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10-24-2010, 11:34 AM
Way back when I used to play, which actually wasn't terribly long ago (but before all of the Cataclysm hype), Frost was the spec to level with. It had everything you needed to do from single to AoE and it was the fastest. Fire was looked down upon, and Arcane only became viable once you were a high enough level.

Looking around, though, I don't see much (or really .. any?) mention of Frost now. It's all Arcane and Fire, which kind of turns everything around for me.

My question, though, was a rather simple one: is Frost still considered a good spec for leveling, or should I be looking into the Arcane / Fire combos that are floating around? I'm not familiar with Mages anymore, it seems, and I'm starting a new character so I wanted to get things sorted out.

(As a side note, if you do say Frost, could you point me towards a general talent spec to go by? Thank you.)

10-27-2010, 07:08 AM
Hey, I'm levelling an alt mage at the moment as well, and I've tried all 3 specs with an open mind, since, well, I have never played mage before. For reference, I've played bear, moonkin, and warlock in high end raids.

Here is a quick pros and cons I've found for all specs between levels 10 to 40:
- Arcane is my favourite, for three reasons. One, arcane barrage is just awesome, mobile blasting is just great, and really gives you a sense of how powerful a caster that doesn't have to stand in one place can be. Two, with arcane missiles now free, the spec actually saves a lot of mana, and natural regen + evocation is more than enough to get you going for hours of questing without drinking. Three, improved blink (gives a sprint after cast) is just too good to pass up.
I suppose the cons of arcane would be that it doesn't slow much, or generally help control things at all. It's pure pew pew, monster dies, move to the other, blink and sprint, pew pew, etc.

- Fire is very veeeery straightforward. It's probably doing more damage than arcane, but at the cost of mobility. Pyroblast means your gameplay is essentially casting, casting again, last cast, mob dead. At low level, it looks to me about the same as arcane, without the mobility. Not much mana problems either, mind you.

- Frost was the first spec I've tried, because of the permanent elemental. I thought this dude was going to have my back like my warlock's voidwalker, but then I had to admit that he is pretty useless if you have experience playing wow already. Basically he does very little damage, has no aggro spell, so you can pretty much forget about him tanking anything really tough for you. His only use is to be able to ping pong mobs, and even that is kind of limited because you don't really need it. The rest of the spells are great, no problem, but your main addition at level 10 is quite disappointing, especially when compared against arcane barrage imho.

So all in all, especially if you have some legacy items, I would definitely go for arcane. Let me know if you're interested, I can post something like a level 30 levelling + instance spec.

10-27-2010, 10:46 AM
All three specs have been updated to make them more viable in leveling or pvp. All three have a way to slow mobs now and all three have signature attacks that can be casted while moving. It is more a matter of preference than ever.