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10-05-2010, 10:00 PM
This is my gear


I am not sure where to go from here. My dps is running around 2.5 and I don't know what to do to get it up.

I keep looking in the Atlas Loot and in the Armory to find upgrades for me but it appears all of the gear, I really need, is going to drop in ICC. But I can't get into ICC with a gs of 4.7 and besides I would be a real drag on a party with my low dps. I am working on my frost emblems but it is going slow.

Is there something I can do or change that will bring up my dps?

I use FS, LB, CL and LB in my rotation when they come off cd.

I need your help and advice. Thanks

10-06-2010, 06:29 AM
Do you get 2.5k dps even on fights where you stand still and don't move at all?

You should use the Chaotic Skyflare Diamond (+21 Crit rating and +3% crit damage) instead of the Meta gem you are using right now. I would also gem spellpower or spellpower/haste instead of pure haste gems.

Shoulder enchant is missing. Get reputation with Sons of Hodir and buy the best enchant from them.

You have also enchanted spirit to your boots. That is currently not any good. I would suggest Tuskarr's Vitality to get stamina and extra run speed. I also believe it is possible to buy (if you have enough money) the ICC crafted boots instead of your ilvl 200 boots. But I would probably not spend too much money on crafted gear now just before Cataclysm is released and the gear will become obsolete.

What totems are you dropping during a fight?

10-06-2010, 08:03 AM
like aroa says, meta gem that should be used is chaotic skyflare and nothing else

shoulder enchants have been covered by aroa - all i can say is get them...if this isnt your main and your main is exalted with sons, remember that all helm and shoulder enchants are now boa, so you can use ur main to buy it and send across to yourself. otherwise, try to get the honored enchants at least.

you can try to farm for the neck that drops off the last boss in h fos - arcane loops of anger or something like that

wrists - if you can, try to get the bejeweled cloth bracers made by tailors - they're one of the best wrists for ele until they change the armor system in cata

mudslide boots off last boss in h pos is good as well - but i prefer the icewalker enchants for boots, which gives hit and crit

gemming - personally i use sp/haste gems (reckless) for red and yellow slots (with the exception of 3 pure haste gems that i get from being a jc) and sp/mp5 gem (royal) for blues

personally for weapons, i normally run with a MH + shield with black magic and int enchants on each respectively. options for you would be spectral kris from h toc and protector of frigid souls from reg pos. if you are worried about losing hit, you can always gem for it - the weapon choices are personal though, if you like the staff, keep it - i just prefer a MH/shield set up coz it looks cooler :P (also, i'm not sure but running with a decent MH + shield might actually up ur gs more compared to the one staff - note that i am NOT a fan of GS requirements though)

totems that you have to drop are totem of wrath and wrath of air. earth and water are up to you - make sure totem of wrath is within range of the mobs - there's no point in dropping totem of wrath where it doesnt affect mobs since this means you lose 3% crit on mobs if they are out of range even though u still get the sp bonus

rotation wise : if its single target - you should not be using CL at all. rotation should be something like FS > LvB > LB > LB > LvB and refresh FS when necessary

CL should only be used for multiple mobs

ele dps depends on you not moving as much as possible, think of your self as a lightning spewing turret - only move as much as necessary to get out of fire then plant urself down and pew pew again - if ur moving, ur not casting and this affects ur dps

if you have cash to burn, items you can look at getting are the crafted boots and pants and a hilt.

10-06-2010, 08:28 AM
As it has been stated above, I would not gem for haste in your current gear. You are pretty low on spell power. Gem all spell power for one stat gems, and spell power/haste for multi stat gems. I am not sure your glyph choice is optimal. You can check out my shaman if you like. I am by no means a guru on shaman, but I have a 4.8gs and in heroic 5 mans, I hardely ever see lower than 5K dps. It really just depends on how mobil the fights are. The rotation that xenogriff stated is dead on. I cannot link my armory since I am at work, but here is the info. OH, ignore my 2 gems that have spell power and spell pen, that is a bad choice, but I had them for some reason, and put them on in a pinch, and have not replaced them yet.

character info: Stormhide on US server Dalaran

Hope this helps a little anyway.

(EDIT) Forgot to mention that I also get 5K on the target dummy with only my buffs.

10-06-2010, 12:36 PM
The ABCs of casters is to "always be casting." If you run with a demo lock, drop ToW every 5min for the glyph buff but otherwise enjoy using fire ele, searing, magma. Don't use EM during BL.

Spam your keys and make sure your top use abilities are bound to easy to reach keys like 1-4. ABC. Minimize movement to maximize output.

10-06-2010, 01:38 PM
I do have a main which is exalted with Sons of Hodir so I will get the enchant. I had not noticed that they were a BoA.

Mainly I always will drop Totem of Wrath and Air, Healing Stream or Mana Totem.

I am a little tentative on using the Fire Elem Totem when in a raid because I don't know when a good time, if any, to use it.

Thanks for the advice on the Chaotic Skyflare, I will get that and drop the haste gems and get sp or sp/haste.

As far as the cloth wrists - I often see armor with better stats than my mail, with the exception of armor, which has made me wonder if cloth wouldn't be as good if not better than the mail for me.

I wasn't aware there were going to be some changes in the armor in cata.

Once again, thanks everyone. My main is a Fury Warrior and this is a completely different play style, so I am a little lost.

10-08-2010, 11:49 AM
I am a little tentative on using the Fire Elem Totem when in a raid because I don't know when a good time, if any, to use it.

Use it when you know the boss will be in range of the totem for most of its uptime. It's a significant increase to ele's dps to use fire damage totems when possible. This is when A) There's another ele dropping ToW or demo lock in the raid and B) fight movement allows for it. You get the buff from your glyph for 5 minutes when you drop ToW so you simply need to refresh that totem before the 5 minutes is up on longer fights if this is the case.

10-11-2010, 07:45 AM
Prexie, Thank you for the clarification. It all helps.