View Full Version : Tanking Worth reforging/gemming to hit expertise/hit soft caps?

01-29-2011, 04:58 PM
The title says it all, is it worth to reforge stats like dodge into expertise/hit and sometimes gem expertise/hit to get to the soft caps for each?

I know that hitting the soft caps would make it so things like Shield Bash won't miss for some fights where a interrupt is needed, it would also help with DPS/TPS but I was just wondering if there's some more behind it whether or not going for it is a good idea or not.

01-29-2011, 05:59 PM
If you are not a DK it's not worth to do. On the contrary, it's adviced to reforge as much as you can get out of them into mastery and avoidance.

Hit and expertise are only usefull for threat and dmg. With vengeance we have plenty of it. On some gimic encounters we even are at the first places at dmg done. The only time where it hurts if we don't hit the boss is at the beginning. But you can taunt stuff back, easily and/or get a missdirect or t&t or thorns to cover the first few moments of the encounter. Survivability (or more exactly conserving healer mana) is much more important in all tiers of content, today. So well threat stats just fall behind.

Only exception is hit, if you are the one who has to do the interrupting, without a backup. You don't need expertise in this case, because while casting the boss cannot dodge or parry anyway. But even in 10man you probably can go without it. (For example last week we had only elem shaman, mages, a demo warlock and a resto shaman who could interrupt beside of me, but it was no problem. Me and the ele shaman were on normal interrupt duty and mages did back me up for the case that I would get a miss. Since we had curse of tonges we did ok. Chances are high that most setups have more or at least more frequent interrupts than we had.)

You don't need to be capped for taunt, since it cannot miss anymore.

Most of people I read here (including myself) have hit ratings below 3% and expertise ratings at or below 3.