View Full Version : A not so on topic discussion on tanking in cataclysm.

11-06-2010, 04:43 AM
I don't think this post has much of a warrent to be thrown in with halp or beta so I'll post here, not like I'm hurting anyone by posting in off topic right?
Been a while since been to tankspot, of course it's been a year since I've raided, and that was for the first time raiding since WoW was even released!

Anyway my issue/thoughts.

Death knights are now forced to go blood for tanking in cata, which bothers me to be honest, I loved frost, howling blast was fun, and the style was excellent, bit hard in raids, but heroics where a breeze "I'm going to aoe you and then because of winters chill I'll just kite tank you k?".
But no, Blizzard doesn't want to take the initiative and apply it's "any spec" philosophy for death knights to cataclysm talents. So I'm stuck with blood, wouldn't be a problem, but now there is no dual wield tanking..ish

I could do it to be the unique and wonferfully gorgeous snowflake that I am, but I would it be.. "professionally viable".
As I've said it's been a while since my first ever taste of raiding, but it was brilliant, And I can say with full confidence all other rolls (save healer, not tried them end game) are dull in comparison to tanking.
Highest I've hit would be depending on what you would debate is difficult anub arak in trials or the lady deaththing in icc/that ship battle which was easy.
And my guild made attempts at young saurfang.

But holidays came to an end and no money so no wow, I log on recently with cata and new casual job, and not surprisingly I've no guild, I don't think it still exists, still I have a WoW shirt commemerating my first ever raiding guild "Immortal" of caelestraz, if your still out there, thank you - from that death knight that loved frost dw.

But now back on topic, no go for DW blood and the playstyle for blood tanking as is now... disturbs me, rune regeneration is very slow, Blood has a lack of aoe to me (Howling blast+ blood boil= no need for pestilence=more runes).
So, basically, any thoughts out there? Stick with blood tanking anyhow? Maybe give warrior a try? I've played a little of paladin and while I like how they focus on shields and block I find their holy nature to be too pansy, and horde druid forms are ugly imo.

So yeah, thoughts anyone? Anyone whose played beta and has seen how threat single and aoe stacks up agaisnt other tanks? Anyone whose played the other classes might suggest what I might find fun about the other classes? I have always had a fun idea of rolling a fist wielding warrior tank, nothing like punching or 'fisting' a boss giggidy.