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01-21-2011, 04:50 AM

Hello and welcome to the Bastion of Twilight Raid Guide! My name is Aliena and in this video I'll show you all you have to know about the heroic Halfus Wyrmbreaker encounter. We completed this fight with 3 tanks, 9 healers - 3 of which were discipline priests - and 13 DPS. I will assume that you're familiar with how to defeat the normal encounter and will only explain the differences in the heroic version.

As soon as you enter Halfus' room, you'll notice that all the dragons and whelps are interactive and that Halfus and his dragon have all possible buffs and abilities. Yes, it's probably dawning on you, this fight is a cluster****. The enrage timer, if you were wondering, is 6 minutes.

Obviously, you have to negate all the abilities that will cause you to wipe quickly straight away. That means, the Storm Rider, Time Warden, Whelps and Nether Scion should be released straight away. You're going to need at least three strong tanks to handle the incoming tank damage. We used a warrior, a paladin and a blood death knight tank.

We start out the fight by having our paladin pull Halfus and simultaneously activating the Storm Rider. Meanwhile our warrior picks up the Time Warden and our Death Knight grabs the Nether Scion. We have a rogue break out the whelps which are then picked up by our warrior.

Everything is immediately pulled to the middle of the room and the whole raid should stay within a 15-yard radius of Halfus. This means you'll be pressed for space, but the fire balls raining down are very slow, so you still should not have any trouble moving out of them. It also ensures that your disc priests can handle all the necessary raid healing by Atonement-smiting, which frees up your remaining healers to tank heal. Make sure your priests only smite Halfus, since he's the only one taking increased damage. Also, we found it's an HPS loss to use Archangel. Each tank should have about two healers assigned to him.

Once situated in the middle of the room, ranged AoE classes work on taking down the whelps as soon as possible, while melee and single target DPS concentrate on the Time Warden. You also want to leave at least one interrupter on Halfus, to interrupt every single Shadow Nova that he casts. As soon as the whelps are dead, the AoE DPS switches over to help out with the Warden.

Since Halfus has a Mortal Strike debuff that he puts on whoever tanks him, he needs to be bouncing around your tanks. We had our tanks taunt off of each other at 5 or more stacks of the MS debuff. Keep in mind that whoever is tanking Halfus and a dragon will need extra healing, so be vocal about tank switches on ventrilo.

On the subject of tank damage, your tanks will want to use cooldowns pretty liberally throughout the whole encounter whenever they're tanking Halfus at the same time as a Drake. Try to have some kind of cooldown up for the majority of the time that you're tanking Halfus. Be vocal about this on vent, and don't be shy about asking for a healer cooldown.

Once the Time Warden dies, your now freed-up tank should release the Slate Dragon, which will occasionally stun Halfus. To make it easier on your tanks, you can also have a hunter free him and then misdirect him to the freed-up tank.

This is really useful sub-50%, since it puts huge delays on Furious Roar, and sometimes even cuts off some of its ticks. However, even though you have three drakes released, all your DPS should switch over to Halfus straight away after the Time Warden dies while the tanks just hold them. Any kind of bloodlust should also be used as soon as all DPS is on Halfus, since you won't get the full effect of it when you're continuously stunned by Furious Roar.

As soon as you push Halfus past 50%, you need to pay close attention to Halfus' Furious Roar timer. You should have a power word: barrier order assigned to your disc priests, and have them put one up on the raid each time Halfus is casting Furious Roar. Also, make sure all your tanks are at full health before a Roar. Whoever is tanking Halfus at the time needs to use a strong cooldown, such as Shield Wall, Ardent Defender, etc, or have a priest cast a Pain Suppression.

Tank deaths occur very easily below 50%. Soulstones should be placed on tanks and battle resses should be reserved for such emergencies as well. Your raid needs to be healed up completely between Roars, and you still want to assign an interrupter to blink out of the last Roar pulse, to interrupt the Shadow Nova that follows it.

