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02-22-2011, 09:10 AM
I have been tanking with my paladin for some time now (Since ICC has been out, more or less) but it bugs me that i have never really had the habit of swapping trinkets for different fights. Im pretty confident i have sufficient knowladge of basic theorycrafting to recognize the values of different defense stats (avoidances, block, health and armor) on different situations, but have a hard time beeing able to decide to swap one trinket in favor of another in any given fight. I feel this is because in most fights i can think of there are multiple sources of damage that would be best dealt with in different ways, and i tend to just keep a staple mix of stam and avoidance trinkets.
At the moment i have all available tanking heroic dungeon trinkets. I dont have the baradin hold reputation trinket or alchemy epic, but do have the JC stam trinket.
Here is a example of how i cant make up my mind on trinket swapping for fights:
And im alweys using a Porcelain crab(reforged for mastery) with a leaden dispair (stam - armor proc).
I have had little cata raiding experience, but already in the first fight i have done (magmaw) i wasent sure on which trinket to equip. My impresion is he dealt a considerable damage from melee hits and specially the maim(maw? Mangle?), bah the part he eats us up. and both of these being phisical damage made me think i should put on a armor trinket. But then it occured that i would get the armor debuff (solo tanking the fight), so i would get few returns for wearing this trinket. Then i felt perhaps i should put on double stam trinks, but then i figured i would be taking alot of melee damage from unblocked and unavoided hits with my armor reduced to half, so i figured a avoidance trinket would be best. And at last i felt flimsy at this decision fearing it would be best to go back to effective health to eat up the unavoidable maim (or whatever the chew up ability is called).

And thats pretty much how i dont decide ever to swap trinkets. I alweys see motive to have any of them on. Although a trinket over another might be a detail, i was hoping to see if i could get some pointers on how to best decide and optimize my survivability for any given boss fight. Scrolling the combat log to see what kind of damage he deals me just doesent seem to be enough.

02-24-2011, 03:01 AM
having different trinkets is a good idea. the tol barad trinket is huge for some fights so i suggest working on that rep :)
armor trinkets are useless imo. you want double stam double avoidance and double mastery options.
default setup should probably be 1 stam 1 mastery.
a few suggestions:
magmaw: 2x stam to survive the burst when you get picked up
chimaeron: 2x avoidance
every boss with some predictable magical burst you really want the tol barad trinket

02-24-2011, 03:23 AM
Gear swaps in general to suit the fight are one thing that distinguishes a good tank. The better you can tune your gear to suit the encounter, the more value you bring to your raid group. Trinkets are particularly good items to switch because you can achieve a bigger swing in stats and possibly gain new relevant abilities and by changing any other slot.

That's not to say that it's easy to tell a) when you should change your gear (trinkets) and b) if changing the trinkets has actually helped your raid get the kill that otherwise you might not have, simply because raid performance is a complex thing to unpick and (although we love to get into the details of it) tank gear choices are just one factor. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't think before each boss encounter "what's the thing most likely to kill me in this fight and how can I best avoid dying to it".