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02-21-2011, 08:51 PM
Right so I'm at 9/12 Normal 10M now. From the beginning I've favoured parry over dodge, reforging it where possible. If no mastery exists on the gear I reforge the biggest rating to mastery.

Now I've come to the point where I suspected DR's to have been kicking in or started kicking in. So I tried reforging all my parry to dodge, instead of vice-versa.

Doing this I've noticed that I can gain 0.26% avoidance (on character sheet) overall. Although I lose 2.08% parry.

My stats beginning at all dodge to parry:

08.38% Dodge
15.10% Parry
23.48% D/P

Reforging Head

Reforging Neck

Reforging Shoulders

Reforging Cloak

Reforging Chest

Reforging Gloves

Reforging Belt

Reforging Ring of Three Lights (Ring2)

Reforging Shield

So at the point I'm at 23.74 D/P Something happens. Dodge is now diminished at the same rate my parry currently is. Reforging more is therefore not feasible.

Now I've gone from 15.10% parry, to 13.02 % parry. A loss of 2.08% parry.

And difference between dodge and parry went from 6.72 % more parry then dodge to 2.30 % difference.

Now the question is, does the 0.26% lost avoidance outweigh the 2.08% parry I lost, accounting for HtL uptime?

Since it's still only (?)2% chance more to get 10% chance to critically block on a 54.20% blockchance of which 33% is critical block chance? (obviously not accounting shield block or porcelain crab proc which takes the excess over by a good margin)

I'm not that good at math and I wonder if there's anyone who can work this out on for example an imaginary encounter of 10 minutes with my stats. And then see (ofcourse leaving the RNG out, it's just to get an idea of which approach works best) in which scenario i take less damage.

Best solution might just be to take it halfway, and go for reforging until gloves which causes my D/P to then be 23.70 %.

09.97 D
13.73 P
05.00 M
54.20 B
82.90 A

which gives a 0.22% avoidance boost and a loss of 1.37% parry. (instead of aforementioned 2.08%)


default stats (all dodge to parry (except boots))
08.38 % D
15.10 % P
54.20 % B (33 % CB)
05.00 % M
82.64 % A

Reforging to "Take it halfway" (until gloves)

09.97 % D
13.73 % P
05.00 % M
54.20 % B
82.90 % A

Reforging parry to dodge untill DR equals out
10.51 % D
13.23 % P
54.20 % B (33 % CB)
05.00 % M
82.94 % A

All this ofcourse neglecting the minus 0.6 % on each stat on bosses.

Would love to hear ur thoughts!

Armory profile currently shows the latter solution.


In raids (if it is of any importance) I'm using elixirs (armor/mastery), mastery food, 2-pot trick earthen potions, and have all regular tank-beneficial raidbuffs. My currently listed gearset is my boss-set and so is the current spec. No problems with dieing or threat.

Love to hear ur thoughts!

02-22-2011, 01:47 AM
Parry is probably better at your gear level because of your mastery value and Hold the Line.

Btw: It would be usefull to start your post by saying that you are a warrior...

02-22-2011, 09:19 AM
Btw: It would be usefull to start your post by saying that you are a warrior...

The post topic says warrior. As far as I'm concerned, I use WarTotem's spreadsheet to calculate my spread of dodge/parry. If you put in your stats and go to the last page, there is a column labeled TankPoints. This is how I weight my stats. The higher TankPoints has the value, the more of it that I want. If Parry is higher than Dodge, then I will reforge as much as I can to Parry (after Mastery, of course). If Dodge is higher then parry, then I do the opposite.

Currently, with my gearset/reforging, I have:

11.98% Dodge (1462 Rating)
14.34% Parry (1792 Rating)
51.56% Block (2410 Mastery Rating)

with TankPoints saying:

Dodge: 82.224
Parry: 81.324
Mastery: 90.932

So this to me, says that I will get the most benefit by getting as much mastery as possible, then reforging a bit more into dodge.

02-22-2011, 11:51 AM
thanks alot!