To recap, by role: At the start of the fight, tanks pick up their assigned targets. Bounce Halfus around the three tanks by having one taunt when another hits 5 or more stacks of the MS debuff. Use a cooldown when tanking multiple targets. Once the Time Warden dies, the freed-up tank releases the Slate Dragon. Do not stand in fire if you can avoid it.

Healers should be within 15 yards of Halfus. Disc priests should concentrate on smiting Halfus the entire fight, which triggers raid healing through Atonement. Other healers should be assigned to the tanks, ideally two healers to each tank. Power Word Barriers should be up for most Furious Roars. Be ready to use cooldowns on tanks when they ask for it. Do not stand in fire.

DPS should be within 15 yards of Halfus. AoE DPS focuses down the whelp pack, single target DPS concentrates on the Time Warden. Once the whelps are dead, everyone should kill the Time Warden. Keep one or more interrupters on Halfus, so no Shadow Novas go off. Once the Time Warden dies, concentrate on Halfus. Use Bloodlust. Sub-50%, have a mage or another class assigned to interrupting Shadow Nova after a Roar. Do not stand in the fire.

That about concludes the changes you'll encounter in the heroic version of Halfus Wyrmbreaker. Good luck, and have fun! I've attached the full encounter with the relevant vent conversation so you can see how we handled tank cooldowns. This is footage of our first Halfus kill, so tanks have slightly different assignments than I've mentioned in this video and the last few percent are a bit... sloppy.

01-21-2011, 05:18 AM
I don't understand how you were healing for more then 40,000, when your health is 130k.

(130,000 x .3 = 39,000)

Is this video pre nerf to attonement?

Also, does crit attonement heals stick with the 30% priest hp rule?

01-21-2011, 05:36 AM
@shaak, certain tank talents that increase healing received by 6%. Also resto druids in ToL form could push it higher for another 6%.

@Aliena, congrats for the kill. Was preety hectic, but you pulled it off. Nicely done!

When could we expect 10 heroic man (or women :) ) kill? I'm very curious to see that since my guild is a 10 man one.

01-21-2011, 05:51 AM
ah true, thanks timber

01-21-2011, 06:14 AM
I am curious about how the 10 man version would work as well. I'm thinking that it would be a little less flexible with the number of tanks and healers you could bring, but I won't know for sure until we get to that point. It's hard to say how hard everything would hit for, but I would imagine that it would be recommended to bring 3 tanks instead of 2 tanks, but still only a max of 3 healers to beat the enrage.

Great guide! Keep up the great work! I'm sure making these videos can be quite time consuming on top of all of the other things in life.

01-21-2011, 11:41 AM
I wanted to mention, that I appreciate hearing the extended vent recording. It's good to have an example of a solid guild's behavior on the vent to show our players, where people are not yelling, screwing around, or distracting. I think a good video would be one in which you discuss how your guild manages communication, such as healer channels, when to call out for things, and when to keep quiet. Sometimes it's hard to shut up when you're excited.

Thanks again for the quality walkthroughs!

01-21-2011, 04:35 PM
RE shaak: The video was fraps'ed the day they hotfixed it, about 3 weeks ago. It might've been before the hotfix, but I'm pretty sure my numbers went down as the raid went on, haha. But, yes, talents and such up the numbers by quite a bit.

RE Pwnbroker: That's actually a really good idea! Thanks!

01-21-2011, 06:55 PM
Another very well made video from you guys.

However I'd really love to know the best way to handle the 10 man mode, my guild has been doing it on 10 man for the past 2 weeks and we've only gotten as far as getting the Whelps down, activating Time Warden and almost getting Storm Rider down after that.

We start off by activating Storm Rider, Nether Scion + Whelps and Time Warden after the Whelps die. 1 Tank picks up Halfus another picks up Storm + Whelps and the last picks up the Scion. We wanted to use this kill order: Whelps > Storm Rider > Nether Scion > Halfus (possibly off tank Slate).

But we do not get very far before getting our faces torn off. We have tried with 3 normal Healers 3 Tanks and 4 DPS, as well as 2 Healers + a Disc Priest with 3 Tanks and 4 DPS. There just seems to be no flexibility in the 10 man version and the damage is so high... along with strict timers. We are really at a stalemate here.

