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01-21-2011, 07:37 PM
I've done some research of how a feral tank should gear up for raiding aka reforging haste and least required secondary stats with dodge, and gathering all the enchants/gems needed for raiding, but from my experience with my guild raiding the new starting raids, I have noticed that I am taking extremely high damage from bosses, and I am asking for advice to possible gearing recommendations per boss that may give me a better understanding of what I am doing wrong as a feral tank.

It seems that most of the starting bosses throw out a lot of physical damage and I guess my trinket choices are probably not the best. I am currently using a reforged heroic Tia's Grace and heroic Porcelain Crab. I was wondering if there is an alternative that I should look into. I have thought about the trinket from valor points, Bedrock Talisman.

For example, I have tried tanking the drakes on Halfus, and I would have chances that I would miss/dodge damage from them, but when I don't miss/dodge I end up getting torn apart by them. So with tanking Magmaw, I am suffering huge amounts of damage.

I am curious if I am possibly gemming wrong?

Here is my armory link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/ravencrest/kaylore/advanced

01-21-2011, 09:06 PM
The drakes on Halfus don't hit for a ton, (edit: I confused "drakes" with "whelps" - the drakes do hit hard, my bad) and I don't see anything glaringly wrong with your armory (I don't know much about Druids, I was mainly looking for stuff like not maxing the uncrittable talent). As a healer I hate to say this because of all the "zomg were wurr da heelz?" idiots out there... but are you sure it wasn't the healers?

Logs would help determine if it was your fault or someone else's.

As far as your trinket situation, why not use the Alchemy trinket? Stam + mastery + a socket = sexy. If you feel you'd lose too much mitigation or avoidance by switching, maybe offset that by gemming a little more agility instead of stam? (Just brainstorming here. I don't know a ton about Feral, mainly just commenting that it may not be your fault, and likely is not your gear)

01-25-2011, 03:55 PM
Your gemming and reforging is fine, the one thing that you could change is your Porcelain Crab. The dodge on the trinket is very nice but the mastery proc is really no good due to how our mastery works. I would recommend either the alchemist stone OR the Leaden Despair (last boss in stonecore) stm is really a big thing for druids due to how we tank. As far as the dmg your taking during boss fights, unless you get lucky dodge streaks there is not much you can do. Right now druid armor is just bad so if we don't dodge we get hit HARD.

01-25-2011, 04:19 PM
with the ability Savage Defender (SD for short) the more u crit the thing ur hitting the more the chance is that u will generate this ability and the more AP u have the more damage is reduced. only works for the next hit u take so lets say the thing ur tanking (drake in Halfus fight) and they have ability about to go off and it procs but JUST before he hits with a smashing move he has a normal swing of 2k damage. guess what, u get the damage mitigation off the 2k and not the big hit. kinda sucks the way it works, be better if bliz reworked it to be a certain damage level mitigation or something.

only thing i can see that might help in ur spec is removing ur brutal impact (2/2 talent) and put it into something else. as far as interrupts go thats the dps job 9/10 times.

one more thing, are u expertise capped? the soft cap mind u not the bliz recomended cap of 59. just need ~25-30. helps on boss fights so u dont miss hitting the bosses. this alsos makes SD kick off more coz u dont miss.

another note is to NOT reforge crit to dodge. crit is good to leave as it is on ur gear.