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Still editing, making sure stuff makes sense grammatically, and that things are spelled right, just putting the rough draft out for now.


Rotation: Single Target
Rotation Multi Target
Questions Answered
Important Links/Addons

1. Intro
This is my elemental guide, I'm currently planning on keeping it updated, I might add video guides in Cataclysm, but right now, it doesn't seem like a good investment of time to make a guide that could be wrong the next day. I will try to answer questions you have. Feel free to give feedback too.

2. Spec

Level 85:

You have two talent points you can move wherever at the moment, if you don't have trouble with mana you can take points out of convection and move it into:

Elemental Warding: This is probably the most useful option in my opinion with the new healing mechanics (you will need to take less damage.)

Earth's Grasp: with all of the fights with adds this will make keeping them from hitting you easier.

3. Glyphs

Prime Glyphs:
Lightning Bolt: Mandatory-Increases damage dealt by lightning bolt by 4%

Lava Burst: Mandatory- Your lava burst deals 10% more damage

Flametongue Weapon: Situational- Not worth having anymore over flame shock

Fire Elemental Totem: Situational- You will want this if you have the four piece tier 10 bonus and the fight will last more than five minutes.

Flame shock: You will want this now that we shouldn't have the four piece tier 10 at 85.

Major Glyphs:
There are actually different viable options for these, no one group is perfect.

Lightning Shield: Most important - this keeps your lightning shield at a minimum 3 stacks, thus meaning you will not have to use a global cool down putting it back on during a fight.

Stoneclaw Totem: I like this one just because it works like a priest bubble, it’s just nice to have, such as if you pull threat, padding damage you’re about to take, or just for soloing things.

Elemental Mastery: Reduces the damage you take while using Elemental mastery by 20% - This one I wouldn't suggest if you want a survivability one, it's ok if you are having trouble getting through a fight, but if you want higher dps, you shouldn't really use an offensive CD for defense

Chain Lightning: Your Chain Lightning spell now strikes 2 additional targets, but deals 10% less initial damage.- This is probably one you can swap out for Elemental Mastery, it's good on a fair amount of fights in cataclysm because they have a lot of adds.

Hex: Reduces the cooldown of hex by 30 seconds - This is probably more important now, but not mandatory

Ghost Wolf: I wouldn't suggest this as elemental, it's mainly there to give enhancement shaman more mobility, while you should be casting while moving, or at least using shocks etc.

Minor Glyphs:
Renewed Life: Reincarnate no longer requires a reagent- This one is probably the nicest to have, it’s not mandatory, but it’s nice not to have to remember to buy ankh before every raid.

Thunderstorm: Your Thunderstorm no longer knocks back enemies, but restores 2% more mana. This isn’t mandatory really, but you will probably annoy your raid without it (knocking mobs into other groups and pulling new groups). This is only useful unglyphed on fights such as Deathbringer Saurfang, to knock back the blood beasts, and keep them from hitting you.

4. Rotation – Single Target

The Current rotation is more of a priority than our old fixed rotation, it is currently:

1. Keep your fire totem up (Searing totem or Fire Elemental)
2. Keep Flame Shock up
3. Cast Lava Burst when possible
4. Cast Earth Shock with 7-9 stacks of Lightning Shield
5. Lightning Bolt

I would strongly recommend getting an addon such as power auras, or tellmewhen, to notify you if the amount of stacks of Lightning shield you have, or fortexoricist to tell you how much time you have on your Flame Shock.

Movement: When you are moving, do not get tunnel vision, there is almost always something you could be doing. Right now your moving priority should be something like this:

1. Keep Flame Shock up, but don't clip its duration
2. If you are positive you have time to cast it, I would suggest casting Lava Burst, just make sure you are absolutely positive you will have time, and not die trying to keep your dps up, you living is much more important than this cast.
3. Use unleash elements
4. Use earth shock (doesn’t matter how many stacks of lightning shield you have)
5. Fire Nova: If you have your fire elemental out, and the totem is near the boss, or any add you can hit (searing totem can’t use fire nova)
6. Thunderstorm/ refresh searing totem
7. Refresh all totems

Also, if it’s something like moving out of Death and Decay on Deathwhisper, if elemental mastery just came up, you can use the instant cast GCD while moving, but don’t use it if you think you even might have to run longer than one second.