Any help would be appreciated.

01-22-2011, 01:26 AM
We just killed Heroic Halfus10 tonight with total 25 attempts total using 2 tanks, 4 dps, 4 healers.
1 Resto Druid, 1 Resto shaman, Disc priest and a ilvl 345? Holy Paladin (main is ret) using a 318 healing relic lol

Pulled Scion, Storm, Whelps at start with hero/lust/warp. Burned down the whelps first. Once whelps were down, DPS worked on Scion while Time warden was released. Tanks would swap taunts but the first taunt would be delayed. We would bop off the MT when he had 9-10 MS Stacks. This would continue on until 2 drakes + whelps are dead.

Then once at that point, its down hill. Make sure everyone is topped for furious roar and push as much dps as possible. We were about 2-3 seconds off from enrage. GL!

01-22-2011, 01:31 AM
We just killed Heroic Halfus10 tonight with total 25 attempts total using 2 tanks, 4 dps, 4 healers.
1 Resto Druid, 1 Resto shaman, Disc priest and a ilvl 345? Holy Paladin (main is ret) using a 318 healing relic lol

Pulled Scion, Storm, Whelps at start with hero/lust/warp. Burned down the whelps first. Once whelps were down, DPS worked on Scion while Time warden was released. Tanks would swap taunts but the first taunt would be delayed. We would bop off the MT when he had 9-10 MS Stacks. This would continue on until 2 drakes + whelps are dead.

Then once at that point, its down hill. Make sure everyone is topped for furious roar and push as much dps as possible. We were about 2-3 seconds off from enrage. GL!

Would it be worth doing 10man heroic without any classes that can break stun for furious->nova? We have no DKs or mages or stuff so we were thinking of just waiting till 4.0.6 for them to reimplement free action potions.

01-22-2011, 02:48 AM
Orc racial + reduce stuntime meta works for interupting after the furious roar. So just needs a orc melee then.

01-22-2011, 03:49 AM
We have no orcs and we're oceanic so the 300ms would negate any effect of that lol.

01-22-2011, 08:48 AM
Like it has been mentioned before, for 10 man
2 tanks 4 healers, 4 dps.
Trying this without humans/mages/something else that can break a stun is a suicide, at least I think it's too much rng to push for it. What you can do is try to rotate the free action potions to avoid the last stun in the chain.

Our first kill we did with 8 healers, but with a little different strat, We released time+storm+nether first, killed time->released and killed whelps->killed storm ->killed halfus after releasing the last dragon. So its Halfus+2 dragons in the last phase.

Now after a couple of resets we are doing it with 7 healers(still 3 tanks), pulling whelps+storm+time+nether at the start, killing whelps->time->storm, releasing slate and once again having only Halfus+2drakes in the last phase. This way we still get the kill 40-60 seconds before the enrage but with less dragons in the last phase our tanks die less, which has been a major wipe factor for us.

As for interrupts, the lockout's don't work like you expect them to on Halfus, as in he does the cast strictly on a timed basis and not when it's school becomes available. This allows you to put a single interruptor(we used an enh shama) to /focus halfus and interrupt him while being at a distance from him and dpsing the high prio target. You still need a racial rotation or a mage to do the interrupts in last phase after the stuns.

01-22-2011, 10:24 AM
We brought 4 tanks, 6 healers and 3 smiting priest, providing both reasonable dps (20k) and healing (12k hps). But we was very low dps (~650k), especially on the aoe part - running only one mage and two warlocks, no frost dk.. This way we only downed whelps and one drake, leaving one out for the whole fight.

Having four tanks frees your drake tanks up not to stack up the mortal strike debuff and that's very vital for the roar phases. Even with at least a powerword barrier down (-30% damage taken) i barely survive one drake beating on me. Any advice on this?

I really have the feeling that stacking mages seems advisable, especially compared to the fastest kill (http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/aurn3tfgwe8la04c/?s=11749&e=11923) (under 3 minutes, doubling our raiddps with 5 healer, 3 smiting priests and 4 tanks). Those mages basically kill the drakes on their own via ignite spreading while the rest off the raid sits on Halfus himself.

