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02-05-2011, 11:32 AM
Hey, Gang I need some help. I'm almost near leveling cap and trying to get back into to tanking, but I am have alot of serious issues. I use to tank all the name before Cata was released and my rotation worked well, but I took almost a year off and now decided to level my DK to 85, and try to get back into tank, but now when I tank my rotation doesn't work they way it use to do to the new rune system, and now I have nothing but serious threat holding issues. I don't understand the the new abilities so well either Necrotic Strike and Festering Strike seem some what pointless to me as tanking abilites because Necrotic Strike uses a U holy rune but doesn't apply Blood Plague, and Festering Strike though it does refresh Diseases on the target, it makes me use 2 of my runes that i could be useing for death strike to keep my Blood Shield up. I know it uses a Blood and a Frost rune to use and Death Strike uses a Frost and an Unholy. When I pop FS by DS almost always go on CD right away, and my Rune Strike doesn't refresh my runes as fast enough for me to pop my Death Strike to keep my blood shield up. Also is bone shield something I need to have since it seems like a waste of an ability for tanking since it fals off almost instantly Verse bosses and Packs.
I know some people are going to say hey buddy read forum's and Elitist Jerks, thing is I did I could be an idiot I guess because all they did was confuse me, and alot of what i read in various places Counterdicted each other. So what I'm looking for is someone to help explain the use of the new abilities to me, how/when I should use them and the proper Rotations for Single and Multi Target Tanking so I almost never Loose threat with my single targets and Packs. Also maybe a good link to DK 85 Cata Tanking Video that may help. Thank You.

02-05-2011, 10:26 PM
To simplify matters for yourself, don't worry about using Festering or Necrotic Strike. Just because Obliterate is still in your spellbook doesn't mean you'll use it for tanking.

I was one of those that tried to send you in the right direction when you first posted on these forums - however I don't believe posting this twice over in different threads will be received well.

Bone Shield is actually a very useful tanking CD - it only uses an Unholy Rune and gives you 20% damage reduction from all sources while it is up, and it is getting an extra charge with the next patch. On groups of mobs hitting you all at once it will actually stay up longer because of the internal CD on the bone charges. This means that if you are hit twice within 2-3 seconds (roughly) only one of those hits will take a charge off your shield, not both. With a minute cooldown, having it up a good portion of the time is pretty easy with Blood Tap.

All that being said, the tanking guide I linked to last time has all of this information and more. I can try and reiterate or simplify/explain the abilities that Satorri examines so eloquently in his guide, but maybe it is because you are looking for examples of situations where you can use your abilities? Either way, I won't be able to write all of this post tonight, however, I did want to respond so that you knew you were at least heard.

Some further points to clarify - you won't be able to keep Blood Shield up all the time, although it will be stackable in the next patch. Rune Strike won't cause your runes to refresh faster, but it does activate a *random* rune that is asleep/dead/used up. It can be a few hits before it actually activates the runes you want, especially since it is only a 45% chance of doing so.

Again, I would try and read over Satorri's guide, but I will be able to post more if others don't get to this thread before tomorrow night when I get home. Also, if you can, post a link to your armory so that we can see both your spec and the gear you may be working with. The more information you provide us, the better we will be able to help.

There is also another thread around here asking about multi target threat techniques, check that out to see if you can get some ideas.

EDIT: Too much work to do IRL, will have to get to this slowly during the week. Have Satorri's Guide up in a separate window for reference when I come back to edit this again.