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12-15-2010, 11:06 AM
Ok I started playing 6 mo ago and did recruit a friend so I spent most of my time trying to get to 80 and then get in to the raids and my guild carried me 100% of the way as a shadow/dis priest and I spent my time learing how to use my toon now that I am 85 I real have no clue on how gear works or understanding any of the stats for my toon so I do not know what gear I need or how to get my numbers up to be a good DPS/ heals and with the new mana problames I am lost. When I ask people in my guild to explain to me how caps in my stats work and what I need in where they use talk that tells me there not to sure about it them self and when I google it the information I see make me feel like I need a dr in wow to under stand I am a simple soldier trying to get a grasp on this to that I do not need to other people to tell me what to do but can do it my self and then pass on the information to others so if any one can give me a simple 100 lev course in this I would enjoy

12-16-2010, 07:44 AM
Int = Spellpower
Spirit = Mana Regen
Crit = when you hit, you can hit bigger. More crit, more big hits (works on heals AND some DoTs as well)
Haste = how fast you cast
Mastery = depends on class/spec (and I have NO clue what priest masteries look like)
Hit = you need 17% hit in order to NOT miss a raid boss (only matters if you are tank or dps)

I don't know specific rating caps at the moment. Not sure the geeky math is in. The preliminary numbers are starting to roll in, but people are still testing to fine tune what they want.

Haste: Soft cap (whatever the number is) reduces the cast time. One thing to know is that you can not get the GCD to less than a second. 0.8 second Chaos Bolts are nice (DestroLock, I know) but kinda dumb, when I have to wait 0.2 sec to toss another Incinerate....

Do you need info on other caps and how they affect you? If so, the more specific the question, the easier it is to answer. Reaching into dirty water sometimes get you cut, and murky questions are like murky water.

12-16-2010, 08:01 AM
shadow/dis priest

I'd only add a few things to what catabri said:

1) Spirit is also hit rating as a shadow priest (assuming you take the talent that converts spirit to hit rating...and you should)
2) A number of Disc priests are very dissatisfied at level 85. Holy seems to be the more preferred spec for healing at the moment.

And just a request: use paragraphs, please, and better punctuation (no run-on sentences that last for half of your posted text, a comma here or there would be nice too). Wall o' text hurts my brain.