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02-24-2011, 09:55 PM
So I'm a prot main spec warrior trying to improve my fury off spec dps. That being said, I generally don't have access to many raid drops and I'm not getting my tier set for fury yet since my prot set isn't finished.
How can I improve with my current gear?
No logs available to post but my recount breakdown is in this screenshot (a little less than 3 million health test on a dummy)


Screenshot with Recount breakdown:

I was at >17% hit recently and wanted to try to reforge a bit of that hit away since many of the posts that I'm seeing just go for 8%'ish. I feel that I lost a lot of dps. I do have a couple of options though...

In the bank:
Heroic Right Eye of Rajh
Heroic Might of the Ocean
Heroic Raz's Pauldrons
Heroic Gear-Marked Gauntlets
Gorsik's Band of Shattering

If you think going SMF would help out, I currently have Heroic Smite's Reaver and Heroic Resonant Kris in the bank. For my tank 1h'ers (if they would be better), I have Heroic Sun Strike and Heroic Cookie's Tenderizer.

I'm only a standby on this character for our 1st 10m raid group and I generally go in as dps when needed. Raid makeup is generally dk tank, warrior tank, double pally heals, resto shaman heals, fire mage, desto lock, assassination rogue, fury warrior (me), and a survival hunter.

Also, I'm planning on switching out my meta to the STR meta when I get a different helm because I don't think that my current helm is good enough for me to keep.

Any tips given would be great. Thanks much.

02-25-2011, 01:07 AM
Check JP options for Crit/Mastery gear to replace Crit/Haste or Mastery/Haste gear. It's a lateral item level but it will help some.

Chest - You reforged haste into mastery. It should be Crit instead once hit = 8% and exp = 26, Str > Crit > Mastery > Hit to rage comfort > haste

Your hit is at 7.71%, need to get that up. If you're not comfortable with the Fury TG rotation, you may want to shoot for 12/13% hit. This will lower your ceiling of damage, but should also raise the floor.


Unless it's needed for a specific purpose, I'd take out hte point in pericing howl and put it in heroic fury. I wasn't big on this talent before, but the instant refresh of intercept in a high-mobliity fight is very good.

I'd take the two points out of drums of war and put them in incite. It's really only to make it so you can use pummel - but if you watch your HS usage (not unless rage > 70) you should always be able to pummel. This would mean replacing the piercing howl glyph, probably with Heroic Throw.


Boots - is the enchant for the movement speed? If so, it's probably the best since mastery/move takes a maelstrom. Otherwise either the mastery or hit (hit may be better if you need more of it since it is a trade off with mastery only, no crit/str option).

Gloves you have Crit/Haste better than the Mastery/Haste in the bank.
Ring - both are Crit/something other than haste, better than band of shattering.
Shoulders are a wash - you've reforged down to 26 exp with just the one mastery that should be crit.

I'd use the Right Eye over the boar.
A) You can reforge the hit to crit when you feel more comfotable with your hit (though you can do this with the mastery on the boar too)
B) The proc is a chance on hit, which means you can potentially line the proc up with your on-use proc. I guess I never had 2 on-use trinkets at the same time, I just found out you can't use them both, usually the shared CD is as long as the benefit, so eye gives you a little better chance of stacking the trinket procs together.


Are you using Mark before DW to maximize Deathwish's bonus? And then when you have beserker rage up when it comes off CD so you know you'll get the most out of your raging blows?


Can't help you with the SMF question. It seems that at our gear levels (I only have a 1 or 2 more epics) TG really does do better due to more stats, but later when it's easy to hit hit/exp, it sounds like the BiS-theroycrafting shows SMF greater.

02-25-2011, 01:55 AM
I don't know why it's showing me so low in hit... you need to add the 3% from the summary talent Precision. My character screen shows 10.33% hit in game. I am pretty comfortable with the fury rotation but I could always be more comfortable with it. I just figured that the 2.33% extra hit above the hit cap wouldn't affect me as it is now. The drop from 17.3'ish % to this 10.33% is a little rough on the rage generation.

I did notice that I can't use both trinkets together but I was thinking that the increased mastery might help from the boar. I'll be trading that out with Right eye as you suggest.
I generally have been popping the Mark with my Blood Fury, even though there's a 30 sec difference in cooldown timers, and it's generally when I start my rotation over again, starting with CS>BT>RB>BT... and so on.

Thanks for the advice.
I'll change the chest reforging to crit.
I'll change the shoulder reforging to crit.
I'll change my Boar for my Right Eye.
Did I miss anything? It's 3AM and I'm getting sleepy so I'm not all there.

And BTW, I just got a Crossfire Carbine today, so now that is used for both my tank and fury gear sets. A massive upgrade from that green that you saw me wearing earlier.

02-25-2011, 10:17 AM
Mark's on Use mastery should be lined up when possible with Deathwish (you can use it more than deathwish obviously). Blood fury is great for using at the same time. The mastery one use of 1425 mastery will buff deathwish a lot. That's why I mentioned it.

Hit above 8% isn't useless like it was in Wrath, it's just not as useful as it was before. What it does is it lowers your maximum damage output (because you're giving up crit/mastery) but lowers your floor (because it reduces bad miss-swings and low rage). I dropped to ~9% and didn't like the feel, so I'm back up to ~12% I think. I don't give up crit for hit, but I have returned some reforged mastery to hit.

If you're really into min/maxing and flush with JP, http://www.wowhead.com/item=58099 would be a minor upgrade over your current gloves.

You might also play with reforging one Foe Hammer's expertise to hit and the cloak's hit to exp, if needed, to get back down to 26 exp. If you don't need to reforge the cloak, then reforge the eye's hit to crit, as you picked up a little hit from Foe Hammer's reforging. You're at 27.64 exp, so you've got some exp you can drop.

