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01-28-2011, 02:51 PM

I have only been tanking for about 3 weeks now. Im still only doing normals ( gear lvl 331). Mostly I'm doing allright but sometimes I find my self short of taunt abilities when both DC and DG is on CD. So what to do when one mob is over the healer 15 + yards away and DC and DG is on CD? I know that the mob should not be allowed to get to the healer in the first place but still anyone have a tip?

01-28-2011, 03:05 PM
This all depends on what is not on cooldown at that moment. Death and decay is great threat and can be dropped on a ranged target but is largely wasting threat if you are dropping it on a single target while you are still tanking multiple ones. Icy touch is ranged and may be enough to grab that target if all it has is healer aggro. Death Coil is in the same category. Sure it is better threat to use your Runic Power for a Rune Strike but adapting to the situation is the sign of a better tank. Are thee any mobs that are dangerous to face toward the group? If not, run over and get it if you have to. If the wait is no more than a few seconds (2-3) maybe just wait for your taunt cd as it may take that long to do anything else.

Is this usually a mob that was cc'ed and just broke? If so, it has had some time for the heals up to that point to build up a larger threat lead. In a case like that, an addon like Afterlife can help you know how long a mob has been cc'ed and when it will break so you can be prepared to pick up the mob. Is this a mob that can have cc reapplied? A mob cannot be re-sapped, but sheep, frost trap, hex etc can be reapplied and if you are not ready for the mob yet, it should be.

Is this on the initial pull? Make sure ranged mobs that will not run to you on the pull usually get cc priority. Deathgrip will get one of them on the pull and in most cases, cc should cover the rest of the ranged mobs. If this is a melee mob running straight to the healer on the pull, your healer may need to wait a sec before casting that first heal and you will want to prioritize a DnD or Blood Boil early to cover the first heal before you can spread diseases and tab through the mobs.

01-29-2011, 12:21 AM
Thankyou very much for yor reply. I never thought about using icy touch as a backup taunt and Death coil for that matter. I think the situations when it goes wrong is often when ads on a boss fight don't get nuked fast enough and then there is to many for me to reach. Or sometimes the dps are to fast and then I have to put more effort in agrro in one mob.
But anyway I have been thinking. Is there a add-on I can use that make a sound or flashes the screen when the healer receives damage ?
One last question.
Last time I was tanking in grim batol we got wiped because I died. The healer said that he could not heal me because I was out of range. I did not kite around more than I normally do and I have neever heard anyone tell me this before. Is it jy mistake or shouldn't the healer make sure him self that he is in range of the tank?