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02-05-2011, 05:57 PM
Hey guys I just got back into wow after a long time away from it, and I want to take it to the max!
And by that I mean i want to help the fact that there aren't enough thanks
I want to do BG's, help my faction take the win and also do heroics and raids!

I want to be a great player of this great game like many of you are >:)

I've only done low lvl Dungeons tanking and it's pretty simple the main problem is I don't know the way and that sometimes ruins the flow of the run.
Also pvp having a hard time with rogues and a little with mages so any tips or helpful links are welcome!

In terms of specs
I was thinking of doing both prot one pve AOE tanking and the other PVP what are the optimal builds?

I really want to get better without making others playing with me lose their time running around looking for a boss or me getting lost the same for pvp I don't feel capable of handling some situations

I need all the help I can get so I can make this game better for myself and the people that play with me be it PUG's or fellow guildies :D

Thank you in advance for any help advice and tips!

Ps: I’m sorry, but English isn't my first language

btw i never got to endgame before so any tips on what i should do to make it quick and the least painfull possible will be apreiciated :P

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02-06-2011, 04:49 AM
If you want to be a really good player, you should start to read actual guides. Go to Maintankadin and look what information you can get there. Go to the relevant sections for your questions on tankspot. Go to elitistjerks and look if you can find anything there. And after that try it out by yourself. Get your OWN opinion on what all this people are speaking about.

And after that: exercise it. If you never have done endgame before, there is probably not a quick and not painfull way to do this. You have just to know about all the tricks you can do with your toon. And they have to be present to you quite soon.

Sure, you can become a player who manages all the actual content and to win in arena often. But if you want to be a really good player you have to play your class. You have to make wrong decisions to learn what the right decision would have been.

There is no way to just ask for filtered information here, if you want to get where you are writing you want to be. Sure we can tell you, to focus on mastery, balance your avoidance stats, use your CDs and selfheal, use the right seal and whatever. We even can tell you why we think it's a good idea. But well, to be a great player, it's not enough to just mirror what others think or do.