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01-14-2011, 03:21 AM
hey everyone need a little advice on my gear and gems. when im in heroic i seem to take an insane amount of damage. now i know its cata heroics and thats expected but i feel im just a burdin on the healer so was wondering if someone could help me check everything like reforgeing.

01-14-2011, 03:41 AM
Use crown control, stamina is not king anymore, so look out gem bonuses and match them, spend some money on better gems, fill out missing enchants, and most of all run with people with brains that use crowd control :). Also, thunderclap and demo shout are now important part of rotation.

01-14-2011, 03:47 AM
its not really trash that gets me its more bosses. should i be going for avoidance?

01-14-2011, 04:00 AM
avoidance is good, but for warriors mastery is even better, it will reduce spike damage, which will throw your health up and down, so block chance helps reduce being purely hit. looking at your gems, your head should use a red socket gem instead of your green gem and i personally don't think all those [stat + stamina] gems are entirely necessary, you wont be gaining that much extra survivability from a boss encounter point of view, so you may as well use avoidance/mastery gems.
With re forging, atm you probably don't need to re forge anything into dodge, rather mastery until diminishing returns is a bigger problem.
Edit: I'm still working around with my talents, but as far as blood craze goes, put either 0 or 3 points in or it's not worth it and if surviving is a problem for you, definitely get 3/3 shield mastery.

01-14-2011, 05:18 AM
You only have 3 enchants currently on your gear. Enchant the rest of your gear too.

Stat Priority : STA, Mastery, Parry, Dodge (forget about things like experitse/hit for now, the amount from just gear will be enough)

As for Reforging, use the following :

You want to push as much points into Mastery so you can Mitigate more damage.

Dodge > Mastery >(if Mastery is already on item) Parry
Hit > Mastery >(if Mastery is already on item) Parry >(if Parry is already on item) Dodge
Exp > Mastery > (if Mastery is already on item) Parry >(if Parry is already on item) Dodge

Parry increases proc rate on 'Hold the line' talent, thus when triggered you gain increased Critical Strike/Critical Block. This will then mitigate 62% instead of 31% on incoming damage with Shield Block active.

The ratio you want to aim for avoidance/mitigation, Mastery :: Parry :: Dodge should be close to 5 :: 1.5 :: 1. So if you have 9% Dodge you want 13-14% Parry and for Block 45%-50%. This should take you close to 75% without having Shield Block active. After you reach those stats you can push Dodge a bit higher or keep stacking Master. DR on Parry and Dodge seem to start setting in on 14.4%(for Parry at least), at this point it is not viable to increase those 2 stats.

Gem Priority for Survivability :

Red : Parry or Parry + Mastery
Blue : STA or Mastery + STA
Yellow : Mastery

If you think your spec is not holding well, this is the spec that I used while starting off in HC Dungeons. I used this spec and it was more than enough.


This will give you some self HP regeneration, if you land a killing blow use victory rush to help out healers. Threat should not be a problem at all, just Vigilance the Highest DPS.

As for mitigating Damage :

MOB Debuffs :

Thunder clap ( reduces attack speed)
Demorolizing Shout (reduces AP)
Rend (Aggro generation) + Shockwave = Snap Aggro on packs
Deepwounds = Aggro

Keep these up all the time!

Skills :

Shield Block (10secs Buff with a CD of 30secs); then

Disarm (10secs less dmg from MH of Mob/Boss 1 min cooldown) Allot of Cata bosses can be disarmed.

Spell Reflect : Reflect incoming targeted spells. Glyphed it will reduce the CD with 1sec, which makes this more viable to spam if there is a few caster. On a side not I have had Reflect x2 occur at once if caster cast at the same time. Not to sure if it was ment to do that but 'Combat Logs' don't lie afaik.

Shield Bash : Silence casting mobs before the channeling is done.

Heroic Throw : with 2 points in Gag Order this is another ranged silence.

Shock Wave : AoE Stun, No attacks = no DMG.

ConC : Another interrupt stun for spells or stun on Melee mobs

Victory Rush : Self heal when you land a killing blow on a mob.

The only thing that is left to say is to take lead within the group Mark accordingly for Main Target and CC targets. Move from FIRE etc. shout at DPS if they are taking unnecessary damage.

That's about all I can give you, however all of this is readily available within this forum. Stop slacking and read up on your class.

01-14-2011, 05:27 PM
Disarm (10secs less dmg from MH of Mob/Boss 1 min cooldown) Allot of Cata bosses can be disarmed.

Can I get confirmation on this from anyone else? I'm assuming Pyorr was specifically referencing heroic bosses, but is there some resource that indicates which bosses are disarmable and which aren't? Is Halfus disarmable, for instance? Thanks as always.

01-15-2011, 12:07 AM
I haven't been able to test Disarm in Raid environment yet(Bosses), our guild has only started doing Raids since last week which was Omnitron and Magmaw. So no MH's.

As for HC bosses I can confirm that I have tried it and Disarm does work.

Seems however there is certain criteria. the obvious ones which I am not able to disarm where ones with Fist Weapons and for some reason 2H Axe. The trash Drakonids withing BWD can be disarmed too.

The boss from Grim Batol, Forgemaster Throngus can be disarmed when he is in his Dual Wield Phase. If you have a Rouge you can Disarm both weapons. There is a DMG reduction which I noted with WWS.

It would be interesting if someone else does have some more information on this too.