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02-03-2011, 09:19 AM
many times i go out of mana in BH
may i wrong rotation or i have to reforge all to spirit?


plz help me, and thanks for any reply

02-03-2011, 12:16 PM
If you can provide us a combat log we would be able to better comment on your rotation...

02-03-2011, 12:19 PM
As for the Gear and stuff... here is the Eltist Jerks's Cataclysm Holy Priest Compendium


These Compendiums are now a legacy with an extensive history. The original versions by
Constantinus (Nidaba) received more than 3 million thread views. Since then, both Sinndir and Hegen
contributed substantial changes and vital updates. Now the responsibility has passed to me, and I am
finding it impossible to thank all the people who cooperated to allow me to gather this information.
Carnathagia in particular has allowed me to use his extensive theorycrafting results and conclusions
throughout most of this guide.

The Cataclysm has altered not just our world, but our tools and and the very way we look at healing itself.
None of us know how these changes will play out in practice, and at this point, poised on the edge of the
expansion, we don’t have answers to all the questions. Here are presented our best theories and
hard-won knowledge; we will learn together how to handle the changes the Cataclysm has brought. Healers
have always had a special sense of community -- our companions may fight a boss and his minions,
but we fight death itself (http://looking4more.wordpress.com/2010/11/04/do-you-know-i-feel-this-way/).

Terms Defined

PoM : Prayer of Mending
PoH : Prayer of Healing
CoH : Circle of Healing
BT: Borrowed Time (talent, Discipline tree)
HC: Holy Concentration (talent, Holy tree)
HpM: Healing per Mana, a measurement of efficiency
HpS: Healing per Second, a measurement of throughput
RSTS: Random Secondary Targeting System
A/A: Archangel/Atonement spec
DA: Divine Aegis
SoR: Spirit of Redemption
PI: Power Infusion
IF: Inner Focus

I. Questions and Answers

What should I spec?
These are some suggested templates to try as we enter Cataclysm. As we gain experience,
the suggestions will be revised.

as Holy:
6/32/3 (http://www.wowhead.com/talent#bchZfhMrRkrkcdoh:oVZ0)
(with lightwell, SoR and darkness, without veiled shadows and SoL)
5/34/2 (http://www.wowhead.com/talent#bMhZfurrRkrkMdo0b:oVz0)
(a suggestion for 5-man heroics, with lightwell and SoR)
Is Circle of Healing worth using now, given the larger health pools at 85?
Yes, since it is a smart heal and can help set up for a PoH by healing some of the lower
health targets. We will probably still be using it on cooldown, or saving it for a few seconds at

Should I take Inspiration?
Yes--ideally you would always take Inspiration if you might be healing a tank at any point.
This includes healing the tank group with PoH, and remember that PW:S can proc Inspiration from the
glyph heal. That said, disc priests using an A/A spec may find it difficult to spare the points to go
that far into the holy tree.

Body and Soul - worth it, or not?
This talent can be extremely valuable and has saved many people. However if you raid with a
discipline priest who is bubbling the raid, you may find your targets already affected by Weakened
Soul. Absolutely set up your raid frames to show Weakened Soul (both your own and from other

Let’s talk about Lightwell.
Lightwell is a holy priest’s highest HpM spell but the difficulty is, as always, getting others to
use the @#$% thing.
Lightwell is the most efficient healing spell in the World of Warcraft, and the biggest throughput
increase for 1 talent point of any healer. Many of the drawbacks of this spell have been addressed.
It is now clickable from 20 yards without deselecting your target, does not need to be channeled, and
can't be reused until your current Lightwell Renew has run its duration. It is even usable while
stunned. It does still require your fellow raiders to use it for themselves, and its use cannot be
macro'd. Lightwell can be cast pre-pull with the Inner Fire buff up for the spellpower boost (if you
are using Inner Will). If you expect the all the charges to be used and the lightwell to be consumed
early in the fight, pre-cast a short time before the pull to get the cooldown ticking, enabling you to
recast the lightwell earlier.

II. Talents and Spells

Talent and Spell Reviews

Spirit of Redemption -- Upon death, the priest becomes the Spirit of
Redemption for 15 sec. The Spirit of Redemption cannot move, attack, be attacked or targeted by any
spells or effects. While in this form the priest can cast any healing spell free of cost. When the
effect ends, the priest dies.
No longer gives us the spirit bonus, so many raiding priests are spending this talent
point elsewhere. This talent may find more use in 5-mans, where an extra 15 seconds of healing can
easily be enough to prevent a wipe.

Chakra -- When activated, your next Heal, Renew, Prayer of Healing or Smite spell will
put you into a corresponding Chakra state. Lasts for 30 sec.

