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what the attitude.

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This isn't the wow forums.

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Heavy repurcussions. Actually, stacking up TC should be on your mind. For more than 3 targets, you have nothing that will hit all 3, tabbing and hitting each mob with single target abilities is inneficient, in one global you will only hit 1-3 targets. What about the 4th? The only abilities you have that hit all mobs are Thunderclap and Shockwave. To get the most Threat Spread (you know the whole point of my argument), over a long period of time, you would want to Thunderclap to hit all the mobs that you are tanking, not just 1-3, not to mention, Rend spreading. Think before you speak, and read before you post.

This argument wasn't even about 3 packs or less, I was saying that it wasn't infact worth it on 3 or less, for the above reasons.

LOL ... its was before you edited your original post .... wow ... editing your post then making a comment on my post ... wow man ... just wow ... how am i meant to think before i post when you edited your post after my comment ????

and because tab cleaving and revenging is hard yeah ... you will get more threat from 1 cleave/revenge hit then you will for 3 TC's ... seriously and you can get 2 cleaves off in the time you can get 1 TC off ...