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12-05-2010, 03:30 AM
As the title says I was wondering about stats as a feral tank druid. I tried to search the forums but I didn't find any other threads that really answered this for me.

Now (in cata) when the AGI and STR items got the same amount of STA is it still worth going for STR tanking items on neck, rings, cloak and so on? I know that the STR tanking items usually have another defensive stat on them but with Savage defender I thought that crit would have become more of a defensive stat but I have no idea if it outweighs dodge/expertise etc.

My second question: how good is mastery for feral tanks? I know that it might be a bit troublesome since Cata have not been released yet but I was wondering if anyone done some theorycrafting based on the numbers in beta.

Sorry if these questions have been answered somewhere else (I am quite new to these forums) and if they have I would be happy if you gave me a link there.

Thanks in advance!

12-05-2010, 09:27 PM
The FAQ written by Kalon is a good start. ;)