01-23-2011, 12:36 PM
Does releasing the whelps decrease all damage from the behemoth? I know it reduces the fire breath but what about the fire balls that the Time Warden usually slows? The reason I ask is because I notice in alot of 10 man vids they leave the Time Warden down and release the whelps 1st.

01-29-2011, 10:05 AM
Has anyone tried interrupting the casts or channels that the proto behemoth does? Or are they shielded or are we just simply out of range to do so?

Also, has anyone tried levitating the raid to lessen the fireball barrage damage?

01-31-2011, 05:08 AM

Please allow me to present my conclusions for Heroic Halfus Wyrmbreaker on 10-man mode. On our first attempts on Halfus we used two tanks and four healers, neither were discs. While we did get a few good tries in and it certainly did feel managable, we later tried having a resto Druid respec to bear and had our two priests spec discipline and progressed further immediately.

In a nutshell, one tank picked up Halfus and the Nether Scion, semi-kiting Halfus for the first 10 seconds. The other tank released Storm Rider and had whelps MDd to him. The third tank, the freshly specced bear, released the Time Warden and tanked him. As soon as all released dragons were active, we grouped up in the middle of the room like suggested in Aliena's video. The first tank called for a Hand of Protection from a Paladin to clear his stacks when they had reached 8-9, then asked the bear to taunt Halfus at 4-5 stacks. The bear repeated the same process - having his stacks cleared, then asking the next tank in line to taunt. The damage dealers burned the whelps then whichever dragon had the lowest hp. Heroism was used for the first tank swap, since that's when damage taken was the highest contra healing done the lowest.

We never bothered releasing the Slate Dragon and we actually killed att dragons we had released. Perhaps we would have seen better results if we had actually used our three tanks to tank one NPC each, but it worked out flawlessly once we got the pull down.

TL;DR: We found 3 tanks 3 healers to be superior to 2 tanks 4 healers in the 10-man version. Discs were useful but definately not mandatory. Hand of Protection simplified the tanks' jobs by a huge lot, practically making things happen more slowly and felt overall more controlled. Even if you only have one HoP it's more than enough.

02-01-2011, 03:15 AM
Is there any reason that you killed the Time drake before any others? I know why it was released obviously, however some posts I've read on other sites say the nether Scion hits hardest of the drakes.

Also were you really close to the enrage timer, or could you afford another drake kill before gettign to Halfus - do you feel the extra 1/2 healers compensated for each tank having a drake/halfus through the rest of the fight and the roars?

Were you using Hand of Protection rotations in the roar phase on the drake tanks?

02-04-2011, 12:54 AM
Isn't time warden more important to release than the whelps on 10 heroic? the unavoidable fire barrages would do like 40k while the proto breath would do 10k after resists instead of 5k normally.

02-09-2011, 11:31 AM
Given the change to when Halfus gains the debuff, we're considering killing a third drake* for 25 Heroic. Any suggestions on which one?

*Whelps, Time Warden, and then one other

02-09-2011, 07:41 PM
Would you be as kind as to update this guide taking into account the latest patch change?

02-09-2011, 07:49 PM
Halfus Heroic is a completly joke right now at 25s. Just free up 3 drakes (i'd recommend scion, stone and whelps) bomb whelps, free time warden shortly after (we waited roughly 30s for another md) and kill all drakes with cleave and multidotting. Druids, shadowpriests and affliction locks will really shine there. After that Halfus should be somewhere around 75%. Burn him without the hassle or any risk of tank death and proper cooldown management during roar and thanks to +400% damage you will finish him in just about one minute +-.

Right now he's only a dps check and nothing about stacking disc priests or perfect timing and well thought out tanking strategies any longer.

02-09-2011, 08:10 PM
Why not just free one drake at a time and just be aware of the mechanics?

02-09-2011, 08:23 PM
a) because multidotting kill them faster way faster
b) you want to free at least two drakes to make it possible to kick nova and don't have insane rampup time on mortal strike

But working with three tanks and freeing only two drakes in the beginning should work as well if you don't have another tank to spare.

