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12-10-2010, 04:40 AM
Hi all

We were having some debate on warriors last night and I was wondering if people were able to answer the following:

Flurry - are the stacks consumed even if the next melee attack is a miss?

Hit - Is the main hand cap %8 to never miss and %27 to never miss with either hand? For me this says that as Slam (if using SMF) and RB hit with both weapons then hit is important so the attack lands with both weapons.

Crit - Do crits bring with it double the rage income and well as double damage?


12-10-2010, 04:49 AM
No it only consumes hits.

And 8% us and always has been and will be the special attack hit cap. Anything past that reduces the chance for normal white swings to not miss.

Rage generation was normalized.

12-10-2010, 05:21 AM
Seeing how squats likes to minimalize his answers and probably leave you with more questions than answers, let me go into a bit more detail than he does and explain:

1) Flurry will only be used whenever an attack lands on an opponent. Therefore you do not need to worry about it being lost when you swing and miss a target with an attack. It will stay there.

2) 8% is normally two handed weapon hit cap as well as special attacks hit capped. This is general down the board with any class that uses a two handed weapon, or is using a melee special attack. (All spells have a 17% miss rate to cover.) 27% is simply the white damage dual wielding hit rating and only affects your white damage swings, nothing more. No skill requires you to have 27% hit at any time.

3) This is where Squats really kinda missed the ball explaining this. He is right, but he doesn't explain much. 4.0.1. brought in changes that made it so our rage is now normalized, which means no matter what you do, what kind of speed you have weapon wise, you will always get a base amount of rage. This means that you hit a mob, and depending on what kind of weapon and other factors, you will get a set amount of rage per hit. Crits were also normalized in the fact that you will not get any more rage than you normally would with simply hitting. Therefore no, you do not double the rage income if you crit. Part of the reason that they did this is that Warriors would arrive at a situation in later tier levels that simply made them overpowered due to their crit value going beyond what was needed to keep an infinite rage scenario and could spam all of their abilities without worry of ever being rage starved. This normalization pretty much keeps us at the same amount of rage, all the time, no matter what happens. You hit with a dagger? you get this much rage. You hit with a sword/axe/mace? You get this. Two handed? You get this.

Hope that explains a bit.

12-13-2010, 05:46 AM
It does thanks