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02-01-2011, 12:25 PM
Quatri Mensuram (US | Alliance | Gorgonnash) is recruiting for players who are willing to be consistent in attendance for Cata progression, willing to learn new content, better their class and are looking for a friendly, casual atmosphere. Have a sense of humor and don't be a stick in the mud :P

Currently we are recruiting for the following positions: Tanks, Range DPS, DPS (Rogues/DKs) and Hybrid healer/dps classes.

Our tentative raid schedule for Cata will be:
25 Guild Raid - BH: Tues @ 10pm (tentative)*
10man-A: Wed/Thurs/Fri @ 10pm-1am
10man-B: Wed/Thurs/Fri @ 10pm-1am
10man-C: Wed/Thurs/Fri @ 4pm-7pm (tentative)*
*Tentative times are due to members getting themselves to meet raid ready requirements. Otherwise we run two 10man teams.

For our early raid team (4pm-7pm) we are seeking: range dps, dps and two core healers.

Normal raid times are 10pm server time (Pacific), with invites going out 15mins prior to raid start time. 25mans raids will replace our 10man times once 25+ members are raid ready.

Our Cata raid progression is currently at: 7/12 in our 10man teams. Our wotlk raid history progression is as follows: 10ICC (11/12HM:A, 11/12:B, 9/12HM:C), 25ICC (11/12). All raids had HMs available for each group.

To encourage consistent guild raiders, we utilize the EGPG loot point system. We've found this system best suits both our hard core and casual raiders.

Our Guild Bank gives back what guildies put in. To date, the GB provides complimentary enchant mats to member+ ranking guildies, flasks and fish feasts to all raiders, and a steep discount on BoE/Recipes and so on.

New recruits will start out at Initiate title level, after 3 weeks of raiding with the guild, you will be promoted to Member level. Members will have a higher priority on BoE items in the Guild Bank. After 4 weeks of consistent raid attendance during your Member rank, you will be qualified to be promoted to Raider. Those with Raider rank will have a higher priority on raid invitations.* We also have Friend ranking for those who have friends who want to join the guild and enjoy the benefits of being part of our guild.* Currently, we are a level 14 guild.

If you're interested, please apply at www.QM-wow.com. Any questions? Send me a whisper on a level 1 alliance char and mention seeing this post on here.

I wish you all the best in your pursuits! =)