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01-06-2011, 02:33 PM
SOOO I have just started playing WoW and I love the game, now I was playing a Mage and found that I could not get into being a mage and I got bored. I mean I have tried a lot of things and found what I like best is the Warrior....guess you could say I like kicking some butt lol

Only problem is none of my friends who are playing and have been playing for a really long time can help me, as they have never played a tank before...so there in lies my problem, I love playing a tank but I would love some advice and some help...now I have asked some people IN the game to try and help me since I am new to being a tank and the game, but they just sort of ignore me. So I am hoping you guys might help or at least give me some tips and advice I would really appreciate it, please and thanks! :)

01-07-2011, 02:36 AM
What level are you?

At low levels, if you have the Blood and Thunder talent (which you should) it basically consists of Charge -> Rend -> Thunder Clap -> do whatever for a few seconds -> Thunder Clap to refresh Rend on everything, and so on. This is enough to make AoE tanking a breeze. I feel bad for low level Druids, they don't get any AOE until Swipe in the mid 30's. Poor bastages :-(

Shield Slam is your main single-target ability - use Heroic Strike or Cleave when you have the rage. Once you get Revenge (make sure you grab the associated talent) use it liberally, it's almost as good as Shield Slam and it hits two targets.

Make sure you have Taunt key-bound (I have it bound to my T button - see, T for Taunt, aren't I clever) because DPS can and will "help" you by pulling extraneous mobs (usually while the healer is drinking).

At lower levels, your survival is rarely in danger so I'd skip the armor talent for a while (might want to respec to pick it up once you hit Outlands or Northrend, where things hit a lot harder).

Keep an eye on your healer's mana - some of them are shy and won't ask for a mana break when they need one. If they are low on mana, ask "need mana?" and stop pulling until they respond. Typically some DPS will respond with "NOPE" and then pull a few mobs, but at least you come out looking like a nice guy!

That's more or less all I remember from leveling my Warrior. It's still at 40 something so I can't give you much advice further than that :-(

01-07-2011, 06:08 AM
Thanks I appreciate any help I can get...I do try to use sunder attack as they take on more damage...so I will definately use your advice...Thanks!