all the heroics boring now lol)

I'm currently playing Single Minded Fury and found that it brings back a lot of memories when I was Fury in Vanilla WoW the only issue I found with that spec is that you pull aggro quite a bit if you aren't careful. Titan's Grip is probably easier to gear for due to the number of 2 handers you can obtain and with that spec you need only 8% hit if you are really good at rage management. As for Arms it received some nice buffs in 4.0.6 so if you can get your hands on a nice 2 handers with Avalanche on it it works out pretty.