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02-04-2011, 09:54 PM
Hey guys. Below is an armory link for my tank. First of all I've read to gem for socket bonus. Is this still true? Also I've had a few people tell me I should replace my +60 StA Gems with +20DOD/PAR/MAS+30STA gems? And what should I use in my meta slot? Thanks

02-05-2011, 05:16 AM
Well I see much bigger issues with your gear than just gemming. But anyway:

Mastery rules in Cata. Stamina does not help you as much as you are used to.

Reason is that mobs don't kill you with few hits. At least not when everybody does what one should do in that encounter. I most cases bosses kill you because either your healers go oom, or because their heals are just to small/slow to get you up again. In both cases stamina does not help youl. It just gives one, maybe two seconds more time to die. What does help is dmg avoidance, dmg reduction and smoothing out the incoming dmg. Dodge, parry and block rule here. Especially block, because it makes the whole incoming dmg patter much more predictable for your healers. So they see less dmg spikes where they have to chose the big expensive heal over the slow small one. All healers can spam the slow small heals more or less infinitely. But they can only cast the fast medium one about 10-15 times before beeing oom. That will be after about 20s of spaming the heal. Important encounters are much longer.

So back to your question: You probably don't need all this stamina. As long as your other values are fine, it does not hurt you either. Most people would recomment to switch over to mastery focussed gemming, even with good other values. Just because mastery get's better the more you have of it.

If socket bonuses are worth taking probably depends on them. But the bonuses are relatively high compared to what you have to change with pure geming. In most cases more ratings are probably worth it. So I would recomment to take most of them.

The gem strategy looks like this:
blue: mastery/stamina
yellow: mastery
red: mastery/parry

About the meta. There was an discussion about this at tankspots some weeks ago. I'm not sure if it came to an exact conclusion. There are 2 gems worth considering. The armor and the block one. The difference between them is probably not much. The block one will be reduced slightly with the next patch. The stamina increase is the same on both. What will be better for you depends on your mastery rating. Both should be ok for most of us.

Well but I would also change most of your other stuff. You should especially start to reforge your stuff. Again with the focus on mastery and dodge/parry after that.

An item without mastery should be reforged to mastery.
- if it has hit/expertise or even haste/crit this value should be reforged to mastery
- if it has dodge + parry, the higher value should be reforged to mastery
An item that has mastery on it should be reforged to balance parry and dodge.

Dodge and parry should not be too far away from each other, because the higher one just get's much more diminishing returns (less percentage per rating point). Anyway, it's good to have parry a little bit (1-3%) higher than dodge because of Hold the Line talent.

You can probably change stuff with your glyphs and talents, too, but that would be quite far away from your original question.