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02-10-2011, 11:19 AM

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02-10-2011, 02:17 PM
I ran Iron Tombs about 5 times during the last beta. A few times dpsing as a shaman and the last three as a healer. Probably the biggest challenge is getting people that are half way decent with their toon. Obviously people are still figuring out the best soul combos and spell rotations etc.

I tried once heal with a sentinel main spec and twice as a warden. Really enjoyed the warden play style better for how I like to heal. There seemed to be less spamming of the same heals and a bit more work getting and managing your hots. Sentinel seems more like a pally healer and warden resto druid.

Overall I really like the look of the game compared the cartoony feel of Warcraft. For low level dungeons I wasn't expecting anything to hard as far as boss mechanics go.

Without knowing how the end game content is going to fair it is really hard at this point to say I would switch to Rift and drop WoW.

02-10-2011, 03:27 PM

While i am open to any new kind of mmo I cant say that Rift (yet) has showed me enough to drop my wow sub. It looks fantastic and from the impression u are giving its overall a good game. I heavily into Pvp in wow and with my 2v2 and 5v5 teams actually Stompin face now its difficult to say if i would enjoy rift pvp as much. Will rift succeed where other mmos like AOC and COH have failed. Im am hopeful for up coming titles like TOR but for the most part i cant justify paying for two subs if im only enjoying the one.

02-10-2011, 03:36 PM
I have been kicking around the idea of pre-ordering. I enjoyed the beta. I never got to do any dungeons mainly because I was too busy messing around with all the classes and talent choices.

02-10-2011, 03:49 PM
My main problem is this: Theres only room for one major MMO in life unless you're a professional gamer, and my /played on WOW is getting to the point where I dont actually tell people what it really is...I stopped being proud and started being embarrassed. All that investment of time and energy, and even cash, makes WoW hard to walk away from. I've unsubbed before, but I came back.

02-10-2011, 07:23 PM
I tried the Rift beta and enjoyed it a lot. But, I play MMO's (and games in general) for something to do with friends, a few hours per week. Since we've been burned on AOC, LOTRO, Aion, etc., etc., my friends aren't even willing to give Rift a chance. :(

But for me, it is currently more fun than WoW. They didn't try to revolutionize MMO's, but also added enough new stuff to make it feel fresh and not like "WoW with better graphics."

02-10-2011, 10:45 PM
Love Rift.
Pre-ordered the first day possible.
Been playing since Beta 3.
Happy happy happy.
Telara is muh new home.

02-10-2011, 10:55 PM
I installed it and had my hdd crash before I could play. Latest patch was installing. Maybe i'll get to try it this weekend.

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02-11-2011, 01:38 AM
The problem i found with Rift was the feel you get from the combat is not very impressive and they need to also work on the character movements. Yes the graphics and environments are awesome, but why leave WoW for a WoW clone that is less complete, of course it's in BETA so this can all be improved.

I also expect that game will have tons of balance issues come late game due to the amount of options available across the characters. You get a lot of people complaining in WoW and there is no-where near that amount of class options.

All in all a great effort, but it's not going to rule the world and is more of an escape for wow players that have grown tired of the current Blizzard world. Let us hope all the bad WoW players move over to Rift :p

However if Rift does well then perhaps Blizz might wake up and start bringing out polished content instead of relying on the Hardcore guilds to beta test their encounter flaws. Only in the game industry do you consistently get unfinished products and it's classed as normal.

02-11-2011, 02:04 AM
So is the dungeon experience just a clone of WOW? 1 tank, 1 healer, 3 dps (mix of melee and ranged) - or is it different?

02-11-2011, 07:37 AM
So is the dungeon experience just a clone of WOW? 1 tank, 1 healer, 3 dps (mix of melee and ranged) - or is it different?

I am not playing this game, so I can't give you a precise answer. However, they can change, they can be creative. These new ideas will affect fight mechanic. For example, for a dungeon that requires a setup of 2 tankers, 2 dps and 1 healer, something in the fight could provide a buff for DPS to kill boss and mobs in a proper time. If this buff is not provided then boss and mobs will have to have a lower health, lower enough to allow only two dps kill them.

Why two tankers for a dungeon? Well, it may be necessary if a boss, for example, has a pet that gives him a buff. One of the tankers kite the pet, move him away from the boss. This pet can't hit this tanker so hard because the group has only one healer. But if pet does a lot of damage then another buff should be provided to increase healer spells. It can be something simple as a device activated by one of the players before fight, or a energy pool in the floor that spawn around the room.

So far nothing so new, right?. A buff for DPS? We saw on ICC during Lana'thel fight on those that were beaten. A buff for healer? Not a buff, but the mana pools during Gen Vezaz fight were a helpful resource for them.

I was thinking in something like that when you asked "just a clone? can be different?"

02-11-2011, 07:48 AM
My God, but that was nine minutes of annoying I'll never get back. I guess it's possible to suck the fun out of anything, if you try hard enough. And he was definitely trying.