02-09-2011, 08:30 PM
Do you think it's important to take out whelps and the Nether Scion in the beginning? Which is more important?

02-09-2011, 08:43 PM
Whelps only reduces aoe, Scion increases the tanks survivability by a lot. Did you even do the normal mode yet? Basic fight mechanics should be clear after Nefarian :)

02-15-2011, 08:10 AM
What seemed to work for my guild (after patch) was a 4 tanks and 7(or 8) healer setup.
We had a DK pet left at the entrance and a hunter MD halfus to him, while tanks freed, picked up and positioned the 3 drakes and the whelps (left Slate chained). By the time pet was dead, positioning was ready and the first tank would taunt him (had mages interrupting the first cast, an enhancement shaman taking over afterwards). This way, we avoided first tank stacking too fast and minimized raid damage taken.

The 3 tanks that tanked a drake each had 2 healers assigned on them and were taunt-swapping Halfus, using their and healer cooldowns. The whelp tank chained CDs at the beginning, since he had only beacon,hots and assist-healing (if another tank was safe/full). Don't be afraid to use all survival CDs and spend mana in this phase, since incoming damage becomes a joke afterwards.

We focus-fired down the dragons one by one, starting with the 3rd tank's drake (since he had more time to establish solid aggro). After the first went down, one of the "freed" healers focused the whelp tank, whereas the other assisted on raid healing.

After all 3 drakes were dead (and whelps aswell from random aoe/ignite spreading) we popped hero and easily killed him with more than 30seconds remaining for berserk. For ph 2, only 2 healers were on the current halfus tank, while the other 5 assisted on raid healing.

02-17-2011, 05:50 PM
Ty for UI, got it this morning, however having trouble with Kg

02-21-2011, 04:28 AM
How do you manage the mortal strike debuff on 10m hc? The draketank will tank all enemies at once if he taunts halfus, and the MT can't really take the drakes for the duration since he still has the debuff. Is that the only (/effective?) way to deal with that?

02-21-2011, 08:08 AM
Other way is to bring three tanks or having eg a dps kitty taunting some if needed.

03-01-2011, 04:42 AM
We release Storm, Time, Nether and whelps at the pull. Halfus tank takes storm and boss, other tank takes the rest. The breath does negligible damage, the fireballs are dodgeable, shadow nova is interruptable and the mortal strike takes much less time to stack up.

On the pull (I, halfus tank) prepot an agility potion, use an avoidance use trinket and pull the boss from max range. I then run to the right side of the room where everything else is being tanked. This means that the boss is hitting me without the debuffs for max 1-2 seconds. He only stacks up the mortal strike if he lands the previous melee swing, so maxing avoidance for the first 40-50 seconds of the fight is a god send. at 12 stacks I use my 50% cooldown, when that is about to expire I hit divine shield. then it takes another 20 or 30 seconds to get 8 stacks at which point the other tank taunts the boss and I taunt one of his drakes. When he has 10-12 stacks I put a hand fo protection on him and he tanks the boss again until he has 10 stacks. then I taunt the boss back. By this time Nether, Time and the whelps have died. The other tank then taunts storm and we kill it. Then we simply nuke the boss, leaving slate tied up for the rest of the encounter. Hand of Protection/blink/iceblock for the two Furious Roars, on our first kill he died with 90 seconds to spare.

So to summarise:

Me (pala): Halfus + Storm drake
Warrior tank: Nether drake, Time Warden, Whelps.
Kill Time
First tank swap about now
Kill Nether, whelps died about now from splash AoEs
Kill Storm, second tank swap happens about now. Storm is at about 50% when nether dies.
Kill boss. He is at about 60% when the Storm Rider dies.

03-02-2011, 06:22 AM
This evening we are gonna try the Halfus Encounter for the first time on Heroic on 10 man mode.
So we are researching how we can best attempt this on 10 man mode for our guild.
Pyrea, I assume your post refers to a 10 man kill? Or is it referred to a 25 man kill?