You looked pretty good to start with, this has all basically been nit-picky ;-)

02-25-2011, 10:32 AM
You need to get rid of drums of war and put those two points into incite. 2/3 is the best way to go about it.

on most current bosses you will gain more dps from 2/2 rude interuption than 3/3 incite. Incite is a very "meh" talent right now anyways. Mainly because HS frequency is so low, and the new recklessness doenst take advantage of incite very well.

Getting heroic fury is a very good idea. Its almost always on CD for me in a raid.

Without a world of logs parse i cant help you much with your rotational issues if you have any.
The only thing i can say right off the bat is that youre probably going to hard on HS. Try beating on a dummy without using heroic strike at all for a while. This will help you know when you can afford to use it.

SMF might help you with rage issues. The rotation is a lot easier to keep up and relies less on having an enrage effect so you can use RB.

if you can provide a WoL report of any kind it will help a lot. Recount dosnt tell me much.

02-25-2011, 11:10 AM
If I get a chance to get into the raid group again, I'll definitely post a log. My schedule has changed and made it nearly impossible to get into that raid group again. My main raid is with my shaman in our guild's second 10m.

I will make the talent changes to get rid of drums of war and put them into incite, but I haven't needed heroic fury yet and piercing howl is useful in raids (i.e. magmaw's little critters) as well as out in the pvp server world of Maelstrom. However, the first time that I need to intercept and can't, I'll change it. My raid experience is limited to the first two in BoT, 1st boss in To4W, and BWD up to Chimaeron (focused on Maloriak and Atramedes first, now we're working on Chimaeron). I do believe you that it's useful though.

I do sort of feel that I'm using Heroic Strike a little too heavily and will hold off on that ability while beating on a dummy for a while. I think that might be my main problem, hopefully it's as easy as that.

Squats, you said that SMF might help, but considering the weapons that I have in my arsenal (listed in the original post), do you think it would be better to change and try it out or focus on getting differently itemized weapons first? I went to SMF shortly after I first hit 85 to try it out and it seemed like I was doing better than TG, but then I went back to TG and felt like I was doing even better. Now, my gear has been improved ten fold and I'm at a loss. I know that you're limited in your assistance without a WoL parse.

Loganisis, I don't believe that I can reforge a weapon's expertise to hit if the weapon already currently has hit as a secondary stat. But I'm working hard on my archaeology and can hopefully get the 2h sword from it so that will drop my expertise by quite a bit. I'll have to reforge stuff at that time to get expertise back up to 26.

02-25-2011, 11:23 AM
idk if SMF will help you that much. But the quality of weapons for SMF doesnt really matter. mainly because all of your damage comes from BT. Couple that with a 20% damage increase.. GG

02-25-2011, 06:33 PM
Loganisis, I don't believe that I can reforge a weapon's expertise to hit if the weapon already currently has hit as a secondary stat. But I'm working hard on my archaeology and can hopefully get the 2h sword from it so that will drop my expertise by quite a bit. I'll have to reforge stuff at that time to get expertise back up to 26.

Doh! I was thinking it was Crit/Exp.

03-15-2011, 03:03 PM
So... I have now been asked to dps as main for my shaman's raid group with a turnaround of a certain few players. Fortunately, I enjoy the idea. Unfortunately, I need to start fine tuning my dps and focusing on that more than I have before.

I started a custom UI, mainly just cleaning up my screen, adding a HUD very similar to TGM's, bartender, sexymap, and others. My screen is looking a lot better, I'm getting a lot better at managing my dps rage, and I'm seeing an increase in my dps. Last night I was breaking 14k on most single targets in heroic HoO (but that was with 2 pugs so I had a slight buff) where I generally would struggle with hitting/breaking 12k.

Now... 2 things come to mind. Would you please take another look at my armory and tell me if I'm missing anything that has been mentioned above? And also, in your opinions, would the Tol Barad trinket be an upgrade for either of my trinkets or should I continue on my original goal to get the tanking one and neglecting the others?

Before you get too into my talents, I'm already planning on changing them up a bit... I will be getting rid of drums of war and putting those points into Incite (which I know I haven't done yet like I said above, but I will) but, like I said above, I'm going to keep piercing howl for now for the reasons listed above. Again, if I ever need intercept and it's not available for me to use, I'll spec out of it and into heroic fury. I'm expecting that to be the case, but piercing howl is too precious to me for certain things.
I'm also going to be continuing with my archaeology, hoping for the 2h sword. That, coupled with the 2h mace from magmaw if he drops it again, would be my weapon make up for a while I believe. We're not at the point of downing end bosses yet so I can't rely on those weapons.

03-21-2011, 10:55 AM
You can now ignore this thread. I've figured out my situation.

I am now SMF with 2 epic 1h'ers (Soul Blade and Claws). I purchased License to Slay and I will be focusing on Chimaeron's trinket to replace the expertise that I lost with changing out my two Foe Reapers (Right now I've had to reforge my gear, going from the crit that I originally reforged my haste to and reforging it to expertise instead, unfortunately losing 3% crit but getting back up to the expertise cap) while staying at 10.8% hit. I have also looked into what pieces I will need and I've practiced with my fury priority system without heroic strike, as you suggested, and am now doing a LOT more dps. I'm generally between 14-15k on most bosses in BWD and BoT (of course Halfus I can jump up to near 30k after the drakes are dead and Magmaw I do around 17k+ because of the head phase).

Thanks for all your help.

PS I took me a couple weeks to do so, but I finally spec'd out of drums of war and piercing howl. :-)