Revelations -- While in a Chakra state, your Holy Word: Chastise ability will
transform into a different ability depending on which state you are in.

Chakra has a 30 second cooldown, a 30 second duration, does not trigger a GCD when used, and can
extend in duration indefinitely with State of Mind.

Heal Chakra increases the Critical chance of Heal, Greater Heal, and Flash Heal by 10%, and allows
these spells to extend the duration of Renew on your target. With the Revelations talent, it changes
Holy Word: Chastise into Holy Word: Serenity, an efficient, instant cast direct heal that increases
the Critical chance of Heal, Greater Heal, and Flash heal by 25% for 6 seconds on that target.
Prayer of Healing Chakra adds a 15% multiplier to Prayer of Healing, Prayer of Mending, Holy Nova,
Divine Hymn, Renew, and Circle of Healing. In addition, the cooldown of your Circle of Healing is
reduced to 8 seconds. With the Revelations talent, it changes Holy Word: Chastise into Holy Word:
Sanctuary, which creates a ground targeted healing zone with a 15 yard radius that heals all targets
inside over time. The heals from Sanctuary do cause Echoes of Light and can Critical.<BLOCKQUOTE>Holy Word: Chastise changes to: spells to enter state: spells to extend state:state bonuses: HW effects:Serenity Heal Heal +10% crit for all direct heals, all direct heals refresh renew instant heal, gives a +crit buffSanctuary PoH/PoM PoH/PoM +15% renew and AOE heals, reduced CoH cooldownground-based aoe heal which can crit and procs mastery bonusstays as Chastise Smite Smite +15% damage from all holy and shadow spells unchanged (instant damage and 3 second stun)

Meta Gems

[Ember Shadowspirit Diamond] (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=52296) Ember Shadowspirit Diamond 54 int, +2% max mana[Revitalizing Shadowspirit Diamond] (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=52297) Revitalizing Shadowspirit Diamond 54 spirit, 3% crit healing

IV. Consumables


(http://www.wowhead.com/?item=62665) Basilisk Liverdog 90 haste (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=62655) Broiled Mountain Trout 60 haste[Delicious Sagefish Tail] (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=62666) Delicious Sagefish Tail 90 spirit[Whitecrest Gumbo] (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=62656) Whitecrest Gumbo 60 spirit[Severed Sagefish Head] (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=62671) Severed Sagefish Head 90 int[Pickled Guppy] (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=62660) Pickled Guppy 60 int[Lavascale Minestrone] (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=62663) Lavascale Minestrone 90 mastery[Salted Eye] (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=62653) Salted Eye 60 mastery[Seafood Magnifique Feast] (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=62290) Seafood Magnifique Feast 90 useful stat[Broiled Dragon Feast] (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=62289) Broiled Dragon Feast 60 useful stat[Fortune Cookie] (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=62649) Fortune Cookie 90 useful stat[Goblin Barbecue] (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=60858) Goblin Barbecue 60 useful stat


[Elixir of the Master] (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=58148) Elixir of the Master battle +225 mastery[Elixir of Mighty Speed] (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=58144) Elixir of Mighty Speed battle +225 haste[Ghost Elixir] (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=58084) Ghost Elixir battle +225 spirit[Prismatic Elixir] (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=58143) Prismatic Elixirguardian+90 resistance to magic

[B]V. Stats and Gearing


Mastery is a new stat introduced in Cataclysm that basically makes you better at what you do. Mastery’s effect
depends on your class and specialization, and the mechanic can be different for each.

For Holy, we get Mastery: Echo of Light -- Your direct healing spells heal for an
additional 10% over 6 sec. Each point of Mastery provides an additional 1.25% healing over 6 sec.

For Disc, Mastery: Shield Discipline -- Increases the potency of all your damage
absorption spells by 20%. Each point of Mastery increases the potency of absorbs by an additional

Stat Priority

Basic gearing strategy for Holy:

1. Get as much Intellect as you can through higher item level gear.
2. Make sure every item has Spirit as a secondary stat, and gem/enchant/reforge for enough spirit to feel comfortable.
3. Get enough Haste to have 12.5% raid buffed.
4. Stack Mastery.
5. Avoid Crit, which has the worst conversion factors, and is devalued further by our talents to
increase it.When we first reach level 85, spirit is king. As you progress through normal dungeons and then heroics, you
will start to feel more comfortable with your regen and it will be time to take more serious look at your other stats.
After spirit you want to prioritize haste and mastery. Now that HoT's scale with haste, Renew gets an extra tick at
12.5%. After this point haste falls slightly behind mastery in our priorities.

