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12-30-2010, 10:18 AM
Hope you guys can give a definitive answer...

Luckily for me I played, and have had the pleasure of running behind, some of the best avoidance tanks on the game imo, so doing the switch from stam to avoidance again for Cata was cake.

However, I am at a loss right now. Throwing in Mastery has me in that indecisive mode as I gear up for Heroics and Raids. Blizzard went crazy with Parry on gear, so been reforging that mainly into Dodge, but my question then becomes this:

What should the priority be with the new stats? I still see Parry as being last, though keeping it in line with Dodge as they seem to share a diminishing return effect. It would appear that stacking Mastery would be priority, since that pushes my Block up (currently 32%).

But then we go back to Expertise...with the threat issue we already face, this seems to be as important, or am I missing something? Stamina is coming with the gear, so I'm not really worrying too much over it..I watch it, but is fairly simple to raise. I know my healers currently love me because I'm easy to keep healed due to the avoidance, and they've run enough pugs with stamina tanks to see the huge difference in their mana drain.

But I'm getting into higher gear, and I need to know the caps now, and what my priorities should be: Hit, Mastery, Expertise, Dodge, Parry? Or should Expertise be higher than Mastery until it's soft-capped again?

Thanks for any help,
Elune, US

12-30-2010, 10:58 AM
For survival

stamina+mastery>dodge+parry>anything else

I am currently sitting at (buffed with kings only) 12.95% dodge, 12.63% parry, 45.54% block. Raid buffed this goes up to about 14% of each of the avoidance stats. I reforge any non-avoidance stat to mastery, and am trying to keep my dodge and parry at about the same value (even at these low avoidance values the DR meant that reforging 1% parry got me over 1.5% dodge)

If you are having threat problems getting a 14.5% less chance for the boss to not avoid your attacks won't help as much as making less mistakes in your rotation. When we need more threat stats we will be able to get them without sacrificing too much survivability.

12-30-2010, 11:43 AM
Okay, that makes sense. I don't have much threat issue (other than when someone doesn't allow me to gain threat, or in the case of a warrior, dk, and mage I run with that like to crit for ungodly amounts on their first 3 hits in a row). I just watch for them, and it's actually been a good lesson for me in knowing that someone is going to do it at some point, so they've made me more vigilant about it. The rotation is still difficult for me, but mainly because I don't like it, not that I don't do it...lol. Thank you very much, and I would appreciate all other input on this. I keep seeing info for warrior tanks, but not so much for paladins that is updated to the current content.

12-30-2010, 01:16 PM
What you see for warriors you can usually at least partially take for paladins, the only real difference being that we value mastery slightly differently.