02-11-2011, 10:29 AM
My God, but that was nine minutes of annoying I'll never get back. I guess it's possible to suck the fun out of anything, if you try hard enough. And he was definitely trying.


02-11-2011, 10:45 AM
I've been having fun with the beta. Waiting for a handful of old wow cronies to gain another level so we can poke at Fae rather than just pugging it up. This clip is encouraging, so I look forward to giving it a shot on Tuesday or Wednesday. Now if I could just figure out why I'm having so many framerate issues on any graphics setting that isn't minimum settings I'd be good to go... my PC is gettin' a bit older, but the specs are still in the recommended range.

Thanks for putting these together by the way Fony. It's good to have a bit of a heads up on upcoming games, particularly with a third-party view of it.

02-11-2011, 11:38 AM

Try Troll.

02-11-2011, 11:45 AM
I've been playing the beta as well and have really enjoyed it. I LOVE the Rift public quests and having the opposing faction invaders wreck quest hubs. I really like the class design. I have played as a Defiant Cleric (Sentinel/Warden/Inquisitor) and there are many other combinations and classes/races I want to try. Healing is similiar to WoW (clicking on raid frames) though there are some souls that do healing through dps (Chloromancer comes to mind). One thing I enjoy as a healer is that, when you are fighting a Rift, you can rack up a lot of contribution points by healing people and get a nice chunk of planar rewards. I also really like that.. public quests are public. People are slightly more accountable to each other because you'll need each other to close a Rift. If you try to tag a mob I'm halfway through my cast on, or mine some ore I'm obviously trying to get to after this kill, I won't heal you at the next Rift :P

I've been on the fence about preordering. Do I want to pay for 2 MMO subscriptions? How long will my interest last? I raid 3 nights a week in WoW but honestly I have become bored in WoW and only log in to raid or check auctions. So I would have the time to play it. I think what will be key is what endgame will be like. If it's too much like WoW (grinding rep/5mans and then typical raiding mechanics) I probably won't play it.

02-11-2011, 02:13 PM
My God, but that was nine minutes of annoying I'll never get back. I guess it's possible to suck the fun out of anything, if you try hard enough. And he was definitely trying.
Man, that's 12 seconds of my life I'll never get back from reading that pathetic post either.

if you don't enjoy why watch? Why even comment?

The Hoof
02-11-2011, 02:22 PM
Been playing in beta and have pre-ordered. Not sure if it will replace WoW for me, but at this point about all I'm doing in WoW now is grinding up yet another alt and logging in to raid. So it will be good to have a new game to explore.

02-11-2011, 03:33 PM

Fony: The fun hater.

02-12-2011, 08:57 AM
So far I've only played in Beta 5 but I'm excited to play in Beta 6. Rift is definitely a fun game. I don't see myself quitting WoW for it since cataclysm raiding right now is more fun than any other raid tier I've experienced before.

That being said, there is a lot of time right now spend in WoW where I'm just dicking around in Org or leveling an alt I dont care about, and thats time I think I would enjoy much more playing Rift. Playing two mmo's, side by side, living together peacefully.

I do have a question though, does anyone know what spec combo the tank is using in that video? The idea of a dual wielding tank is really interesting.

02-12-2011, 09:03 AM
hey fony, man i cashed in my 5-year wow account and am putting all my eggs into rift at this point. like everyone else i'm hoping it's not going to be another aoc, aion, ect but judging from the betas so far it seems pretty good. sadly, the only thing to this point that hasn't been proven is the end-game pvp and pve content and that is the only content that matters after a couple of weeks anyway so i hope it's good. anyway man it would be sweet if you'd get into rift and do a ton more bff's on it cause i enjoy watching your on point balls. wait...what? that's not what i meant, well... it kinda was but not like that...unless you're into that and then...NO, stop trying to trick me into your sexwebz sicko!

02-14-2011, 02:20 PM
The dualwielding tank is probably actually a rogue, Lore plays that and in a Gamebreaker.tv Rift movies a mentioned being a tanking rogue.The main soul is probably a Riftstalker as this is a defensive soul.

02-15-2011, 11:02 AM
I've been in the Beta now and really like what I have seen. I am having issues with fps though and understand there seems to be issues with ATi drivers. I have not done any instances yet but like the look feel of the game. I definitely will be playing the game and did pre-order.

I will say that the transition from WoW is very easy and not too much of a learning curve, except just learning new abilities. I was wondering what you feel about the individual classes, as in their strength and weaknesses. There seems to be be some QQ about the Mage souls and dps issues. ( lol, must be those spoiled Mages from WoW ).

I have left WoW, again, I leveled 3 of my 80's to 85. Cataclysm looks great and i like all the new content, but I got burned out on the raiding so, I have not been in any of the new dungeons/instances. Rift looks great even though I cant run the graphics maxed out and for a Beta i can say i have not experienced anything that I felt concerned with.

great reports, keep it going. I am looking forward to more reports on Rift.

02-21-2011, 10:38 AM
I played a bunch more this weekend. Game is spiffy enough I went ahead and pre-ordered just so I can explore the world at the very least.