My thanks to Derevka (http://talesofapriest.com/2010/12/16/holy-priest-gearing-stat-priority/) for his help re-examining this topic.

VI. Tools

Cataclsym Healing Priest Theorycrafting Spreadsheet (http://www.filefront.com/17546959/Cataclysm%20Healing%20Priest%20Theorycrafting%20Sp readsheet%20v1.1.xls) - updated 11/22
Google Docs Version (https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Are8v1l3YgIedG9CX09sTXRtdzdkNWMwcGUtdjRUR kE&hl=en&authkey=CJbJi-0N) [limited functionality]
This spreadsheet calculates the effects of your spells and models customizable healing rotations.
This is still a work in progress. Bugs and errors can be reported to Carnathagia via private message on these forums.


Rawr (http://rawr.codeplex.com/) -- the Priest module for Rawr is in development, and will be a valuable tool for us in Cataclysm.http://elitistjerks.com/images/chestnut/misc/citation.gif
In the most concise terms, Rawr is a program for rating gear, enchants, buffs, etc. It
will help you build sets of gear for whatever your purpose is, and most of all, it's accurate. Rawr
takes everything possible into account when building ratings, in order to provide the most reliable
ratings of gear. First, let me give a brief overview of how Rawr rates gear. In short, it doesn't.
Rawr never looks at an item and gives it a value based on what stats it has. In order to be as
accurate as possible, Rawr only looks at the whole picture, the entire character, counting race,
gear, enchants, buffs, info about your target, and any other calculation options.

VII. Regen

Holy Concentration</B>
This talent is the holy priest's main source of mana regeneration, and increases our passive, in-combat mana regen from spirit by 40%.<B>
Long-time priests either hate our regen pets for their short attention spans and
wandering ways, or have accepted their shortcomings and given the little guys names. In 3.3 they
were changed to now avoid 90% of incoming AOE damage, dramatically increasing their survivability
(and therefore reliability).

You can get the most out of your shadowfiend by combining it with HoH if the fight allows.
If you are low enough in mana to be sure of getting at least one of the HoH ticks (which raises your
maximum mana by 15%), you should use your fiend and then go directly into HoH.

Shadowfiend returns 3% of your maximum mana per attack. It will deliver 10 * (1 + Haste*0.01) attacks
during its duration. It can be useful to cast your fiend right before bloodlust/heroism (extra
swings mean extra mana), although timing this can be tricky.

Hymn of Hope
Hymn of Hope will restore 2% total mana per tick for 4 ticks and increase your mana by 15%. The first
tick does not benefit from the mana increase, but subsequent ticks do.

Inner Will and Mental Agility
Inner Will reduces the mana cost of your instant cast spells by 15%. Mental Agility reduces the mana
cost of your instant cast spells by 3%/7%/10%. Though technically not 'Regen', these effects stack
additively to give 25% mana cost reduction to instant cast spells.[/indent]

Downranking is even more completely gone than in Wrath--the ranks no longer exist at all.

[B]VIII. Addons and UI

NOTE: Review macros and addon keybinds that may use spell and ability ranks. Many will
no longer function.

A healer’s UI is focused around two points--the raid frames and your character model. The less time
your eyes spend moving between these two locations of vital information, the more time you have to
react to changing circumstances. Other needed information is displayed radiating out from this
central location, the importance dictating how close to the center it needs to be. Examples of this
second ring would be player and target frames and important procs and debuffs. Remaining
information, such as damage/healing meters, chat frames and ordinary buffs are lowest priority and
can safely be placed at the edges of the screen. It is important to prioritize information in this
way so that you aren’t distracted from the job at hand (healing and staying alive) by a flood of too
much information, most of which you don’t actually need at the moment.

Unit frames

Unit frames are used to show information about your raid and party members in a compact format.
Health status is a primary concern, but select buffs and debuffs are also very important to show. Of
less importance but still common are indicators of incoming heals, the status of HoTs on the player,
their distance from you, as well as convenience items such as group role and afk status.
The new raid frames now available through the default UI are dramatically improved from times past
and are certainly a viable option now, especially for those who want to keep setup minimal and memory
useage low. For those who prefer the appearance and customization options of unit frames through an
addon, there are many choices readily available but for simplicity I will mention only two: Grid and Vuhdo.

