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12-12-2010, 09:14 PM
hi i am haveing a problem gearing my balance druid with the new gear and macanics. i run out of mana in about 45 seconds and as a resalt i am geting kick from all all HC groups. eny help will be appreciated. i am one the verge of giving up

here is my wow hearos page

soz if this in the wrong place

12-13-2010, 10:14 AM
Should belong in the HALP! forum since it's asking for character specific advice. A moderator will probably move it when they find it.

According to the armory you aren't even geared high enough to queue for heroic dungeons.

First of all you need to understand that Balance, just like every other caster in the game right now, does not have infinite mana like they used to. Until we reach a point where Euphoria exceeds consumption we have to spend significantly more talent points in efficiency than we did in Wrath of the Lich King. I also don't know at what point this will start being the case, probably somewhere around the 150,000 mana mark Spirit based regen in combintation with Euphoria will be all you require... but I don't know yet.

Lets start with flaws in your spec. You chose to take a point in Moonglow which is 3% reduced cost of spells. The reason you likely took this is because you spent too many points in Restoration and could not afford the third point in Feral's Furor talent. 5% more mana is always greater than 3% reduced cost. The problem right now is you took Blessing of the Grove. You need to drop that talent, completely. Later on you may opt to pick it up again but right now a small buff to just the instant damage of Moonfire is not worth it. Back at level 80 when we had infinite mana it was but now we don't have infinite mana and have to prioritize better. In particular the nine points you spend outside of Balance should be 3 points in Furor, two points in Natural Shapeshifter, three points in Heart of the Wild, and one point in Master Shapeshifter. All of your remaining talent points should be spent in balance.

Overall, your spec inside of the Balance tree is ok. Taking away your one point in Moonglow and considering you have one extra point that you saved from talent changes outside the tree that gives you two points to work with for efficiency. Here is where decision time comes in. Dreamstate will be by far more benefitial than Moonglow, if you cast Innervate on yourself. Being able to replenish 50% of your mana on every Innervate is huge. On the contrary however, if you find yourself innervating others more than yourself you will want to spend those two points in Moonglow instead since Dreamstate can only benefit self cast innervates.

Glyph selection is fine so no need to worry about that.

On to your gear.
As a generalization...
Intellect > Spirit (until hit cap) > Hit (until hit cap) > Spellpower > Haste > Crit > Mastery

Granted you don't have to get raid hit capped just yet, you should still note that you will want to get there eventually and preferably all of your Hit Rating would come from Spirit. That is simply because Spirit has the added benefit of increased mana regen as well, so naturally it is slightly better than Hit Rating itself.

Your neck piece you made the right decision to reforge Mastery to Crit because the item already had Haste on it. Your cape however you made the wrong choice and reforged Mastery to Crit when the item didn't have Haste on it. Haste is better than Crit for Balance. Your chest piece you reforged Spirit to Crit which while it is the correct decision for increasing DPS (until you have to worry about the hit cap when you start raiding) you are complaining about your lack of efficiency right now. Wrists wrong decision again, Mastery to Crit instead of Mastery to Haste. Gloves the same thing. Boots aren't reforged and have Mastery on it. Second ring again Mastery to Crit instead of Mastery to Haste.

Gemming you went and got all Crit gems. Also chose to ignore socket bonus. While it was only 20 Spirit, again you aren't hit capped yet and you are complaining about mana. Additionally that piece had a red socket in it which could be gemmed with Intellect. Your idol's prismatic socket could also be gemmed with Intellect instead of Crit.

You spent all that money reforging gear, but didn't spend money on the correct gems.

Also, not a single piece of gear you have is enchanted, even with old Wrath of the Lich King enchants which are probably fairly cheap right now since some of them they were produced in bulk by Enchanters to get the early levels of enchanting.

Know your reputations and make a shopping list. You are wearing a Hyjal talbard but only require Revered with Hyjal. You can get all the way to revered simply be doing the quests in the zone start to finish and it is significantly faster than grinding instances with the talbard. In 4-5 hours you can do the entire zone start to finish. You get gloves and head enchant form Hyjal at Revered. Later when you are exhalted with everything else you can finish off Hyjal but there isn't anything of value for Balance beyond Revered and that can be reached with questing alone. The best faction for Balance is the faction specific one in Twilight Highlands, in the horde's case that would be Dragonmaw Clan. As far as using your talbard to grind, that is the first you should go for because you can't get as high with quests alone. You do have some dailies you can repeat, but you need to get all the way to exhalted with Dragonmaw Clan for a belt and neck piece (the neck piece you don't need, but the belt is the only leather caster epic available from any faction). After that you can work on Therazene and Earthen Ring. Therazene will give you the shoulder enchants and a ring. Earthen Ring will give you some 246 pants and Revered. Ramkahen is pretty much worthless for Balance. You can work on them dead last.

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ty for your help in this mater