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12-28-2010, 12:31 AM
So I leveled my tauren warr to 85, and ran through normal dungeons for a while, but I don't understand. Even though my average item level is 333 (329 is min for heroics) I get killed doing heroics. :( (not because I can't tank, I've been tanking forever, and know what I'm doing)
But 333 is the highest level item you can get in normal mode.

So how do I get gear for heroics? 0_0

Am I missing some aspect of the game? I don't understand how to progress my character. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

character: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/dalaran/sicvita/simple

p.s. Here is a list of gear I need to start raiding. Most of which are from heroics >.<

12-28-2010, 12:34 AM
Do some heroics with people you trust. The learning curve from normal to heroic is, quite simply, huge. Healers need to learn them, tanks need to learn them, dps need to learn them.

For me, learning them took several dozens wipes on a very persistent pug. It made success all the more fullfilling, and I wouldn't call myself an expert just yet.

12-28-2010, 03:21 AM
I tanked my first two heroics right off the bat at itemlevel 329, and I was surprised how well it worked. But the answer is simple – as Martie points out – I ran with guildmates.

1. They are forgiving
2. I suck, but they suck too
3. We speak on vent
4. We fail, but we go at it again.

So basically it's not about gear, it's a team effort.

Given that, looking at the gear you have equipped right now I see a lot of PVP stuff and +crit and +haste. I assume you logged out in a pvp outfit or else you have missed the whole point of Tank gearing :)


12-28-2010, 06:34 AM
To reiterate on what others have said, you should be fine to start heroics, however that doesn't mean they will be easy. Going with a strong group you can rely on will make things considerably easier. In the meantime though there are a lot of ways you can work to improve outside of heroics as well.

While a lot of your gear is likely to be replaced quickly, you could enchant a fair amount of it at least with old Wrath enchants. Chances are your auction house is flooded with scrolls yet from all the enchanters who were leveling up, lowering the prices a fair bit. Not that enchants will make or break you, but you could probably afford to invest a little bit in that department.

You logged out in PvP gear which doesn't help much since any and all Resilience Rating is wasted in PvE. Work on your faction reputations through dailies and wearing their talbard to get PvE upgrades. There are 333, 346, and 359s you could buy through factions you could gain significant reputation with simply by questing through their respective zones. Your closest to Revered right now is Therazene which will get you a ring upgrade. Technically you could get the Strength DPS ring and reforge one of the secondary stats to be a tanking stat like Dodge and get two Ring upgrades. You could already buy your Honored shoulder enchant from them. Guardians of Hyjal has a 333 tanking neck at Honored (you can get all the way into Revered simply by questing through the Hyjal zone which only takes about 3 hours to do the entire zone). You also get a 359 epic tanking cloak from them at Exhalted. The Earthen Ring at Honored (which you already are) you can buy 333 tanking pants to replace your PvP pants. At Revered you get the tanking helm enchant. The Dragonmaw Clan at Revered you get a 346 tanking helm to replace your PvP helm. That one also has sockets so you can get your meta bonus. At exhalted with them you get 359 tanking boots. At Revered with the Ramkahen you get another Strength DPS ring that is a 346 but would be better itemized for tanking than the DPS ring from Therazene. At Exhalted you get a 359 tanking belt.

You gemmed for Crit rating. Why?
You reforged... Haste, Mastery, Expertise, and Crit to get Hit rating. Why?

12-28-2010, 01:33 PM
ive seen others say run with guildies and mention the pvp gear so i wont bring that up but 1 thing i noticed is you have on a couple agility peices which should be replaced since agility does little for you. if you can find someone to do some arena with just for points the throwing weapon you can get from conquest points is very nice for both tanking and warrior dps despite being pvp since it has a good amount of strength on it and a nice chunk of stam. id reccomend doing a few heroics or normals to get a str 1h weapon for tanking (no real 1h tank weapons till raids so just get a 1h str dps weapon) and try replacing that agility trinket with a decent tank trinket (even if its lower ilevel) theres a good one off the last boss of heroic stonecore (the normal version would probably be better too) and a decent green one from quests in twilight highlands