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01-14-2011, 12:47 PM
So, I"m still waiting for the rest of my guild to catch up so we can start raiding. We have been starting a lot of attempts on Halfus, the last 2 weeks but it seem's our dps is either not high enough or we're just taking to much massive damage. Other thing I noticed is myself taking a retarded amount of damage being the MT, either tanking Halfus (though he does stack his debuff on me) or even the drakes.

So, looking at my gear, is there anything I need to upgrade/re-gem/re-enchant?

I'm open to whatever I have to do, to become the best tank I can be. Being the RL, and main tank, I look at myself first to make sure it's not me, maybe it's heals? (who the 3 we bring is IL: 345ish, 2 pals and a holy priest).

Anyways, any suggestion and/or opinions is grateful. Peace.


01-15-2011, 07:19 AM
Yes. Stop reforging for expertise. You don't need expertise and you don't need hit at the moment. (Only exception may be hitcap if the raid is depending on you interrupting, but for most setups that should be a task of melees who should be hit capped anyway.) Both stats don't do anything for your survival. There is no parry haste anymore.

I would also try to bring dodge and parry to a more balanced state. Parry is a little bit better, because of hold the line. But you have it near 14% and with raid buffs even higher. You will have some deminishing returns on that value. You will not lose much parry if you reforge something to up your dodge which is below 10%. It will give you more total avoidance without loosing much hold the line potential.

So when you reforge: Drop as much hit and expertise as you can, try to get as much mastery as you can, and get parry and dodge more on par as they are at the moment. Parry should be a little bit higher than dodge, but you should not take too much deminishing returns while doing so.

About your gems: I don't get if you try to maximise your stamina or your mastery with your gems while taking bonuses and activating your meta.

About your talents: You have all the core talents and it's a personal choice of utility which others one take. However I don't understand your choice of Cruelty. It's a weak talent. At least compared to Incite. If you don't take anything of tier 2 of fury don't take Cruelty. It's only a filler talent to get there.

01-15-2011, 10:57 AM
Gem's yes, I was trying to meet meta req's as well as get the socket bonus per item, since socket bonus seem worth it in Cata.

The reason my hit/exp was high, because early on with it low I was fine, but as people started getting heroic/epic gear, it seems I had to work my ass off to keep threat. I was noticing a lot of parry/dodge so I moved my expertise up, threat really has'nt been an issue since. I did lower it from soft cap to 13 exp now, and my hit is down to 5%. I have issues trusting interupts to others but guess I'll have to.

My Dodge is now 11.04% , Parry is 14.11% , and Block is 46.13%. What is the dodge/parry rating before DR? Mastery rating is 1635 for 25% crit block.

150.8k unbuffed HP, I guess these stats look a lil better?

As for the talents....I changed that, maybe that was part of my threat issues...I rarely ever use heroic strike in prot for some reason, I guess cause I don't have it key bound and it's way off on my bar tender. Usually when SS/Revenge/TC/SW are all on CD I'd just spam Dev.

01-16-2011, 05:42 AM
Well if you don't use HS you are definitly doing it wrong. HS is one of our best threat abilities, if not the best, depending on your vengeance stack. It will be nerved somewhat in the next patch, but since it stays the best scaling ability it will probably stay worth to hit. If you have enough rage it definitly should be used, anyway. Until the patch lands, you cannot do much wrong with keeping HS on CD, threatwise. (Well I don't say forget your debuffing and interrupting.) It definitly is better than Devastate. That switch should bring your threat to a much higher value. My hit and expertise values are much lower than yours and I don't have people complaining about my threat.

About your dodge, parry and block: Your parry is quite high compared to your dodge, even after your changes. I think you can get more avoidance out of them if you really bring them more on par. And there is a reason why I'm telling you that.

If you add up your dodge, parry and block, and add the default 5% miss the boss has, you get 76.28%. That's near but just below 77.4% which is the magical number you want to reach as your first goal as a warrior tank. It's about shild block. When you use SB, you get an additional 25% block. so if you add it to 77.4% you get 102.4%. And with that you cover the full hit table of the boss. (It would be 100% for lvl 85 mobs, but since the boss has a higher level your ratings do not count as much against him.) So when you have a combined 102.4% of dodge, parry, block and miss, the boss can never land a normal hit. Every possible hit will either be avoided or blocked/critical blocked. So you never get a hit bigger than 70% of it's potential during that time. We call this state "unhittable".

At the moment we cannot reach full unhittable. But with SB we can reach unhittable 1/3 of the time. Which is something like a mini shieldwall on a low CD. So the difference between your 76.28% and the 77.4% is quite important. It realy makes a difference if you can rely on your SB to safe you from full hits.

Mastery will stay to be good after this value. But you definitly should try to reach this magic number. Especially if you trade some of your ratings for hit and expertise. If you have get lost of all hit and expertise, try to balance parry and dodge a little bit more. You only need a little bit than 1% more. You have some deminishing returns on parry, so you should be able to reach it. If you cannot reach it with reforging/gemming, eat dodge food. But I definitly would recomment to reach the magic number with your gear alone so you have it always.

(Btw: You maybe want to update your signature, it does not point to your character anymore.)

01-16-2011, 12:13 PM
Well with few more dodge changes and eating dodge food I'm 12.77% dodge, 13.65% parry, 46.13% block. About 150.3kish unbuffed HP. Think I'm sitting at 77.55% now. Without the food I"m at around 77.28%. Last rep I got , for the exalted shoulder enchant should throw me over it without the food buff. I hope.

Still got to work on using HS in my rotation, like I said muscle memory just don't work for it and I forget it :p