Our idea was to release Time and Storm at the pull, and group them up in the center of room (like this video also shows). Nuke them down fast and clearing the stacks of the Halfus tank by Hand of Protection cast on him. By the time the tank has reached the 2nd time of high stacks we should have Time and Storm down and busy with killing Nether and Whelps. So this would make the stacks go up more slowly and then we start the taunting game. Let the 2nd tank take Halfus when first tank has his stacks too high and when 2nd tank gets high stacks Hand of Protection on him to clear stacks. By that time we should have the drakes + whelps down (we ignore Slate dragon) and we should be focussing on Halfus nuking.

Tank 1: Halfus
Tank 2: Storm + Time (bloodlusting both drakes down asap).
Tank 1: clears stacks when they get too high with Hand of Protection
By this time we should have Storm and Time almost down.
Release Nether and Whelps when Storm and Time are down.
Tank 2: taunts boss from tank 1 because of the 2nd time he has high stacks.
Tank 1: taunts nether of Tank 2.
When tank 2 reaches high stacks for first time Hand of Protection on him.
When tank 2 reaches the 2nd time high stacks the Nether and Whelps (died from AoE splashes) should be down.
And then we should have boss a major part down and all start nuking the boss.

Do you think this idea is a valid idea to make the Halfus encounter into a kill?

We haven't tried on Heroic yet, so we are not sure if we should stick to this idea or if we should try 1 of the other idea's posted in this topic.
Maybe some can give advice on what would be the best options for this encounter.
Any help is appreciated.

The idea of Pyrea sounds also good, seeing we have also a Paladin tank and Warrior tank in our setup. If our idea doesn't work we would try the idea of Pyrea, but isn't tank damage insane on that with your method, which could lead into tank deaths.

03-02-2011, 06:41 AM
yes my post was for ten man.

Halfus' damage is pretty low, you should easily be able to have a drake on the boss tank at the same time. This also means you have to spend less time killing it as it will be at about 60% just from AoE damage by the time you get around to killing it.

you will be clearing the stacks about 20 seconds into the fight (I let it stack to about 15ish), and swapping the boss tank about 30-40 seconds in, or when the boss tank has about 8 stacks.

The whelps do negligible damage, and reduce the incoming raid damage from the behemoth's breath considerably (from 40k down to about 6k) They should die on their own from splash damage by the time drake 2 is dead.

03-02-2011, 08:01 AM
Thank you for the response.
Because I didn't know how hard / low the boss would hit it was safer to first ask before trying this without having it asked.

Perhaps it would be wiser for us to follow your tactic then if you say the boss itself hits quite low.
Will be trying your tactic this evening and will let you know afterwards if we were able to down the boss with the use of your tactic for 10 man.

03-03-2011, 01:18 AM

I made a quick guide video for heroic Halfus 4.0.6, feel free to check it out. its my first video so sorry if its not as pro as tanks spots videos.

03-03-2011, 07:43 AM
We're trying this fight very soon, which of the 4 drakes you say hits harder? or is all the same.

03-03-2011, 08:19 AM
Wouldn't make a lot of sense if one of the 4 big drakes hits harder than the others, would it? But someone may correct me :P

03-03-2011, 12:24 PM
Slate hits harder than the other 3 FYI. But unless you plan to leave someone off the halfus rotation it does not really matter.

03-16-2011, 12:46 AM
Our setup was 4 tanks, 7 (1 disc) healers and 14 dps.

But still need to have better dps's with us. We got him to 4-5% all the time, I don't see why 9 healers are necesarry.

03-16-2011, 02:43 AM
Looking at our heroic Halfus logs from tonight, I can confirm that Time Warden, Nether Scion, and Storm Rider all deal the same amount of damage. We didn't release Slate Dragon for our kill, so I can't confirm whether that drake's damage is different or not.

