View Full Version : Paladin Tankadin seeking advice.

09-26-2010, 01:11 PM

Basically I've read the a few threads, here and on EJ about how to be a tankadin, i think my spec is near perfect. I just Rolled prot today I've done 1 normal and 2 heroics. and threat doesn't seem a real problem however unless i pull big I run out of mana I'm keeping divine plea up, pulling faster then i'm currently comfortable with just to keep DP up. my current rotation looks something like Avenger's shield -> Judgement of Wisdom -> hammer of Righteousness -> Consecration -> Shield of Righteousness -> Holy shield -> Repeat from judgment. Is anything wrong with this? I'm trying to learn my keybinds with 969 but that will take some time. Also I enchanted my shoulder's w/ the SoH enchant because i ran out of honor to gem this set lol. basically I'm looking for any tips or tricks that i could use to improve my toon. Once i get another defense piece ill be switching my chest enchant to super health. My triumph badge purchase should roll out like Offset helm->offset shoulders -> Tanking ring.

Edit: I'm only interested in tanking heroics currently(I <3 holy in raids) which is why i decided not to take Dsac