5. Cooldowns

1. Elemental Mastery: Now not only increases your haste by 20%, but also increases your damage done by 15%, I would suggest lining this up with a use trinket, if the two combined don’t put your cast time on lightning bolt less than one second.

2. Fire Elemental Totem: When you cast the totem, the totem snap shots your stats, and the stats (except haste) that you have when you cast it will change the totems stats. Thus meaning, if you have a spell power trinket, or crit trinket, I would suggest popping the trinket, then summoning the elemental, so he hits with the higher stats for the two minutes (this may have changed, I’m not positive, let me know if I’m wrong.)

3. Heroism: I will probably make a short guide on when to use it on fight in Cataclysm, but it’s so subjective that I’m not sure it’d be worth making.

4. Unleash Elements: only use this while moving to get a dps increase (probably after you use earth shock), it is not worth using on in a global cooldown in standstill fights currently.

5. Spiritwalker's Grace: this is a very useful spell to have on movement fights, you can just strafe and cast, just make sure to use it wisely, but don't save it too much (I usually have a few times I could have used it, but I just went an entire fight without using it because I just thought "Oh there will be a better time later," and I had lower dps as a result of not using it in those few times.)

6. Multi Target Rotation

Three targets:
Use normal single target rotation except use chain lightning on cooldown

Four or more targets (high mana) (skip steps one and two if you can't safely get into melee range)
1. Put down Magma Totem
2. Run out of melee, use thunderstorm (if off CD) while running back
3. Use fire nova while still moving away
4. Use Chain Lightning
5. Earthquake (skip and go to low mana rotation below if low on mana)
6. Repeat from step 3, and repeat from step 1 if the magma totem expires.

Low mana/ conserving mana rotation:
1. Use chain lightning on cooldown
2. Thunderstorm on cooldown
2. Use single target rotation

7. Stats

Before reading, note that elemental precision allows your hit rating to increase with spirit, so if you are under the hit cap you can now get some restoration gear to get your hit rating up, if you don’t want to gem for hit/spirit. You can also use the Brilliant Spell thread (it gives 50 spell power 20 spirit) to get close to the hit cap.

The hit cap is 420 for Draenei, 446 for all the other shaman.

Your current stat priority should be something like this:

Hit/spirit (if under cap)> Spellpower/Intellect> Mastery (slightly better than haste) > Haste> Crit


This is the one I would use to get your stat weight; after entering your stats into this, you can enter the stat weight in the link below, and it will rate your gear and tell you how to reforge.


If you don’t feel like using either of those, you can use one that assumes you are hit capped. Also, remember while using this that it does not take into account your metagem, you still need the two blue gems.


With the above link your stat weight is:

Spellpower: 2.16
Intellect: 2.8
Crit: 1.38
Haste: 1.97
Mastery: 2.35

8. Gems/Enchants/Reforging
Reforging: For this I would suggest using guildox, however, it will usually tell you to just reforge crit to mastery, if you have hit you don’t need on your gear, just reforge that to mastery as well.

If you are wondering what mastery does for you, and you can’t Google it for some reason, it makes lightning overload proc more often.

The gemming should go something like this, but again it’d probably be best use a spreadsheet or guildox for this.

Assuming you are hit capped:

Blue Socket: Two Purified Dreadstones, only to activate the Metagem
Red Socket: Brilliant Cardinal Ruby
Meta Gem: Chaotic Skyflare Diamond
Yellow Socket: Reckless Ametrine

9. Consumables

Food: The best food you can have for the time being is fish feasts.

