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09-25-2010, 04:00 AM
Hello all,

So recently my little druid dinged the big 80. Now, I've always been extremely interested in bear tanking, but I'm also a Melee DPS at heart.

My question?

I want to be able to be Feral/Feral. The issue I find myself in, is that I would basically need 2 sets of the exact same gear to do this. Granted, the only difference between the two is really gems, trinkets and enchants.

How do you other Feral/Feral's out there handle it?

09-25-2010, 12:06 PM
I've done this all through WotLK on my druid. As an alt, building two complete sets of gear wasn't practical, so I shared many items between bear and cat. You can share gear in most slots if you're willing to sacrifice some health in bear form and some dps in cat form.

You'll almost always need a separate helm, legs and wrist for each spec due to the radically different enchants and the helm meta gem. Obviously you'd want separate trinkets as well.

Chest, shoulders, belt and hands are easy to share, just use agi or agi/sta gems, an agi or +hit enchant on hands, and 10 stats on chest. For a bear, Rawr says that there isn't a huge difference between the shoulder enchants (defense rating doesn't do a lot for us) so I just use the DPS enchant.

Boot enchants are a judgement call ... I like to use sta+move speed in bear form, but that enchant's basically useless in cat form. Until I managed to get a second pair of boots, I just used my tanking boots in cat form.

Put mongoose on your weapon and it'll work for both bear and cat. Hopefully Cata will give us a new tanking enchant.

For cloak/rings/neck you usually have a choice between str/sta/def/dodge "tanking" pieces, or agi/sta/AP "dps" pieces. My experience was that these items will give you similar levels of avoidance since we benefit from agility so much. Again, you will sacrifice some health as the tanking items tend to have more stamina. Sometimes they have bonus armour on them as well, so you're going to lose some mitigation/EH as well.

As for gems, gemming ArPen can be superior for cats over agility, but ArPen is going away in a few weeks with patch 4.0. Similarly, Bears often gem pure stamina, but we don't yet know for sure if Cata changes will penalize ignoring avoidance in favour of a huge health pool. In any case, especially for levelling 80-85 and non-heroic content, gemming agi and agi/sta should be fine.

09-25-2010, 06:47 PM
i know for my fresh bear/kitty i plan to make the bear the primary in the agi gear dept, and when i upgrade my stuff ill take the downgrading gear and gem/chant it for kitty

09-26-2010, 01:25 PM
Yeah, it's weird...especially when you're in a situation where people are paying attention to what loot you get (Guild!).

You get a lot of, "But didn't you just get one of those last week?" questions. ;)