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10-31-2010, 05:38 PM
Hello TS! Like the title says, I recently came back from a 5-ish month hiatus, and am looking to learn how to tank again, because my recent attempts at raid tanking have been mediocre at best.


Threat Rotation - What is it now? Should I be bothering to keep rend up? I also seem to be getting rage starved, my spec is probably kinda bad, considering I took it from another player on my server, so if that's a problem please let me know.

Gearing - I am kind of confused as to how block works now, is it something I should be actively going for? What are my preferences as far as Mastery, Parry, and Dodge are concerned?

Also, I see a lot of warrior tanks using DPS 1-handers, should I be looking for one as well? If so, where exactly can I get one that will be better than mine? I would also like not to depend on RNG too much in order to get it (Ie. Gutbuster/Bloodvenom blade)

My armory can be found here


Thankyou to anyone who takes some time to help this newbie out

10-31-2010, 07:16 PM
your talents seem a little odd. ive not seen anyone run both a incite and B&T spec. usually you choose one or the other. i would reforge your dodge down so that it is on parity with your parry. as you say you are getting rage starved, you probably want to throw a few points into Shield specialization. you will have to lose them from either blood and thunder or incite.

for single target threat rotation - its the same its always been. for aoe, if you have B&T, then you throw up rend, but only if its around 4 mobs or more. you also want to try and hold of shockwave as long as possible for the bonus damage from the thunderclaps. but usually for heroics, i find they die before you cna get to the 3rd stack, so usually i blow it after the 2nd stack of thunderclap.

as they did away with the defence requirements, you can go trigger happy on a dps one hander now.. the general consensus seems to be slower is better. the 264 weapons now dont require any kind of arena rating so if you have the points, you can get one of those.

do note, that vigilance has now been changed... it no longer gives you threat from target.. but it does give u a vengeance boost now, (which helps with ur TPS) provided your target is getting hit. so usually now, we just slap it on the offtank.

10-31-2010, 08:52 PM
My dodge is only slightly higher than my parry, I reforged some stuff to get expertise capped, then for the rest of them I reforged them into mastery, which seemed to be the right thing to do on elitistjerks