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02-03-2011, 11:51 AM
Ok I think I am on the rite path, what do you think?
Any advice on changes I might need to make to my gems, chants or reforge?
Thank you


02-04-2011, 05:55 AM
Honestly, I cannot see ANY path that you are following with your gear. You gem for rnd stuff, you reforge for rdm stuff and even wear a stregth trinket (I know, it has a mastery proc).

You first should set your goal.

You should not have any dmg/threat problems (beside of the first few seconds if you miss something, but you have a never missing taunt for that), so you goal should not be about increasing hit or expertise. --> So get rid of gems increasing one of them.

Your goal should be to save healer mana. Because it's a quite final resource and the one that helps you to stay alife. Slow, small heals don't cost much mana, healers can spam them more or less infinitely. But if you need big or even fast heals you drain the healers quite soon. So your goal should be to smoothen your incoming dmg while hopefully reducing the amount of incoming dmg. Block and parry/dodge are your tools here. The best case would be to always avoid or block (or crit block) possible hits. This is called being "unhittable" because the boss cannot land a normal hit on you.

Well it's not possible to get full unhittable with current gear. But warriors CAN get unhittable for 1/3 of the time. That's because of Shield Block. It gives us a flat 25% additional block for 10s every 30s. (Everything not used is converted to crit block.) While using Shield Block it is possible to reach unhittability even in heroic dungeon gear. So that's your first goal:

1. Goal: To get unhittable while using Shield Block.

So how do you get there? And how do you know that you have reached that goal? I hope you know about the hit table. In Wrath we have tried to remove crits from the hit table by stacking def up to 540 to get crit-immune. Well, now we are doing the same for hits by stacking our defensive values. Since bosses have a higher lvl then we, it's easier for them to hit us. (Think about more expertise and hit on their side, because of higher lvl.) So the impact of our defensive values (miss, dodge, parry, block) is reduced each. But since we are lazy we don't want to recalculate the actual values against bosses all the time, when we look at our character sheet. So we use a little trick, we adjust the hit table and blow it up so that it takes care of the adjustment itself. So instead of a hit table of 0%-100% we compare the values of our character sheet directly with a hit table of 0%-102.4%. You probably have met 102.4%, because it was the value you needed to get for crit immunity. Now we don't need to remove crits from the table. It's about the same we are doing now, but with hits.

In short: You need 102.4% combined boss miss, dodge, parry and block to be unhittable.

Well boss miss is always 5% now, since we cannot adjust it by the def stat anymore. Since we know we have to use Shield Block, we can use it's 25% for our calculation, too. Now we have 102.4%-5%-25%=72.4% to cover with parry, dodge and block on our gear.

You are at 70.01% at the moment, unbuffet. Maybe you can just get the 72.4 by using some buffs. But it's quite easy to get it via better treatment of your gear, becaus you don't have to rely on buffs then. And all this stat's stay to be good afterwards, too. So your virtual second goal is to reach unhittable all the time. There is nothing better to aim for.

Well now about your path, how should it look like?

Item selection:
Chose items in the following order. It's much more important than a slight item lvl increase:
1. Items with mastery and dodge/parry
2. Items with dodge + parry or itmes with mastery + hit/expertise
3. Items with dodge/parry and hit/expertise
4. Items with mastery + something else
5. other items
6. Items with resilience - it does not do anything in pve and you cannot even reforge it.

Most of your items are ok. You will not be able to get ranged weapon until the rdm raid drop, because there is non ingame. But you can improve some other slots a little bit more.
Chose your gem-strategy and stay true to it. There are 4 strategies people follow at the moment:
- full mastery (with only using mixed gems to activate the meta)
- focus on mastery, while taking bonuses (blue: stam/mastery, yellow: mastery, red: parry/mastery)
- focus on stamina, while taking bonuses (blue: stam, yellow: stam/mastery, red parry/stam(
- full stamina (with only using mixed gems to activate the meta)

You should probabyl have enough stamina. Geming for it will only give you something up to 5% of your life. You should only aim for more via gems if you are dying often because of the boss 1-3 hitting you with unavoidable attacks. If your healer has problems to keep you up and goes oom, or your life slightly drops all the time, while being healed constantly, mastery will help you more.

If you are taking the bonuses or not, is up to you. I think additional ratings are worth it, in most cases but well the difference will only be about 1-3 gems, so it's not a huge difference, anyway.

- Every item without mastery should be reforged to mastery. If it has dodge/parry + hit/expertise reforge hit/expertise. Else reforge the higher value.
- Every item with mastery on it should be reforged to balance dodge/parry more. Reforge the value not being mastery for this. If you need more parry reforge to parry, if you need more dodge, reforge to dodge.

How should parry and dodge be balanced?
Both are victim to diminishing returns (DR) at the same rate, since Cata. Meaning that if you get a higher rating for one of them, it's converted to the actual percentage by a slightly less good rate than before. So if you have few of it, you get more percentage rating point per rating point vise, than if you already have a high value. So it's not a good idea to have both values be far away from each other.

You did a good job at balancing them. But there is more for warriors: The talent Hold the Line gives us a chance to get more crit block when we parry. So parry is slightly more worth than dodge. Because of this, parry should be "near dodge but slightly higher". You have to find the optimal value by your own, because it depends on all your other ratings, too. But as a rule or thumb it should be about 1-3% higher than dodge.

Enchants are ok.

About your spec:
Since you are going threat/dmg with your free points, you would get more by taking Incite, than Cruelty. And Deep Wounds is probably betterh then War Academy or Blitz. I don't see the point in Blitz, because if one can charge one has enough rage, and since one probably stuns all targets with SW after that, anyway, but well that's just a personal feeling about a utility talent. I take utility talents over dmg talents, myself. I just chose other ones.

About your glyphs:
If you are using Thunderstruck, you probably have problems to fit 3TC between your SW, anyway when you want to uphold your normal rotation. It's worth to wait for the 3rd TC becaus it's a big boost to SW. Even without the glyph, SW is up for me very often before I've got the time to do my 3rd TC. I think Charge glyph could be better for your spec, because you do already focus on it with Blitz.