View Full Version : Death Knight over haste cap when my deathbringers will procs

10-20-2010, 12:36 PM
so,this is all not raid buffed,but since i dont raid with any enhance shamans or frost dks i dont know if that matters as far as haste goes

the only things ive reforged are my bracers and my deathbringers will.but now my haste is currently 675(from looking around at other dks,i seem to have higher crit rating and less haste so i figured id reforge some stuff) but whenever my deathbringers will procs the haste one im over haste cap.just wondering if this is a bad thing or not,i know haste is good for Dk's now but i figured there was a cap

actually,everything ive reforged puts me under hit cap.i dont know whats up,i know i have more crit rate and less haste then other dks ive seen though,or would just reforging some crit rate into hit rate work? cuz i just thought about that

ok i just checked,im at 1213 haste when it procs and this isnt in unholy presence