View Full Version : US [H]Deep Fried Phoenix-US-Andorhal Guaranteed Spots for right Class/spec Combo

02-19-2011, 12:55 AM
[H] Deep Fried Phoenix -US-Andorhal

Guild: Deep Fried Phoenix
Realm: Andorhal US (PVE)
Website: http://deepfriedphoenix.wowstead.com (http://www.hive.fm/)
Looting System: Loot Council
Raid Size: 10man
Raid Days: 3 Days TBD by member availability
Raid Times: 19:00 - 00:00
10M Progression: 0/12

Need 1 tank, 2 heals, and 2 DPS to finish out the raid roster completely. However the raids will most likely start with 7 members available.

Currently accepting all but prefer the following:
Warrior: Protection
Druid: Balance or Restoration
Mage: Arcane or Fire
Paladin: Holy or Protection
Priest: Discipline Holy or Shadow

Recruitment for raiding is on a First Come First Serve basis. In order for FCFS to apply you must meet the following conditions.

1. Must have all required addons (list available on website)

2. Must be optimally spec'd for raiding (elitist jerks or equivalent)

3. Gear must be fully enchanted and gemmed appropriately

4. Must be able to make all raid times (can miss with prior notice BEFORE raid day)

If you meet all these requirements the spots are yours.

For more information or to apply visit website, reply to this post, or whisper in game one of the following:
Kudzu - GM
Xepher/Badgers - Co GM
Weylin - First Officer

If you apply via Reply to this post please include the following information:

Basic Information - Name, Class, Raid Spec, Age, Time Zone.
What days and hours are you available for raids?
What prior raiding experience do you have?
If you have a Dual Spec, what is it?

Good Luck and hope to see you there