View Full Version : Warrior Expertise/Hit and DPS thoughts

12-21-2010, 07:02 AM
I did some math and you can check me if I'm wrong but to have enough expertise for the soft cap you need 781 expertise rating. I know the big time theory guys are still trying to figure out what is "best" at this point in terms of stats. I agree with thegreatme that hitting this 781 rating which gives you the 26 expertise on your character sheet is probably the most important boost to your dps after the soft hit cap. After that I have a few questions which I would like to discuss here.

1. Although the meta that says "more blue than red" will eventually be changed, how does gemming mostly hit>over strength effect our dps.

2. In conjunction with the above question at what point does our hit/haste balance "level out" our rage production? Is 19% hit enough?

I'm currently sitting at 19.5% hit (with talents). Some of this is due to basic luck getting "hit" type gear drops, and the rest is that I reforged mastery and haste to hit wherever I could. My crit is super low at 10.5% and my haste is only 5.6%. So at this point I'm starting to think that it's just a matter of upgrading some gear to basically all 346 level or better in order to have better stats.

What do you think? I also wanted to point out that I can remember having similar stat issues at the beginning of wrath. At some point it was almost impossible to have 100% arp and also maintain the caps. By the time I geared up it actually became easy and I was able to stack strength on top of everything else (by replacing arp over the cap). Just my thoughts, I can't wait to read your comments.