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10-06-2010, 03:31 AM
Hey guys, I've not posted in a long ass while but i thought i'd ask some advise!

Since cata is drawing ever closer i decided to copy Amarinth across to the PTR For a little testing, But for the life of me i can't make a decent tanking build or rotation, Since patch 4.0.0 has been "finalized" i was wondering if anyone has came across a good spec/build for tanking as a paladin in cata

My armory is here if i need to regem/enchant for cata please tell me so


Many thanks


10-06-2010, 06:09 AM
I have to experiment with the build, myself, but I think there isn't a real rotation anymore, it's more like Warrior tanking now where some things are situational, some things are "always" and there's a lot more awareness involved.

Just looking at the new talents it looks like we want everything in the Prot tree except Reckoning, then it looks like Crusade and 1/2 Improved Judgment from the Ret tree, or possibly Judgments of the Pure from Holy. That's for a current, level 80 build.

Since there's no more rotation the little bit I've seen and done seems to be like this:

* Use consecration only once at the start of the pull, similar to how a DK tank uses Death and Decay
* Hammer of the Righteous stays the same for multiple mobs
* If facing only one target use Crusader Strike in place of HotR
* Thanks to "Grand Crusader" use Avenger's Shield whenever it procs, possibly on a target other than the one we're engaged in
* Shield of Righteousness every time you have 3 holy power which will also proc Holy Shield
* Judgment seems to be something we want to use on a different target than our main target to keep threat (due to range)

Now all of this is really untested and just some basic idea reading how abilities work now. We seem to be a lot similar to Warriors now in our tanking style, and will have to keep more awareness about what mobs we're not touching that much (and also DPS are going to have to actually watch their threat again instead of going all-out and expecting the tank to over compensate)

10-06-2010, 06:39 AM
Shame it's that way, I used to love the whole rotational side of things guess thats what made a paladin tank unique. Seems i will have to get used to a whack-a-mole rotation, The one thing i am interested in though is the glyphs and how they will effect the rotational side of things. I also noticed that my dmg dropped insanely to what it was before. So it seems that Blizzard has bought an element of tbc tanking back being that we have to stack some SP Maybe to get higher threat.

Hopefully there will be a soild build soon that i can throw down and get into cata with!


10-07-2010, 03:44 AM
There's a horribly long thread on maintankadin.com about rotation. Things seem to be in continual flux with each change in the build. For example, the latest change - lowering the CD on crusader strike - seems to mean it is often best not to use Avenger Shield when it procs, crazy as that sounds.