View Full Version : US Area 52 Horde Guild Semi Hardcore in Need of 1-2 pro main spec healers

02-25-2011, 06:18 AM
We are currently 12/12 on regular mode and 1/13 on hard mode. We are using 2 offspec healers and we need to have them go back to dps. We need 2 healers who actually love to heal. I know everyone is recruiting healers but here is why you should consider us:

1. We raid at 7pm-11pm EST which tends to be good for hard working people who actually HAVE jobs. LOL
2. We have mostly mature raiders who take this seriously and really enjoy each others company. No negative vibes.
3. Like you we want to down bosses, enjoy the challenge of it and progress into hardmodes for a real challenge.

Please contact me with a message on this site and I will gladly meet you on your server to chat....below is a description of the guild and a link to the guild web site.

About Flatline:

Flatline is a semi-casual 25 man raiding guild that has been on Area 52 since July of 2009. We have a diverse roster from teenagers to players in their 30s, men, women, and a few unknowns all wanting to have fun and raid.

We are a group of people that understand this is a game and its purpose is to be enjoyed. We raid for the challenge and the fun of it, not for loot, boost our ego, or anything else childish.

If you enjoy raiding, think a guild should be a group of people that get along, socialize, and not just 25 people that show up for farm content, we may be the guild for you.

If you only care about loot, only show up for farm content, start drama, try to act elitist. Look somewhere else.

No guild is perfect, and we are mature enough not to pretend to be. Even if our goals are the same as yours, we may not be a good choice for you. We're not going to BS you and claim everything is perfect and you'll be the luckiest person on the internet if you get accepted. If you meet our requirements and give us a chance only thing We can promise is to return the favor. You may love being in our guild or you may hate it. We our looking for players that are willing to call Flatline home.

Raid Schedule:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7pm to 11pm Est.

Whats expected:

No guild hoppers. If you change guilds more often then your underwear, we don't want you.

Must have a mature attitude and a sense of humor.

Have a thick skin, you will be yelled at and/or made fun of for mistakes. If we can't find something to tease you about we'll make something up.

Team player and give 100%.

No drama or whining, and a understanding the world doesn't revolve around you.

The longer you've been raiding and your progression greatly affects your chances of acceptance.

Have the gear and skill to pull your weight.

Constantly researching your class, and boss fights. A well rounded knowledge of all current content Boss fights is expected.

Learn quickly , and don't make the same mistake twice.

High raid attendance, prepared and ready to go on time.


Raiders with a solid off-spec have a better chance.

What the guild provides:

Guild repairs for progression fights.

Enchanting mats and gems.

A group of people wanting to have fun and down bosses.

EPGP loot system.

You can apply at:

http://flatlinearea52.guildomatic.com/ (Do not need to register with website)

ingame Contacts are Tribalscar, Months, Minti