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11-10-2010, 08:07 AM
Realm: Kargath
Guild: No Quarter
Aim: Hard mode raiding, and Rated PvP.

About Us:
No Quarter is a competitive hard mode guild with roots on Kargath going back to vanilla. We are set on staying a 25 man guild come Cataclysm, and are interested to hear from any talented raiders that want to push through Cataclysm with us. We have been among (if not the top) raiding guild Horde side on the realm, and plan to keep it that way.

Advantages of the Guild:
-FREE raiding enchants, flasks, gems, etc to all raiders. If you need it to raid, it will be provided by the raiders guild tab.
-Over 300 members mixed of raiders, family, and friends.
-Guild Leveling. Come Cata, the guild has a very big advantage at leveling up with the amount of members in the guild for you to take advantage of by being here.
-PVP. We have begun building a PvP portion of the guild that is well underway for those interested in Rated Battlegrounds.

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Invites at 7PM
Raid: 7:30PM-11PM

Protection Paladin
Feral Druid
Death Knights

Survival Hunter
Balance Druid

Retribution Paladin
Mutilate Rogue
Enhancement Shaman
Fury Warrior

Restoration Shaman

All applicants welcome.
If you are a serious and dedicated raider, we want to hear from you.

No Quarter has built and is currently adding to a new PvP section for Rated Battleground competition.
All roles are still open.
This is available to ALL MEMBERS of No Quarter.
If you wish to join us as a raider, and want to smash face in PvP with us also, more power to you!

To Apply:
Visit Home : No Quarter - US - Kargath (http://nq.guildlaunch.com/) to send an online app in.

Feel free to speak with me directly in game, or send me mail if you have any further questions or wish to apply.
I will also list the officers names below for further contact information.

Guild Master - Nasfaratus
Officers: Obito, Vaiur, Xalasch
PvP: Hushnow