Vuhdo comes with an very usable default setup right out of the box. The configuration
interface is completely redesigned and the appearance of the raid frames can be customized if desired.
VuhDo : Raid Mods : WoWInterface Downloads (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info14239-VuhDo.html)

A long-time favorite, Grid is extremely customizable but not as intuitive to set up,
although recent changes have made large improvements in ease of use. The Grid addon itself is
fairly basic, and many additional modules are available to add a wide variety of functions. A
benefit of this is that you don’t need to download modules you don’t intend to use.
Grid - Addons - Curse (http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/grid.aspx)

Now that the unit frames are set up and everyone is visible, you need to be able to cast your healing spells
on them. The simplest method is of course to click the player you want to heal to target them and
cast the spell. Most healers find this system too slow and unwieldy however, and choose one of the
following methods:

Mouseover Macros

This is a system of binding macros to keys and casting by hovering the mouse over the appropriate
player’s frame and pressing the key to cast. This method does not require a mouse with extra buttons
or an addon to use, and you do not need to actually select the player as your target. Make one macro
for each of your healing spells.

A typical mouseover macro would look like
/cast [target=mouseover,exists] Greater Heal
or with a stopcast (to interrupt a slower casting spell)
/stopcasting/cast [target=mouseover,help,nodead] Guardian Spirit

A popular alternative to mouseover macros is click-casting. For this you use an addon to
bind spells and macros to your mouse buttons directly, and then just click on the selected raid
frame. These addons are used with raid frames that do not have this functionality built in already
(Grid is the most common example given, while Vuhdo has the capability built in).
Clique : Unit Mods : WoWInterface Downloads (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info5108-Clique.html)

Tracking buffs, debuffs and cooldowns on yourself and others and displaying the pertinent information
in a convenient location is also important for effective and efficient healing.

Power Auras is an addon for displaying graphical auras on your screen to indicate
various states. A much more elaborate version of the default aura system, very customizable and
capable of linking auras together to produce more complex conditions.
Power Auras Classic : Buff/Debuff/Spell Mods : WoWInterface Downloads (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info8579-PowerAurasClassic.html)

Some handy pre-made Power Auras for healing priests:
Power Auras | Tales of a Priest (http://talesofapriest.com/?page_id=1292)

There is a lot of information out there about setting up a healing UI, and additional research will
serve you well as you develop as a healer.

Handling some common issues

dealing with holy wordRight now Holy Word: Chastise (and the variations it transforms into) cannot be used in a normal
macro. Until this is fixed, the following workaround has been developed:

For this to work you will need to have HW:C on a bar somewhere in your UI, not used in a macro. A hidden
bar works fine. To determine the name of the button location for use in the macro, enter this command
into the chat box while hovering your mouse over the button location:

/run local f = GetMouseFocus(); if f then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(f:GetName()) end
This macro will target the mouseover target, cast and attempt to return to your previous
target. Obviously, replace the button location listed below with the one you are using.

/tar [@mouseover,exists]/click MultiBarBottomLeftButton1/targetlasttarget
or with a stopcast

/stopcasting/tar [@mouseover,exists]/click ActionButton8/targetlasttarget

Smite macros http://elitistjerks.com/images/chestnut/misc/code_html.gif
#showtooltip smite/cast [harm] [target=targettarget] Smite

#showtooltip Smite/cast [@mouseovertarget, harm] [@mouseover, harm] [@targettarget, harm] [harm] Smite

IX. Raiding

Thanks to the hard work of the players testing raid content on the Beta realms, we have some ideas
about what healing might look like in Cataclysm raids. These suggestions are given as a starting
point, and as logs and information and experience start to flow in they will be adjusted.

as Holy
Tank Healing

To heal the tank as holy during periods of steady predictable damage we will be spamming
Heal, keeping a Renew rolling on the tank. This won’t quite keep up with the damage being taken, so
Greater Heal is used when tank health is low enough to not create any overheal.

To open this rotation start with 2x flash heals to build your Serendipity stack. Cast Renew
and enter Chakra: Heal. (The opening sequence to this point can be done before the pull to conserve
mana.) Keep casting Heal, using SoL procs and Flash Heals to maintain the Serendipity stack.
For times of increased damage, change to casting HW:Serenity - GHeal - 2x Flash Heal, then
return to the maintenance rotation. (A cancel-cast macro on HW:Serenity will probably be
useful to keep from being stuck in a slow-casting Heal.)

Raid Healing
To heal the raid as as holy, you will want to keep PoM on cooldown. You will activate and stay in
Chakra: Prayer of Healing. As needed by the level of raid damage use CoH on cooldown and you can use
HW:Sanctuary on cooldown also if raid positioning allows for it. Flash heals as filler to gain a
Serendipity-hastened PoH are also an option. Keep in mind that while you can put out very large
amounts of AoE healing this way, you will be burning through mana like it’s going out of style.
Remember that most of the time the raid won’t need to be brought up to 100% health, and conserve your
mana for the times when the full treatment is necessary.

