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01-31-2011, 12:32 AM
I'm having a few issues with my Fury DPS. It's good enough for heroics and raids, but it's nowhere near what I'd expect from my gear (almost full 359). In a heroic Vortex Pinnacle just then an Arms Warrior with mostly 333 and lower, unenchanted gear managed to pull around 9-10k. I usually sit around 12-13k in heroics.

Firstly, here's my armory page. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/jubeithos/arkian/advanced

Aside from the weapons and helm I don't really see anything wrong there. I had 17% hit, 21% crit and 26 expertise for a while, but in an attempt to fix my DPS I regemmed a lot of that to strength. My DPS only went up slightly but I think it was still the right choice.
I'm planning on buying the PvP Two-Handed Sword after the points reset tonight. It'll deal a blow to my hit and expertise but it should be worth it.

As far as I can tell my rotation is fine. Colossus Smash -> Bloodthrist -> Raging Blow -> Bloodthrist -> Slam. With Heroic Strikes thrown in when possible. Ocassionally I'll waste a Colossus Smash or be forced to let License to Slay fall off, but I don't think that's my problem. I'm not saving all my rage for Colossus Smash which is probably a problem, but it only ever costs me 3x Heroic Strikes (on a Colossus Smashed target) so I don't think it's where the problem is coming from.

I don't get an incredible amount of rage. I can keep my rotation going and slip in a couple of Heroic Strikes here and there so I wouldn't say I'm rage starved, but I could definitely use more.

So can any Fury Warriors out there figure out what I'm doing wrong? From what I've been reading Haste is a lot more valuable for rage generation than I'd thought. I've basically been looking at Haste and Mastery as the stats to avoid/reforge when possible.


[Edit: Sorry, I've just realised this is the wrong section for this post. Somehow I missed that there's a DPS section... Sorry. =( ]

01-31-2011, 08:09 AM
I'm fury for my offspec and consequently am not as well geared as you. 12-13k in heroics sounds pretty good to me, given I usually sit around the 10k mark. I'm averaging about 12-13k in raids, so I fall rather short of your dps and I'm guessing you put out 13-16k in raids?

Which is my question I guess. What are your numbers in raids? If you're putting out around 15k+ in 25man raids and 13k+ in 10man, then I wouldn't worry. DPS is not top flight, but its way above the bottom of the pack.

01-31-2011, 11:35 PM
1) Read TheGreatme's stickied Cata Fury guide in the DPS forum.

2) I'm assuming you're stacking Recklessness/DW and waiting for a few procs/hero to pop them then CS then go to town?

3) Haste is meh for rage generation compared to hit. Until you have 28% haste, 1% hit actually will generate *slightly* more rage than haste AND will reduce miss-strings. That being said, unless you can get landslide, hurricane on both weps is the best bet to figure between them and flurry, you'll have a good swing timer boost (maybe not the off)

4) Hope to raid with a Surv Hunter or Frost DK... 10% swing timer buff is nice.

5) Your meta should be +crit +3% crit damage, not a big thing, but will help. Currently Blizz screwed the pooch on this meta only, requiring more blue than red, but you can make it work without too much trouble. Hit and Crit are good, just not as good as str and that the 3% crit bonus *should* outweight a minimal strength loss (since you're giving up 20 rating per gem to the 2nd or 3rd best rating).

6) Do you raid with bears, cats, or rogues? Cats espcially can apply 5 min armor debuff, rendering glyph of CS useless - not that it really matters cuz the glyphs are underwhelming - but if you're on sunderbot duty, that could be part of it.

7) Haste and Mastery should be reforged with haste being the top priority to reforge.


Generally speaking, if you stack CDs when possible (after giving tanks time to build up threat), run BT-RB-BT-<Slam/free GCD> with CS on smart usage (make sure you're not about to go into a movement phase before popping it, make sure you have rage to make use of it before you pop it) and HS when rage >65, you should be good to go.

My guess is you're used to Arms and it's just getting used to Fury that's holding you back. If less geared and unenchanted you were doing nearly as well, read TGM's guide and spend some time in front of a raid boss training dummy and you should do fine.