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01-29-2011, 02:19 PM
Hello every one! (and sorry for my bad english)

My guild just started clearing heroic modes and we recently killed Halfus HM.
Here's the log : http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/cxs7tcvsjxu05r9c/sum/damageDone/?s=5381&e=5737

We release Storm+Nether+whelps, when whelps are down, we release Time.

In order to farm him easily, i'm trying to improve my dps during this fight by looking at some logs of the best hunters on this particulary fight and i am unable to understand those logs, can you help me please?


I already noticed my lack of Explotrap, my bad timing with tolvir potion and my obsession with Cobra shot. (and my lack of gear compared to them at the time evidently)
I don't get those huge burst of dps at the middle/end of the fight when only Halfus is alive. 187k dps burst, how does he do that?? Even if they release the last drake, it seems to me that those bursts are not reachable in theory, or not?

If someone is able to reveal some secrets involved...

Thank you!

01-29-2011, 02:56 PM
osires: during a timeframe of 10 seconds
- rapid fire
- 2 killshot critting for 100k each
- explosive shot with 50% critrate
- serpent sting with 33% critrate
- cobra shot with huge regular hits (3x 60k hits, 1x 68k crit)
- autoshot with 40% critrate

Other things to improve:
- use rapid fire a second time
- use racial a third time
- a ferocity pet if possible (ror (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=53517) < cotw (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=53434) imho) and if not use ror a third time
- improve hunters mark uptime

01-29-2011, 06:04 PM
Thank you for your quick and precise response.

in fact, i realized that they must have released Slate Drake in order to get such big bursts, isn't it too dangerous to have Slate on your tank especially during Furious roar? It seems to me that it's very risky, but very cute one the dps ranking tho.

I used windserpent on halfus to improve smite damage of our priest for better healing, but there was a warlock, my bad.

Isn't call of the wild not stackable with blessing +10% AP? I believed not but i only play hunter for a month now so i could be wrong.

For my rapid fire and racial, i don't know because i release Nether, missdirect it to my tank and then bloodlust pop, so i wait for it to finish to launch rapid fire and then my racial so i can't have them up a second(or third for racial) time... should i stack Bloodlust and rapid fire and my racial at the same time? seems like too much at the same time...

I have another question since you seems to be experienced, when whelps are down, there are 3 drakes + Halfus, i tend to stop exploshot except with LnL and only use multishot+explotrap(and failed on the trap part on this kill, my bad but it was first pull :p ). Does this appear to you optimal?

Last question! When do you think tolvir potion should be used? i used it on whelps but my dps at this time isn't reflecting a good result since we have a good mage. Maybe in killshot range on Halfus between 2 furious roars?

Again, big thanks!

01-30-2011, 07:54 AM
Lots of questions :)

a) Having another drake freed has both benefits and disadvantages. If your tanks are able to survive the roar it's fine if not don't bother. But it really helps with delaying roar and managing mortal strike stacks.
b) Pet, always bring what your raid is lacking. What totems did your shaman drop? I guess it's strength/agility + 5% spellhaste? If not: bring a cat for agility/strength. Other choice: Ravager for +4% physical damage taken. It's a cunning pet, too. But you (and your raid) should come out ahead of a ferocity pet thanks to another (de)buff.
c) Call of the Wild is a selfbuff that only lasts a few seconds, it stacks.
d) Do you use bloodlust while bombing? We prefer to use it on Halfus or after the whelps dies (depending on 10/25m) and use our 5 minute buffs to begin with. But maybe we're mistaken there. Stacking lust and rapid fire wasn't benefical in wrath i guess it's still bad thing to do.
e) about Explosive Shot versus Multishot. Interesting question to start with, i'm no longer a hunter myself so i just make something up here: Do you have enough focus to use one multishot and one explosive shot during a six second timeframe? This way you won't overwrite your spread out serpent sting while maximising the damage (assuming 33% critrate explosive shot hits 32k while multishot hits for less then the half of it) on the focussed target.
f) Don't forget about the option to use one Tol Vir prepull. Optimal time should be on Halfus himself during rapid fire + berserkering and either before he reaches 50% or between two roars (30s of time).

01-30-2011, 09:34 AM
thank you very mutch for all of your responses!

b)in fact, with my line up, we have every debuff possible so i will pick a ferocity pet with CotW i guess.

d)yeah it's bad, with lust i'm already at 1.25 cobra shot cast time

e)Explo shot is 44 focus, multishot is 40, cobrashot regen is 9(1.66s cast time) + natural regen idk maybe 4/s without a cd, i can't launch them both in 6 seconds(cuz you have to move and launch explotrap). i was multishoting because both hit and seprent sintg+spread on halfus are hitting for 200%, so it's like multishoting 6 mobs if you count the 3 other drakes wich is > Exploshot(at the price of a lower dps on the drake we have to shot down). Anyway, i will tell my guild trying to delay the bloodlust for this moment and i will be able to cast exploshot and multi.

f)yeah, i'm kind of stingy. :p

01-30-2011, 10:06 AM
b) If i'm not mistaken here you don't have 4% physiscal damage taken because the only other speccs capable of offering it are arms warrior, combat rogue and frost dk.
e) I already take into account multishotting 3 targets for regular damage (~ 2500) and one target for tripple damage. Equals to attacking 6 targets and assuming 33% critrate and it's still only doing ~ 60% of an explosive shot. But if you don't have enough focus for both just stick to multi.
f) raiding is expensive for both your purse and your nerves :D

01-30-2011, 06:23 PM
b)kk i thought one of my tanks gave this buff already. :/

e) I don't think you counted serpent spread and improved seprent sting which deal more that multishot (and buff multishot dmg by10%)
On the log i gave you :

my average explo hit is 16K*3(28% crit rate)=48k
my average multi dmg hit is 3k1(multi32% crit rate) + 5k6(improved seprent sting 43% crit rate(maybe the +10%(+5% 2T11) is also applying to the direct damage which would explain the crit rate(but the tooltip says PERIODICAL(yo dawg, i heard you like parenthesis...)))) =8k7*6=52k2

And i have to consider that numbers are in fact wrong because of Halfus debuff and that dpsing the drake is better for the raid that dpsing all drakes+halfus...oh dillema!

01-30-2011, 06:46 PM
b) They debuff the boss with -10% damage dealt but your pet increases your (and your raids) physical damage by 4%
e) I'm aware of the serpent spread the only consideration was if a second multi/explo during that 6 seconds timeframe deals more damage, thus not bringing additional dot-advantage. You can't judge about explosive shot nor multishots damage from your halfus log, it's misleading due to the high portion of damage dealt to Halfus (and don't forget about explosive shot hit 3 times for one application :D). I took our hunters damage from a regular tank & spank for that comparison.

One multi including serpent sting deals [2500 (physical) + 2800 (improved serpent sting) + 5600 (two ticks of serpent sting)] * [6 targets] * [1.33 critrate] = ~87k damage
One explosive shot deals 8000 *3 (ticks) *1.33 (critrate) = ~ 32k damage

That's very roughly math due to not taking glyphs/talents and different critrates into consideration but it's enough to give an basic idea. Multi should still beat explosive shot if only Halfus and one Drake is left if you're focussing the drake.

01-31-2011, 05:09 PM
When there's only a drake + halfus, i would tend to focus the drake but keepping serpent sting up on Halfus by casting a cobra shot from time to time.
hmm, i think you answered all my questions, thank you again for your time, really helped me! :)