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10-05-2010, 08:34 AM
Basicly i'm forced with a choice currently, Eat Expertise food or Eat ArP Food.

I come to this choice due to the fact that i have to chocie between two gear sets.




The latter set gives me better balanced stats, Exactly 5% hit around .25% more crit.
But i have to Eat Expertise food,

The Former set gives me Slightly more AP, Roughly 40ish, More hit 6%ish, but i lose crit and have to Eat ArP Food.

Now I've been trying them both out, the dps Difference is Negateable with Eating Expertise food slightly ahead. However my question stems from What if i die, Should i eat ArP Food just Incase i die since It's more of a dps loss to Not be ArP Capped then Expertise capped? Or should i eat the Expertise food, and just carry around Expertise elixir's to cap me if i need to do it mid fight(i'm Using Endless rage flask currently)

Or should i go crazy and use the Rimetooth w/ the Bone drake boots to Cap Both Expertise and ArP while taking a 1.5% crit Loss?

Incase you wish to see my toon.

10-05-2010, 08:45 AM
What about enchanting Wrists and/or gloves with +15 Exp? That's a 94 AP loss for 30 Exp rating but less than giving up the flask of endless rage.

Can you level JC with another toon taking over mining? That's another 42 stat points.

What about replacing your +Str +Crit gems in your rings with +Exp? That's 20 str, 20 crit and 8 agility for 40 exp rating.

Dunno if this helps, you've probably thought of it already.

10-05-2010, 08:50 AM
The replacing the Flask was a question as to weither or not i should if i die. and Forgive me if my napkin math is off but i would have to replace 5 str/crit gems to Expertise cap that way wouldn't ? That seems like a huge dps loss.

10-05-2010, 09:59 AM
What gear do you want to use? Maybe thats part of what I'm not understanding. With Rimetooth and Hellfrozen you're just 30 Exp from being passively Exp and ArP capped (You're at 1408 and 22 exp).

Replacing the 2 +10 str +10 Crit gems with the accompanying +4 agi and + 4 str bonuses with 2 +20 exp gems get you Exp + ArP capped for the cost of 44.6 SEP according to landsouls.

Replacing your 44 and 50 AP enchants on your wrists and glvoes with the +15 Exp enchants get you exp capped at the cost of 39.16 SEP.

Raising JC gets you there with no trade off (or maybe a very small one).

Is it that you want to use Wodin's and Heroic Bonedrakes? If not, all 3 options get you to the target caps when plugged into Landsouls.