Threat Mechanics

For Cataclysm, the threat system has been overhauled again. Tank threat
generation has been made more challenging, and DPS will need to be much more careful than they had
become accustomed to in Wrath. Likewise healers will see changes in tank’s snap threat generation
that will affect us.

The first place we will see a difference is on the pull. Increased tank health pools
provide some buffer, but you may find yourself needing to heal before the tank has solid threat on
every mob. In this situation pre-fading is very useful.

Fade -- Fade out, temporarily reducing all your threat.
This actually sets you to zero threat for the duration of the buff.
Cast fade immediately before you start healing. Waiting to fade until you
actually have the attention of one or more mobs can cause them to move away from the tank and cause
positioning issues. Also, remember that not only your initial threat but all the threat you generate
while faded is returned to you when the fade ends. Be aware of all these factors when you make your


Spell Coefficients and Formulas

To calculate the value of a spell, the formula (BaseValue + Spellpower * Coefficient) * Modifiers is used.

Level 80 Base Value 85 Base Value Coefficient Modifiers</B>Shield 3498 3906 0.418 Imp. PW:S, SD, TDRenew* 1096 1224 0.131 SH+IR+GoR, TDHeal 2340:2719 3136:3644 0.3624 SH+EH, TDFlash Heal 4680:5439 6272:7289 0.7248 SH+EH, TDGreater Heal 6239:7250 8361:9717 0.9672 SH+EH, TDBinding Heal 2952:3795 4752:6110 0.543 SH+EH, TDPrayer of Mending* 2661 2971 0.318 SH, TDPrayer of Healing 2711:2864 3633:3837 0.400 SH, TDHoly Nova* 1518:1765 1696:1972 0.196 SH, TDDivine Hymn* 3590 4009 0.429 SH, TDPenance* 2107:2380 2352:2656 0.268 TDCircle of Healing 1591:1757 1776:1962 0.2 SH, TDDesperate Prayer 4384:5173 4896:5776 0.571 TDLightwell* 2576 2878 0.308 25%Serenity(Heal) 4655:5463 5198:6100 0.604 TDSanctuary(PoH)* 268:319 299:355 0.03 SH, TDSmite 584:655 653:732 0.714 TD

Character Stats

Intellect increases your Spellpower by 1, Spell Critical Chance by .001541, and Mana by 15. The
first 18 Intellect will not give mana, and the first 10 Intellect will not give Spellpower

Spirit increases your Spirit Regen according to the following formula:
Spirit Regen = Sqrt(Intellect) * Spirit *.016725

Mastery rating conversions.
Level Rating/Mastery80 45.905981 60.278482 79.155683 103.986084 136.537985 179.2799
Critical heals are 150% of the value of a non critical heal. Divine Aegis adds 10% additional
healing as an absorption shield per point, increased by your Shield Discipline mastery.

Healing = Average Heal * (1 + Critical% * (0.5 + Divine Aegis * Shield Discipline)

Haste Rating Conversions
Level Rating/Haste %8032.798143.05598256.53978374.27558497.52785128.0 57*off by 5-10 HP

Single target spells
HealingHPS HPCT HPMSerenity 13806 10537 11Renew5 19439 1484 194395.99Heal 10770 49325.81Binding Heal33499 255675.81Greater Heal28728 131565.17Flash Heal21540 16440 3.74Shield8685 66292.96
Healing rotations use 1 Shadowfiend with Hymn of Hope, two Mana Tide Totems, and 98% replenishment uptime.

Single target rotation - ~11047 HPS for ~254 seconds
Stat Burst SustainedIntellect 0.82 2.73Spirit 2.80Spell Power 0.710.60Critical 0.27 0.23Haste0.50 Mastery 0.57 0.48

Disc 33/8/0
Tier 11 359 gear set
Reforged for Stat balance
Gemmed, enchanted, raid buffed
Glyphed Penance, PW: Shield, and PoH

Stamina5223 Health128410*Intellect5538Mana 111853Spirit 2774 OOC Mp54566.9Spell Power 6760 Combat MP52797.9Critical Rating 789 Critical %19.17Haste Rating 750 Haste %11.15Mastery Rating 857 Mastery 12.78*Renew5 has similar efficiency to Flash Heal, and is generally not worth using.

Multi-target spells
HealingHPS HPCT HPMDivine Hymn114326 15884 1588415.42Prayer of Mending35306 26162 12.70Prayer of Healing 57958 2576810.83Holy Nova 12667 12667 5.47*The stat weights for Discipline do not take Borrowed Time into account.
*Atonement is not used