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zomg first

no really, loving that unicorn thing =X


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Not exactly important but an interesting fact for "Mental Bandwidth". The human brain can only process one thing at a time, akin to a single core processor, the "illusion" of processing multiple things at once comes from rapidly switching between them... Or at least thats what I read in an article about distracted driving.

The most important point from that video is where he mentions audible cues work better for him. Its extremely useful and important to know what you react to the best and build your UI around it. There are so many people that just use a UI from a high-end raider or a prebuilt UI that looks pretty and they suffer because it isn't optimized to their capabilities and tendencies.

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Awesome vid Lore, and soooo much needed clues for a lot of peeps...!
And audio is pretty much a must on power auras, to leave your screen less filled - sonar sound, for instance, is for procs on all toons.
As a matter of fact, the "Oh shit key" is common among all tons: priest fade, tank cd's, etc.
(I've 4 healers and 4 tanks and I confess that I should keep a super steady main to get myself super duper good in it, but my guild is sort of average so I tend t keep my interest in the game by proliferating alts... my bad) :P

Ye, awesome vid, Lore! - with super awesome humor :)

12-22-2010, 02:28 AM
Great video and good inspiration. Spreading the gospel to my guild

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"cloak of 'what the hell is going on'" Love it.

My guess is Lore had a bad raid night.

Had a Team Sergeant that always used the acronym WIN. What's Important Now.
Focus on the thing that is most important, and notice when the most important thing changes...

At squishemhard: the brain is a GREAT multi processor, but it can only "focus" on one thing at a time. ie having that sound go off when you get a new e-mail, can break your focus on the task your doing, if you check it right away. or you can notice it and still remain focused on the task your doing...
I know its a small technical difference, but I've been read an asston about the brain/mind/etc recently.

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This one was exceptionally good and I posted it in my guild forums for my raiders to watch.

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omg he didnt say "lore its really simple" nor did he spell it...61 episode streak broken ;;

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"Cloak of WTH is going on" Lore you made me spit coffee on my monitor!

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I want "Cloak of WTH is going on" so need that to keep up with my kids' activities lol. Cubscouts, Girlscouts, PepBand, Tennis, Dr Appts, Dentist appts. OMG.. I'd totally be SUPERMOM!!!! lmao it really did make me laugh over that one. And honestly if a RL loses his/her cool over a raid wipe, /votetokick life is WAY to short to sweat pixels dying on a game that is supposed to be fun. Just my 2 cents, as a former GL who loved to demote those that acted like that.

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Good episode. "Don't worry, I am a banana."

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"cloak of wth is going on" epic win
Learning from others mistakes is a must in WoW and real life and will save you and everyone around you a lot of grief.

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Ok first off everyone needs to go to the quartermaster and by this cloak “Cloak of what the hell is going on” it has the new stat from the last patch called (haveaclue) this cloak give 350 to the new stat.

This is a must watch Video for any one that wants to be a raider. So pass it on.

I agree with Lore, if you don’t have a prepared area in your home set up just for raiding, a area void of noise, flashy distractions ( such as the TV.), or void of other people that play in the back ground, you will be distracted. You will not be at your top forum, and you will be the weakest link. Furthermore you will be the reason why you are sitting on the bench.

Answer, fix your environment. As helpful hits I have made a list of helpful aids to help build awareness before you even start an encounter.
1) Turn off the television, Music, or X-box. Just turn it off.

2) If your set up is in a room that your girlfriend or boy friend is doing naked aerobics in as an example, its probably a good idea to move your set up to another room. You’re not going to be focused on the raid while in that room. Another example is if you have another raider in the room with you talking about their raids from another guild. This will be a huge distraction when you here stuff being called off that is not in your raid. Either move them to the basement or you move to the basement. But whatever you do get yourself to a noise free zone. Until you do this your awareness no mater what you say or do will be 50% or less.

3) Pets like Cats, Dogs, Birds, and the like. Move them out of your environment. Pets have no clue of what you are doing, all they know is they want your attention, constantly. During your daily routine like questing and doing your dailies having your pet around is ok, because if you die because your cat just knocked over your huge stack of CDs then it will be ok, only you died. But if you’re a raid healer and this happens, then while your freaking out about your CD’s being scattered around the room you’re attention and raid awareness just went to 0%, not only did you die but so did 50% or more of your 25 man raid group. And I’m sorry but oops is not going to cut it.

4) Turn off recount. If you have recount up on your screen you will be focused on it. This is a automatic -50% raid awareness from the start. It serves no purpose while you are raiding. It deals in seconds, and you don’t have time to crunch numbers when your standing in the fire or worst yet Defile. As a mater of fact turn off all add-ons that are useless. You don’t need quest helper running while your raiding.

5) Just because you think that you are gods gift to the raiding community doesn’t mean you don’t have to take advantage of all of the add-ons that are available to you. Example Kregknog is a druid healer. Up to this point he can heal pretty fast right out of the box, he does not uses any healing add-ons, and really believes that he doesn’t need them. What Kregknog doesn’t understand is that add-ons like healbot provide a lot more information FAST, with alerts on a lot of different things that take the guesswork out of their job, adding click speed to their rotation. You need to get these add-ons now and learn how to uses them so you can be prepared when the time comes and the warning goes off that you will be fast enough to react. And I personally don’t want to here “I’m a god, I don’t need add-ons, I’m that good”. It’s a stupid (2.18) replay and you are only fooling yourself and no one else. Stop being a NoOb and get the add-on. Get the add-on, Learn the add-on, be the add-on. Its just that simple.

