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09-28-2010, 10:52 AM
To start i am probably a little to big on myself about tanking ( I find overconfidence is better than a lack thereof). I have finally gotten to the LK and not only that but we are seeing attempts at the 20% line every time. Although it isn't what is wiping us my threat is becoming an issue. If i did more than my DPS (specifically my hunter and my Frost DK) could open up and thrash adds. I feel like my priority and usage thereof is solid. Shockwave>Shield Slam> Revenge> Devastate>TClap (OBV Tclap is only used for the Debuff for attack speed not used every CD). With HS que'd on every time. I was wondering if my weapon choice was limiting threat through my HS's and Dev's. Currently i use
I also have
The following bosses are available for hard-mode loot BTW if there is a weapon recommendation

As far as i see what i really want (and what neither my Frost DK's nor my ENH shammy needs i can get these

Really what i want is gut-buster or the knuckle

Talk to me guys i feel like i can do more but i need some advice. All the tips are appreciated and O YEAH armory is in the sig.

09-28-2010, 11:05 AM
* I'm not sure I understand how a hunter's threat should be an issue when hunters have misdirect and feign death. Said hunter should be using those abilities. Often.

* You can also keep an eye on omen and put vig on whoever currently has the highest threat.

* I think you should just go with a straight-up tank weapon, or at least a much slower dps weapon. Perhaps someone else will weigh in on that one.

* Eating some expertise food would probably help your threat.

09-28-2010, 11:38 AM
Expertise food i haven't thought about that's definitely on my shopping list tonight. The hunter does an insane level of DPS more than any tank we have used (including myself) has been able to deal with so he has to tone it down. He is using FD on CD and is staying down for the full 4 seconds. He is also using MD every CD he can. (texted and asked him to double check).

The highest on threat is whomever i don't have Vig on between the hunter and the DK swapping Vig turns out to be a problem, as soon as i swap the other over aggros. As of now they are just slowing DPS. Survivability is not an issue right now so i believe i will be dropping my blocking glyph for perhaps a Vig Glyph as Vig is going to outperform it by quite a bit (plus i am making an intervene macro to help mister hunter)

We may have a rogue next week rather than a frost DK so tricks of the Trade will be available to boost my threat further.

Anyone else who is in some serious content can tell me how to keep off some beastmode Deeps (damn arp hardcap was this dudes magic O LOOK I CAN DOUBLE MY DEEPS HERP A DURRR)

09-28-2010, 11:42 AM
Currently i use

Aren't daggers an extremely poor threat choice for warriors due to AP normalization (and hence Devastate hitting like a wet noodle)?

I defer to the prot warrior experts if they say otherwise - we prot paladins don't have to worry about daggers :)

09-28-2010, 11:43 AM
Aren't daggers an extremely poor threat choice for warriors due to AP normalization (and hence Devastate hitting like a wet noodle)?

I defer to the prot warrior experts if they say otherwise - we prot paladins don't have to worry about daggers :)

O son of a bit.....

Yes it has devastate use a 1.7 speed... rather than 2.4 if i used my one handed mace. Overall a Huge Deeps Decrease, basically i killed my threat cause my new DPS one hander had a higher ilevel than my old one...

09-28-2010, 11:50 AM
Expertise and Hit are your main threat stats, because warriors apparently don't scale well with Str/AP. A hunter who FDs should never be able to out-aggro you. If they FD after say P1, they shouldn't be able to out-threat you ever (FD at 90% threat if that's ever an issue at that point). Get some logs to make sure he's using MD as much as possible. Towards Frost DKs, bitch to the person to grab the threat reduction talent, if they're in the next raid. The deeps reduction is minimal, but the threat reduction is additive with Blood/Unholy Presence's reduction (They give -20%, the talent gives -25%, so the talent gives 45% more threat room before pulling aggro). Tricks should put you high up there as well. If threat repeatedly becomes an issue, consider grabbing a pally/dk/druid, and have them MT (all of their threat scales well).

09-28-2010, 11:51 AM
I would say drop the dagger and go with bone with a good enchant ( i use mongoose) . as someone already said, switching vig mid fight is a really big help. if your having a targeting problem you can get an addon like tauntmaster and bing vig to a mouse click when rolled ver the name. also, check out the thread http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.php?61063-Burst-threat-with...Mocking-Blow-Strange-but-true!&highlight=mocking+blow. ive tried it and it makes a really big difference.

09-28-2010, 12:15 PM
Do you have access to http://www.wowhead.com/item=50411? (or even better, it's heroic counterpart?)

Really, short of LK drops, it's damn near the best tanking wep in ICC imo. Limited defensive stats loss (which are irrelvent to you use as you're already using a DPS wep), plus the heroic is an EH upgrade over anything sub heroic/LK.

Plus, it has very good base damage, and it's 1.5 swing timer means more HS than even Facelifter/Bonebreaker. Facelifter might be a better option than Bonebreaker since Exp is lower than 26 and you have plenty of hit.

It's a legit tanking weapon, it has EH and it helps with threat, which is the #1 issue now with tanks that don't have access to LK tanking wep drops.

I'm pretty sure daggers are useless for threat, even slower ones. I think you'd be better off with any fast 1-H non-dagger wep.

You may also want to macro HS to SS and Dev and have the macro'd and clean version avaialble. This will help keep HS queue'd.

As for your rotation, I believe it's sub-optimal. IIRC, the optimal rotation is something like:

SS > Rev > SW/Conc BLow > Dev with HS constantly queued and TC/Demo shout used only to refresh.

Glyped Vig over Block maybe a better threat choice.

My recommendation, in order, is:

A) Adjust your priority of item usage
B) Scourgeborne Waraxe > Facelifter N > Bonebreaker N

Less important
C) If surviability isn't an issue, Glyph Vig over Blocking

Less important
D) Exp food won't hurt.

Even less important
E) Wep enchant of Accuracy (25 crit) > Agility

Do you have a Pally healer/tank/DPS? Hand of Salv on the DK on CD.

09-28-2010, 12:32 PM
After some wowwiki scrounging

The Dagger kills Devestate by nearly 40% of its damage

The axe is possible as my guild now does a 25 man and heroic is possible (Lootship lololol)
Bonebreaker heroic is a possible weapon as well i will see if it drops tonight.

The Que was based off some personal tests on the dummy but i will be modifying it.

Mocking blow minor glyph plus on CD usage as i haven't used mocking blow in any attempt in the last 2 weeks. and a threat gain is a threat gain. As well as Using Vig>blocking this week and see how it goes.

I will buy some waterlogged recipes and have some expertise food made.

And swap around my enchants as i had crusader for teh lulz on my mace.

Thanks a TON guys i can't expect my raiders to ask for help and look to improve at every turn if i don't do the same. I will post some WOL to show the differences in my threat after changes thanks again i appreciate it greatly.

09-28-2010, 02:04 PM
Vig the DK, not the hunter. For vig targets: Static threat reduction > on use threat reduction.

Static threat modifiers are more important Vig targets as they can't drop a pile of threat unlike on use can. The only exception is when someone does a ton more dps/threat than someone else (a warlock topping the meters for example). If the DK/Hunter are very close in threat, Vig the DK.... get the hunter to learn when to use his MD/FD.

09-30-2010, 09:01 PM
Vig the DK, not the hunter.

Vig the DK.... get the hunter to learn when to use his MD/FD.

Yup, rogues should be using tricks and hunters mding to you when they can.