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12-28-2010, 08:29 PM

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12-28-2010, 11:05 PM
I use only a few mods. DBM, Omen and Recount. I think those are the core add-ons that everyone should use, though Recount is not completely necessary. I don't like too many either, the more you have the more cluttered your screen gets and it prevents you from seeing things on the screen. Everything else is optional to be honest, boss mods for a raider is like the core application for fights, though I think there are times when I have not been able to rely on them because they got broken by a patch. I remember DBM breaking after 4.0 came out and my guild was doing heroic Sindragosa on 25 man, there was not an update and DBM was bugging out with the raid icons marking the players who were being targeted for the Frost Tomb. Somehow we managed to survive it though, but it was so much harder getting people lined up because we couldn't rely on DBM to tell us who should move where. One time our guild Ventrilo server went down while we were doing Lich King on 25 man, so we wiped it up and started over, with no one to say a word to each other, we still managed a kill in absolute silence where no one died. After so long of doing something, people shouldn't need reminders of what to do but still, I think we rely far too heavily on mods to tell us what to do then to rely on our own reaction times and common sense to kill raid bosses.

12-29-2010, 12:30 AM
Hmm... Well. I always had carbonite on for the map. I liked that map alot better because I was used to it. lol.

Oh. Mr. Banana. You need to watch Rejected Cartoons by: Don Hertzfeldt (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJYxCSXjhLI)on youtube if you haven't already.

12-29-2010, 01:24 AM
Try this trick and spin it yeah?

12-29-2010, 09:59 PM
Anyone know any specific resto druid add ons, i've been messing around with mine to optimize my healing, but feel my healing is so not on par with WoTLK, any tips?

OH and is anyone else having issues with Grid, for some reason mine is not keeping up with group members health. So now i'll be in a group and someone will go from full health to death, and i look like a noob... grr! And also my grid mana bar disappeared and i can't get it back. Am I the only one having Grid issues?

12-31-2010, 03:50 PM
Every person has a natural/trained ability for turning the visual information on the screen into information that can be acted upon. The magnitude of this ability is going to vary from one person to another. You can think of this like the capacity of an empty cup.

So, effectively, you're stuck with the size cup that genetics, experience, or both has left you with. Over time as you play the game that cup might get bigger, but you're probably stuck with the size cup you have right now for that next pull.

We can also think of all the things competing for your attention in a certain encounter as water to be poured into the cup. Raiders get in trouble when the amount of water being poured into their cup exceeds their cup's capacity.

The only thing necessary in raiding is that all the water fit into the cup.

As someone with a relatively small cup (I admit to having cup envy) I take a number of approaches.

1. UI layout. Changing how your UI is configured can reduce the amount of water being poured into your cup for each thing to which you need to pay attention. This can be as simple as changing the location of some piece of information on your screen.

2. Add-ons. Again, having the right add-on can often reduce the amount of water being poured into your cup. Boss mods will often make use of sound indicators for each boss ability. This is effectively the same as someone on ventrilo reminding you when a particular ability is about to happen, or someone alerting you to your dangerously high debuff stack. A rotation helper that improves your DPS by 50-100 may not have a significant impact on your DPS performance, but it reduces the amount of attention you need to pay to your damage rotation so you have more room to fit the other things you need to pay attention to into your cup.

3. Knowing what's necessary and what isn't necessary to win the fight. As an example, on a fight with no significant enrage timer and lots of fire to not stand in or critical debuff that requires a quick reaction, you should probably divert some of your attention away from your damage rotation towards not standing in stuff or being keenly aware of your current debuff status (This, to my mind, is why healing is generally harder than dealing damage in raids. Oftentimes healers cannot divert their attention in this way.) You have a finite ability to pay attention to things. You need to allocate that finite resource intelligently based on the fight mechanics.

The very best raiders have gigantic cups, of course, and can likely be successful while watching a movie on their second monitor without the use of add-ons. But for those of us with cup envy, we probably need to be doing all these things to keep from looking inept.

01-04-2011, 10:23 AM
I like what Ire said above regarding our attention "cup". My approach to addons is mostly the same.

Usually I raid without DBM, meaning I don't have t installed myself. I guess the raid leader or tank must have it and it does things like mark people who are getting targeted, etc. The reason I'm not eager to use it is I think DBM is designed for a leaky cup, or maybe a cup of honey. DBM's approach to something important is like:

*** Something important will happen soon ***
*** Something important happening really soon ***
*** The important thing will happen any moment now! ***
*** Alert! Alert! Important thing happening ***
*** Alert! Alert! Important thing happening ***

This is solving the wrong problem, for me at least. I don't have leaky attention of very slow reactions. I have limited but well focused attention and reasonably quick reactions. The amount of attention DBM is taking up, and especially for things that aren't happening right now, is like pouring water all over my little attention cup.

The way I'd like to see the really important thing is to have a big icon in the middle of the screen:

Icon is there: The important effect is happening, act now
Icon is absent: It's not happening

And in WLK I used Power Auras to show me this kind of alert for anything that required immediate action, like Rotface's infection. In fact, the only reason to use an addon was that the default UI icon doing the exact same thing is too small.

My question to the community is, are there better alternatives to DBM that actually respect the limited attention cup that at least some of us have? I don't need to have the important event shouted at me, I just need a clear indicator when it's on and silence otherwise. Do other people have the same gripe of DBM? Do you use something else? Did you re-configure it yourself?