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11-09-2010, 10:30 AM
protpaly on thrall server:

i need some advice why my Ret pally's DPS is so low. i get in raids or even on the target dummy and i can't break 4k dps. i gem-ed for strength/ctit opr stam (thats what the gem had) and have pretty good gear on. i see the new rotation is pretty simple judge, crusader till holly proc rinse repeat and use exorcism when it procs. am i missing a spell or rotation? i was told i need to add haste.. how? all ret gear i have seen mostly has strenght/crit reforge i can drop crit.. do i really want to do that? before the patch i was holding my own usually 2-3 behind a mage/warlock or hunter now i am 6-7 with higher g/s. any advice would be great appreciated. ( not tanking (hence the name) guild has too many tanks so went ret).

11-09-2010, 10:50 AM
Hit WAAAY too high.
Expertise WAAAY too low.

Reforge hit out and go with expertise till capped, then what you have left take out hit and go with haste.

Regem as you can with +20 str. Only keep enough gems to keep your meta procced or unless to keep a huge socket bonus.

Str and Haste are your two biggest dps increases when youre hit/exp capped.

Also, get rid of the Mark and get Herkumi War Token.

11-09-2010, 11:11 AM
how do i fgigure out what hit cap is

11-09-2010, 11:56 AM
I believe its 8%. If you Press C and open the side panel, highlight Hit Chance, and it will tell you % of missing against level opponents.

11-09-2010, 12:47 PM
You are currently 10.14% over the hit cap, you only require 247 Hit Rating (I think) hit rating in order to cap out your melee specials at 8% hit, so you are 311 hit rating over the cap.

Your ring and cloak are missing enchants.

You are missing a socket addition to your gloves.

Your chest piece is a tanking chest piece.

Most of your red sockets you have orange (Ametrine) gems in. You would benefit more from pure red (Cardinal Ruby) gems favoring your primary stat (Strength). As a DPS, red sockets are freebies to stack your primary stat which is almost always the highest valued stat towards your DPS. Basically every red socket you have should have a Cardinal Ruby in it. Your gemming priorities overall appear to be flawed from a DPS standpoint, you are activating every socket bonus and using hybrid gems to do so even if the bonus would not be worth the benefit of simply using two pure Strength gems. While you do have to have at least two blues to activate your meta, you do not require all the additional blues. You are also wasting your colorless sockets in bracer and belt with Nightmare Tear and Enchanted Tear. While Nightmare Tear is a decent way to meet one of your two blues for your meta, Enchanted Tear is a sub par gem. Also since these sockets are colorless to begin with, you should have used a pure red gem in them again focusing on your primary stat. Since it benefits you the most and that socket is a freebie, you should put the gem that benefits you the most in that socket. Instead, a prismatic cut like a Nightmare Tear could be used in a blue socket if the socket bonus was worth obtaining and to count as one of the two blues required to activate the meta. Looking at your current gear, Belt and Legs would have the only two blue sockets so you would use both to activate your meta (considering that your chest piece isn't a DPS piece to begin with). So a Nightmare Tear could be used in one of those blue sockets and in the other a Dreadstone cut with your primary stat Strength (Strenth/Stamina or Sovreign). Your chest you gem like a DPS piece worth going for a socket bonus, but you realize of course the socket bonus on that since its a tanking piece is Dodge Rating, if the socket bonus isn't worth having, it should be ignored.

You need to look into reforging a lot.

11-09-2010, 06:59 PM
I believe its 8%. If you Press C and open the side panel, highlight Hit Chance, and it will tell you % of missing against level opponents.

You could always just hover over the melee hit and expertise levels in game they give you the data on level mobs. Remember someone saying expertise one is out slightly but it slightly underestimates at least.

11-10-2010, 12:14 AM
he dont have berserking either, just 85attack power. Honestly I would be embarrassed to come here and complain that i have low dps, if i gemmed and enchanted like you :P I assume you just didnt know any better in which case all is forgiven, and you came to the right place :)

Maybe there is a rotation/spec problem here too, but till you fix the gearing,no one can say for sure, but im betting there is too, cause your bad gemming/enchanting only explains about 1k-2k dps, your behind about 3k (roughly). Also not that this will make much diff to your dps consider the spec lore is running hes taken Arbiter of the LIght (12% inc crit chance on TV and judge which = 12% inc damage, on two really big moves), rather than seals of the pure (which is just 12% inc damage to seals which works out to a really small increase in overall dps)


PS. if you running the glyph seal of vengeance you only need 16 expertise ( you at 14).If you haven't got that you need the full 26 (no ret pally does that though, AFAIK)