Incidentally, here's how my 10man group handled the fight:

Our bear tank pulls Halfus, then wakes up Storm Rider and has Nether Scion MD'd to him. A Disc priest and a Resto shaman heal the bear. I (prot paladin) release the Whelps and Time Warden and tank both of them. Another Resto shaman heals me. We had potent AoE (demo lock and fire mage), so we focused on burning down the whelps first. When the bear gets to 6-8 stacks of MS, I HoP him. He immediately cancels it and continues tanking his 3 targets. When he gets back to ~6 stacks, I taunt Halfus. The whelps die shortly after I take Halfus. DPS moves on to Storm Rider (one of the bear's drakes). When I get to ~8 stacks, I bubble and immediately cancel, continue tanking Halfus and Time Warden. When it's time for the bear to take Halfus back, I taunt Storm Rider. At this point the tanking looks like this:
Bear (no stacks of MS): Nether Scion, Halfus
Paladin (~6 stacks of MS): Time Warden, Storm Rider (near death)
Once the Storm Rider's dead you've won the fight. It's normal mode from there on (although if your raiders don't move out of the flame barrage during furious roar, they may die).

The bear's healers were taxed pretty heavily, but my healer had a few free GCDs to throw around. The damage spread would probably be a little more equal if I took Halfus+dragon+whelps at the start and the bear had 2 dragons, but then you'd have at least one healer splitting his attention between two targets. That may be better, depending on your healers.

03-18-2011, 12:48 AM
Here's a video of how my guild did it in 10 man, on our first time doing it- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaQLkZSD1nw

The learning process and the eventual kill took us 12 wipes before the kill, for a total of about an hour and a half learning it and perfecting the strat.

We started the pull with a hunter misdirect to our warrior tank across the room, giving travel time to reduce applications of the healing debuff. Our Paladin tank released storm, our rogue released whelps and tricks'd them to the pally tank. Passive AoE and Rogue FoK killed the whelps while the other dps (Marks Hunter, Shadow Priest, Fire Mage) killed Storm. Meanwhile, our DK picked up nether. After Whelps and Storm died, dps switched to nether, and slate was released. On our first close attempt, we tried to kill slate, but wound up going over the enrage timer for a 13% wipe. We decided to leave slate up, and easily killed halfus in just over 5 minutes total.

Yes, there is a significant amount of tank swapping, and to be frank, I barely payed attention to it since none of it concerned me (as a huntard dps). Essentially that's the kill order, and make sure to move out of fire. Seriously. And if its of any consequence, our combines raid comp was Blood DK, Prot Warrior, Prot Paladin, Marks Hunter, Shadow Priest, Fire mage, Assassination Rogue, Two Resto Druids, and last but not least, a Disc Priest.

Here's a log that also confirms identical damage from the drakes, and even the whelps. http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r9c1e4oiuuo984ye/?s=6955&e=7273

Hope this helps some of you!

03-22-2011, 12:22 PM
A strategy we've begun to apply is after your first tank clears his initial stacks let him continue to tank Halfus right up until he dies, if SS'd he can instantly rez himself or just be quick to brez him while your second tank takes halfus, this way you aren't stuck with an extremely gimped tank for that 30 seconds which tends to be one of the most healing intensive parts. Saves early mana costs and if your tank can live up until aroun 18 stacks of the debuff before dying you just bought an extra 10-15 seconds of mortal strike being applied to any other tanks. It's really nice to not have any more then 1 tank with the debuff for the first 1:30-2 minutes.

03-29-2011, 04:39 AM
We got this down in H 10m last week after nearly 20 wipes but an issue I was having as principle interrupter was that my tank kept moving the boss all around the room during the fight. Evidently this is to avoid fireballs but I'm wondering if it is really necessary given it is just as easy (easier?) to avoid that damage by moving around the boss whilst still keeping the boss in one place. The trouble is twofold (1) if my tank moves the boss at the very instant I am required to interrupt and I'm OOR he may get a nova off - though this only happened a few times it was annoying and (2) DPS is generally lower on a moving target when you're melee. Personally I found it harder to avoid the fire when trying to keep up with a moving target because I knew that if I ran around stuff at a point when I needed to be interrupting it would be bad. Much prefer it if movement was not necessary.