6) As Lore stated in his video. Learn from other peoples mistakes. If you see for example Kregknog the Mage just polymorphed a Mob before the tanking staff even had a chance to apply agro to the event, and all the adds simply went directly to him, then you just learned something. First just because this STUPID mage has ability to ice block his way out of death, he is not thinking team work, after his 2.18 move the mobs went directly to him, seeing appending death coming his way he ice blocked to save his own ass in which he lost agro NEXT on the agro list are the healers, so if the tanks don’t react fast enough to compensate for the stupidity of this mage then the healers will be dead, and soon after the tanks will be dead and then the rest of the raid. With the response from Kregknog “Why Cant the Tanks Hold Agro”. Personally when Kregknog makes this statement the whole raid ( if they are really watching and raid aware ) should say “The Tanks could hold agro if Kregknog was not in the raid”.

7) Movement, guys you have to get used to mouse strafing. As standard keys the Q and the E keys are your normal strafe keys. Keyboard tuning is when your standing in the fire and you uses the standard D or A keys or the right or left arrow keys to turn yourself and then push the W key or arrow up key or even worse the S or arrow down key to back out of to move out of the affected area. As a helpful aid go to your interface and find your key binding settings and remove the standard set up for Q, E, and all the arrow keys. You don’t need them. This will force you to uses the mouse left button in combo with the A, D, and W keys to Strife. It also sets up the now useless Q, E, and arrow keys to be used as Key bindings for other useful quick abilities. Setting up your 1 2 3 4 5 Q E keys for rotations and fast acting key binding will build you into a much better and useful raider. Additionally the F1 through F5 keys can be re key bind-ed to add even more useful bindings that could make you even more quicker at your job. Moving your mouse to click on any ability or spell is a complete waste of time. You can make a macro that can handle multiple tasks and then bind it to a key. Like a macro that targets a specific mob, then marks it so everyone can see it, announces to the raid to assist so all raid members will focus on your target, and then put you in attack mode. This all happens in 1 button. As a mater of fact the first key bind-ed button should be a macro that makes you assist the Main Tank and one that assists the off tank. The macro for this is /assist Meldagon /cast <enter Spell>. Or one that I really like /rw IM OUT OF FREAKIN MANA HEAL MELDAGON NOW!!! There are lots of room for fun here with macro making that can be helpful and useful if shared on the forums

Remember, just like Lore stated putting out 100% of your 20K DPS is great , but if you have 0% raid awareness then you wont live long enough to make a difference. A dead DPS is a worthless DPS, and a 0% raid aware raid member = a dead raid.

As my friend Lewd would say “I’m just saying”.

Your friend MEL.

Lore this is a copy and paste of a post i make on my web site. thank you

12-23-2010, 03:32 PM
Really solid Marmot this week on an important topic. Getting rid of distractions like the television, music, or excess addons is so important to doing well in a fight.

12-24-2010, 12:14 AM
Dear Lore
you mentioned in your video about auto triggers.
I am one of those guys that moved to wow from Everquest and lived by the audio triggers that were built in to EQ.
Now if you can lend a hand and tell us what programs or add-on you uses for audio triggers that would be awesome.
Thanks again

12-28-2010, 06:47 AM
Dear Lore
you mentioned in your video about auto triggers.
I am one of those guys that moved to wow from Everquest and lived by the audio triggers that were built in to EQ.
Now if you can lend a hand and tell us what programs or add-on you uses for audio triggers that would be awesome.
Thanks again

Not Lore, but I use Mik's Scrolling Battle Text (has built in audio warnings for ability CD's, talent/spell proc's, and quite a few other things) and is pretty easy to set up. Omen has a built-in sound notification for threat ramping and the threshold for notification can be adjusted to suit (on my hunter, I've set the threshold to 65% and my ele shaman has it set to 75%). Another addon that pops audio notifications is power auras (though quite a few have been built into the game now). Vuhdo has sound notifications for dot's/hot's/debuffs/etc, though it's mostly a healer addon (similar to healbot, but I prefer Vuhdo's layout and setup better).

Hope this has helped in any way.

P.S. Great vid Lore. Been trying to beat some of this into some of my...less raidworthy....guildies who have expressed interest in raiding...maybe after watching this they'll understand why they don't get invited into my guild's progressive runs :P

12-29-2010, 01:05 PM
Power Auras can be setup to do just about any type of cue you can imagine for just about any ability in the game. It really is one of the most amazing mods I've personally used.

12-29-2010, 11:12 PM
Awesome video.. not something new for me, but this video is great for everyone who wants to raid properly. I'll post this on my guild's forums and im sure this will help us improve our raiding environment. Just a quick question though:

- at 01:50 of this video, you talk about research/preparing for stuff before getting there etc. I do believe it is VERY important for any raider even for the most casual ones.. So is there a video just like this one, which you talk about this aspect of raiding? I do believe my guild may be lacking at that too and i would like to make my guildies watch it. (and maybe i can learn new cool stuff from it too). Actually I just want to emphasize how important it is to my guildies :/

01-24-2011, 07:03 AM
Lol my raid group just got its first atramedes kill while watching a football game and our druid ranked on the world of logs as a healer!