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02-23-2011, 12:49 PM
I am looking for suggestions on where I can improve based on parse review: WoL Meter
Basically self-buffed only (no food or sunders etc either) when doing a prolonged fight (10 million+ damage done) on the Boss target dummy I do about 15.5k - 16k DPS.

I have prioritized my stats (gemming/reforging/etc) around the premise of:
8% Hit > 26 expertise > str > crit > mastery > everything else that I reforge when possible

Armory: Squirrelnut Armory (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/nerzhul/squirrelnut/advanced)

From a gear standpoint I would like to replace my Shalug'doom with an Ashkandi but other then that I am just about BiS until we clear more heroics. It seems like I should be able to produce more and I am interested in any suggestions that people may have including rotation, cooldown timing use, etc. I do have a pair of Landslide enchanted Lava Spine (http://www.wowhead.com/item=59333) swords if people think SMF would have better results but I prefer TG because I <3 my Zin'rokh. With that being said I want to min/max as much as possible so I am open to anything.

02-23-2011, 01:09 PM
The only thing i see on your gear is that you socketed for a haste bonus in your tier legs. i wouldnt do that. 80 str is better than 40 str, 40 crit, and the haste.

As far as your rotation goes. Im not sure how your rage was, but you dont seem to be using battle shout to give yourself rage when your abilities are on CDs.

Also your heroic strike usage could be a bit more vigorous. Also, dont let your 4 set bonus drop off, save berzerker rage for an emergancy RB if you notice that its getting low on its timer and you dont have a current enrage effect. The uptime was in the 80%'s and it should be closer to 98ish

id run a simcraft on you if i werent at work.. but i am so i cant.

02-23-2011, 01:47 PM
Sounds like good advice:

I wasn't sure if 80 Str would be better then 40 Str, 40 Crit & 20 Haste. I will give that a go
Rage deprivation is the devil (especially self buffed on a target dummy) so I was cautious with HS usage. I will see if I can improve on that however I tried to only use Battle Shout if I didn't have a Slam proc between BT, RB, CS since Slam has been buffed. Is it worthwhile to use BS on cooldown > normal rotation?
Good thoughts on not letting my 4pc proc (Rage of the Ages) wear off, I didn't even notice it. I will include it on my UI (I prefer Satrina's Buff Frames) so that it is easier to keep an eye on.

02-23-2011, 02:01 PM
if you notice say... you have 40 rage at the start of your rotation this cycle (cycle being the rotation as a whole).
You could use RB and BT and it would put you at 0 rage. But in the 1.7ish seconds (human interaction included.. its only 1.5 seconds really) it would take to get both of those off, you might get another swing in and gain 15-20 rage.

Its at this point that you need to react quickly to what would be better.. you could do 3 things

-Berzerker rage for 8-10 rage insuring that you will be able to get off the next special attack
-Battle/Commanding shout for 30 rage insuring that you will be able to get off the next 2 attacks (including a white swing with this one) but you will clip the CD on BT/RB/Slam
-Wait and hope your next swing will land within the next 1.5 seconds

Berzerker rage would be preferable if the next attack would be a BT, because clipping the GCD with the CD on BT would be a decently large dps loss

Battle should would be preferable if the next ability would be slam, or RB. Because at this point. by the time the GCD is up, BT will be up also. basically restarting the cycle

doing nothing is never good.. but sometimes you cant help it.

This is just a small portion of how actively im thinking about whats going on with my rage and abilities while im dpsing... im sorry im not better at explaining it. But its important to include rage intake into your rotation because of these things.

You cant and shouldn't take current rage as "all you have" while your choosing your abilties. Because its not "all you have".. its all you have for THAT specific moment, because white swings are constantly going off and gaining you more rage while your waiting on you GCD's.

example to this point

you have 30 rage.
You use BT.
You now have 10 rage.
GCD----- a white swing could hit here popping you up to 25-30 rage.*****

this line happens instantly.. so where you thought you wouldn't have the rage to get off a RB, you actually do

i hope this helps.