View Full Version : Druid Fresh 80 resto druid - how to gear up?

09-08-2010, 05:48 AM
OK I'm new to this game ( The other 80 is not mine, only a brothers) and I dinged 80. My bro gave me some crafted pieces, 1500gold and nothing else. He wants me to do it all by myself. I healed heroics successfully ( ToC, HoL and HoS) but I think I should get more gears, which I have no Idea how to - this is my main question.
That's my armory linl
I'm also looking forward to make lots of money so I can spend it on getting a new toon done, too. I have 450 alchemy and 410 herbalism. What do I do with it? ( trans master)

Thank you in advance.

09-08-2010, 10:50 AM
Do lots of heroics. Use the random tool to do it. First random each day rewards 2 emblems of frost (eof) in addition to the emblem of triumph (eot) you get from each boss. Every one after that each day gives two extra eot. There are vendors in dalaran where you can buy gear with those emblems. Focus on tier gear first (will show a bonus specific to your class and role based on having two or four pieces equiped). Do research about what tier or non-tier is best and WHY. The leather tier vendor is near Eventide bank.

09-08-2010, 09:42 PM
Or, instead of focusing on tier gear, you can be cheeky like me.

Buy rings, trinkets, etc. Use them for your heroics, and before 2 hours is up, return them, thereby keeping the emblems.

You'll get drops etc from the dungeons, while getting a large stockpile of emblems.

You should be able to get a nice supply of ilvl 200 epics fairly easily, with maybe some 219 and 232 epics thrown in from toc and icc 5 mans.

Then you'll be able to see which pieces you really need to buy with emblems, or simply buy epic gems for gear you have.