So - does anyone have a view as to whether it is important to move the boss around in this fight or not? What are the benefits of doing so (if any)? Would be good to know in advance of raiding tomorrow so that I can have an informed discussion of this.

03-29-2011, 04:47 AM
The boss shouldn't be moving that much other than its own movement when retargeting after a taunt, or when the MT is pulling him into the whelp/drake pile. You can usually dodge the fireballs by moving to one side.

04-21-2011, 06:24 PM
I have made a video which demonstrates my guilds 10 man heroic strategy for this fight which is up to date.
We use the standard raid setup, 2 tanks and 3 healers.

If you are curious how we did it heres the link:

Grakzul Slaughtbringer
04-29-2011, 07:08 AM
We killed him yesterday for our first raid on him. We killed him on the last try.
As stated above, the damage input is insane in the beginning of the fight and cooldowns are huge help.

We had two prot warriors and a DK.
The DK freed whelps and Storm Rider, whereas one prot warrior freed the Nether Scion, and the other (me) pulled Halfus.
We switched at roughly 4 debuffs stacks, but you must be vigilant because sometimes your stacks get from 2 to 8 in a second.
We killed the whelps firts, then the Nether Scion, then we freed the Time Warden, killed the Storm Rider, and offtanked the time warden until halfus's death.
Vocal communication is essential for a good tank rotation. Bring 3 tanks and the fight will be more easier, provided you bring good healers too.

05-09-2011, 02:17 PM
Hi guys,

After reading all of the other guild's tact, I feel obligated to also post out experience in downing Halfus, I won't say it's perfect but it works for us.

Raid setup:
Tanks: DK, Druid, Paladin
Healers: Holy priest, 2 Holy paladins
DPS: Arms Warrior, Ele Shaman, SP, Fire Mage

tactics for us was that we released ALL dragons at the start, enabling all debuffs on Halfus (and thus making the fight manageable from a healing perspective). Also: having the stun & scion active makes MS-debuff on tank very doable. On top of that we had the paladin tank Halfus (solemnly), and he could use Divine shield AND BOP on himself. A few mins into the fight I (Holy Paladin) would use BOP again on him. Only after that (well 4 mins into the fight) did we need to switch tank on Halfus. By that time 3 drakes were dead, and we chose only to kill three and zerg halfus. Druid would tank 2 drakes, DK tanks 2 drakes and whelps. You would not want an extra drake on Pally tank, due to casting DS / BOP and losing aggro (one target is very doable).

Note on healing: pop CD's directly, and go ballistic, regen mana after welps & first drake is dead. You might wanna ask for innervate / hymn / totem.

Although we also tried killing 4 drakes, it only took us to 13/14% (a few times). Prio are the welps, then other two drakes are irrelevant as to which you kill.

We also used Heroism in 2nd phase, instead of phase 1. This slows down the killing process, but the killing on halfus in P2 is like almost instant (i know, exaggerating, but VERY fast). Also benefit of Heroism in P2 is having to deal with lesser raid stuns due to Furious Roar. note on that: Human paladins can break that twice: once with divine shield, and once with their racial (although the last one will you get stunned again), and as a pally you can also BOP someone just before (pref a healer or tank). Warriors can use beserker rage (!?!). Mages can blink.

Ow and during the fight we have our Warrior on Halfus as a dedicated interrupter, just to be safe.

All and all a very doable fight for well geared guild!


05-10-2011, 04:28 AM
We killed him yesterday for our first raid on him. We killed him on the last try.

Much more settling to know you didnt keep attempting to kill him after you killed him. :)


05-26-2011, 06:05 PM
Apologies if this question has already been answered, but I couldn't find a search within thread function (new to the forums for TankSpot).

In the original guide it was stated that Archangel was a loss of HPS; I'm wondering how that's true? If you're already speccing into Atonement and Smiting/Holy Firing, I don't see how 5% mana return and 15% healing buff w/ 50% uptime (that affects your Atonement heals) is a loss of HPS. Just wondering what process makes it a loss?

edit: found the search within thread function, didn't find an answer though :(