Flasks: You should be using the flask of the frost wyrm, if you are under hit cap I guess you could use the flask of pure mojo for 90 spirit.

Potions: If you are doing pre fight pots/ during fight, you should probably use Potion of Speed pre fight, Potion of Wild Magic during heroism, if you want to use it during the fight.

10. Quesitons Answered

None yet.
11. Important Links/Addons

I would not consider any of these mandatory, after number two they start being just personal choice, I have a lot of addons, and I’m just going to say which I feel improve my performance. These can all be found on www.curse.com (http://www.curse.com). Your goal with your UI should be to be able to carry out your rotation without having to look at your buff bars or action bars, looking at action bars etc means you aren’t paying attention to mechanics during a boss fight.

1. I would suggest getting omen3 or some form of threat meter, pre patch 4.0.1 we had a threat reduction, but now that’s gone so you sometimes have to watch your threat.

2. Deadly Boss Mods/ Some kind of boss mod: pretty mandatory for raiding in my opinion, I know people that can raid without them, but it is still much easier to raid with them.

3. Recount: not to show people how leet your dps is, but to evaluate your performance, or see how you died on a fight. You should strive to be top DPS on boss fights (without being cheap and padding dps every possible way), and should always think about what you could have done differently on a fight to get higher numbers, please don’t be that guy that links it after every fight.

4. Totem Timers: Although blizzard added the UI for totems, I still prefer using totemtimers.

5. Tellmewhen: This is nice for tracking debuffs/Cooldowns (mainly cooldowns.)

6. Fortexorcist: This addon is good for telling you the duration on your DoTs, can also tell you a lot of other things, but I prefer it for DoT durations, and my searing totem’s time remaining.

7. Power Auras Classic: I use this for procs and random things, mainly so I can keep looking at what’s happening around me while also being able to carry out my rotation. For example, I have it set to have an M9 shot play whenever lava burst is off cool down so I don't have to look at anything to know when it's up


www.totemspot.com (http://www.totemspot.com/) for great number crunching, graphs, and guides
www.curse.com (http://www.curse.com/) for addons

12. Changes

Going to add a gear list probably.
Update gems and consumables for Cataclysm once the prices of Cataclysm epic gems goes down

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Reserving this in case I need this post for some reason.

Oh noes, I can't edit thread titles to show which patch this is updated through :(

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Woah, looks like you put alot of effort into this. Nice job.

12-04-2010, 03:24 AM
On Chain Lightning glyph: With sufficient Mastery, it might actually be a decent AoE glyph to cycle in between you Earthquakes
On Earth Shock: Fulmination (9 stacks) now has it's ingame power aura, which btw looks awesome :)

12-06-2010, 07:31 PM
On Chain Lightning glyph: With sufficient Mastery, it might actually be a decent AoE glyph to cycle in between you Earthquakes
On Earth Shock: Fulmination (9 stacks) now has it's ingame power aura, which btw looks awesome :)

Yea, I added the AoE section. Also, I still prefer using power auras over blizzard's version. I like being able to know when I have 3 to 5 then 7,8,9 is just the same icon because it is fine to cast earth shock at 7 stacks.

I'm thinking I might add boss fight guides for shaman in Cataclysm, but I'll be getting geared as resto first so those guides will be up first, then probably ele because I'm the 6th dps/3rd healer in the group I lead.

12-08-2010, 01:39 AM
Hehe, same role here (altough no longer lead groups)

Also, you want want to add Unleash Weapon in there, used before Flame Shock and whenever possible Lava Burst as well.

12-12-2010, 09:13 AM
Hehe, same role here (altough no longer lead groups)

Also, you want want to add Unleash Weapon in there, used before Flame Shock and whenever possible Lava Burst as well.

It's actually better to use while moving, not while clearcasting.

As explained above, it’s presently thought that Unleash Elements won’t be worth using on a standstill fight at 85, but should be a great instant-cast button to press when we need to move a few yards here and there.