View Full Version : Tanking Paladin Tanking. Tear/recommend me apart! (Armory inside) Gear/talent suggestions!

12-27-2010, 10:38 PM
Done Most if not all of the quests in hyjal, just leveled to 83 in Deephome, so I have most/all of the reward pieces in my bags still. Just replaced my cloak with a piece in Deephome incase anyone looks at this before it updates. Just want recommendations on where to go next for the best gear. Also perhaps if my talents are looking decent.

Planning on heading to Uldum(sp?) Until 84, then finishing in Twilight Highlands. Suggestions?

Also, I haven't ran any dungeons yet because I want to be sure I am more than ready for them, I absolutely hate not being prepared, so I want to get everything I can before I start running with that train.